What was the most memorable Charlottesville event of 2012?


Nothing good happened in this boring, snobby town!

I think having the Dali Lama, President Obama, and Bruce Springsteen visit the Pavilion within a week or so of each other was pretty awsome!

Maybe it's time you moved on Pablo...

What intellectual pool did you scrape for these responses? I don't think calling someone "Steve" erroneously or shaking a celebrity's hand is what the inquisitor has in mind when asking adults what the most memorable event in Cville was. For my two cents, here are my top five:
5. Katie Couric getting her own hard-hitting interview show.
4. Ann Curry being fired from The Today Show.
3. Dave Norris starting a non-profit organization to link Cville government resources with UVa expertise.
2. The removal of benches near the merry-go-round on the Downtown Mall.
1. Cindy Neff's DUI arrest.

There...now THAT'S a World Class City for you!

R.I.P.: John Kordic

It's close, but if I had to give an answer, I'd say it was Calypso closing.

When Debs and I drove from "Sconnie" and visited the folks in july.

If you missed us, then I guess Obamma's visit would be second best.

Naked Occupiers in Lee Park!

Oh wait, that was last year. Then I got nothing.

What could possibly top the series of rallies on the UVA Lawn following the ouster? Never ever before have so many well-heeled middle aged white people become so collectively motivated to rally for the pecuniary interests of their vastly better-paid boss. Power to the Pampered!

Already have. It was a no brainer! Now live in a town without ultra rich and poor white trash as the norm. No more ultra libs, snobs, derelicts around every corner. And best of all.......no more Fashion Square Mall!.......What a joke

Sounds like everything's coming up roses Pablo. Being free of the Fashion Square Mall is no trivial thing.

The Tuneyards concert was the biggest event of the year. The UVA thing is UVA, not Cville. Real snobs know the difference.

Dolemite, what's UVA?

SInce it happens on January 1, Hawes's resignation and sale of the Hook will have to go on next year's list. I guess the biggest story of the year as it stands now is C'ville's online scoop on the news.

The loss of Hawes Spencer as Editor of the Hook.


Memorably depressing !

Definitely Chris Dumler being arrested, bailed out by Cynthia Neff, and then her getting arrested for DUI....all in less than a month! Greatest series of events!

"The loss of Hawes Spencer as Editor of the Hook."

I guess Courtney will get to go wild with the "delete comment" button.

Good luck starting up that new towing company Mr. Spencer. I will make sure I send some business your way.

The best sandwiches in Cville, Downtown Deli closing!

The BEST story would have been if 'Ol Christopher (Dirt Road) Dumler had gotten ahold of that Dragas 'ho.

The Derecho of June 29....