Video by the Lake thrives by competition

I just wanted to alert you to the fact that my son owns a successful video store in Palmyra, Fluvanna County. [News, December 13: "Fiscal cliff: Sneak Reviews may not last the month"]

We have been in business for five years, and the store was operated by two previous owners, so it is a well known establishment in our area. We carry all the newly released movies as well as nearly 5,000 old titles. We do not have the variety that Sneak Reviews has, but we do concentrate on the popular titles of today and yesterday.

Purchasing previously viewed DVDs is also popular in our store. We have many people coming in to purchase movies as they drop from new release status, as well as old movies which we sell at rock bottom prices.

Our success rests upon the continued support and great loyalty of our wonderful customers. We have folks coming in from Scottsville, Troy, Fork Union, and of course Lake Monticello. Lots of our customers stop by on their way home from work in Charlottesville and Richmond. We also have customers who live in Northern Virginia and come here to second homes.

We honestly do not feel that the boxes and Netflix have dented our business. We have had customers relate to us their displeasure with those two sources and their pleasure in coming into the actual store. Many of our customers ask for recommendations or for us to hold certain titles, and we call them when they are available. There are many other pluses to the video store. By the way, we have over 450 Blu-Rays and even 3D Blu Rays.

Thanks for the article about Sneak Reviews as it is interesting to note that we actually have many of the same outlooks as another shop owner.
Martie Wills
Video by the Lake
Turkeysag Trail, Palmyra

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