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"I'm a voodoo child baby, I don't take no for an answer"

One of the many rock and roll angels of the '60s that flamed out in spectacular fashion, Jimi Hendrix brought a raw, wild energy into the world, kneeling like a psychedelic monk in front of a flaming guitar. How many musicians must this guy have inspired?  Anyone who has ever picked up a Stratocaster since then can't help but feel Hendrix's ghost. And Charlottesville musicians are not immune.

Local guitar heros Joe Lawlor & Friends, Eli Cook, Jamal Millner, and The Fire Tapes set up at the Jefferson to bring Hendrix's wild fire back to life for a night in Jimi Hendrix-The Cville Experience. How serious are they about honoring the rock master? Well, they've recommended that you bring "ear plugs and perhaps a fire extinguisher."

In the meantime, get a little fix of "Purple Haze" right here. :)

January 11, Jefferson Theater, 8pm, $12-$15



Editor's Note

There is often so much going on in this town that it's difficult to compile our arts & culture section. And that's a good thing. One change you'll notice in the Hook this year is a greater focus on the rich artistic and cultural landscape in Charlottesville and beyond–officially dubbed "Get Out!" It inspires us, and we hope it will inspire you, too.

Rock on,

Dave McNair, Arts & Culture Editor

Opening Acts                                                   

 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
With a song about two hunters turning into walking piles of toxic mold, a music video directed by “Weird Al” Yankovic, and song titles like “History of Sex” and “Ice Cream Killer,” there’s nothing this punk blues band formed in the 1990s won’t do.  It’s been eight years since their last release, but by all accounts, this mid-forties trio is riding no coattails and still climbing hard. Called the band that “showed the skinny-jeans crowd where skinny pants came from” by the New York Times, and “the perpetually sweat-soaked band that showed the '90s American indie underground how to get down” by Pitchfork, their new record is Meat and Bone. But the live show is where the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is said to really…er, explode. Expect sweat, long sets, and leather pants no matter the weather.   

January 14, Jefferson Theater, 8pm, $15-$17
Open Mic Night at Rapunzel’s
“You never know what you’re going to see at Rapunzel’s” has quickly become the slogan of this monthly second Friday open mic night in Lovingston, which is well known for its eclectic performances that include acoustic music, poetry, and anything else you can dream up. “If you’ve got a talent, we’ve got a stage,” says Rapunzel’s, “whether you sing, write poetry, tapdance, play bagpipes, swallow swords, dance the mamushka, or just need to rant about something.” Perhaps you’re looking for a small venue to test out your burgeoning talent in front of an audience, perhaps you’re a seasoned local artist looking to gain some exposure, or perhaps you just want to come see the show and listen to the stories of host Joe Madison, owner of now-defunct Blue Star Music. Get there early if you want to throw your hat in the ring or check out Rapunzel’s plentiful supply of cheap and quality used books. 

January 11, Rapunzel’s (924 Front St, Lovingston, VA), 8 pm, Free for performers, $2 spectators
Showdown in the Hometown - We Are Star Children vs. No BS! Brass Band
It’s an age old rivalry: college town versus capital city, Cavaliers versus Rams, charm versus bustle.  Come out and show your C'ville pride as gypsy “adventure” pop band We Are Star Children (pictured) represents our town in a battle of the bands versus Richmond’s No BS! Brass Band.  Known for being the soundtrack for numerous debaucherous parties and fundraisers in and around C'ville, We Are Star Children is a seven piece group that throws together instruments as diverse as keys, drums, trumpets, and their voices to create their own brand of “synth-folk.”  Their formidable opponent is an RVA raucous brass troupe founded in early 2006 by trombonist Reginald Pace and drummer Lance Kohler that combines the spirit of New Orleans with inspirations drawn from funk, jazz, klezmer, and delta blues. Bring a crowd of C'ville supporters, or if you’re feeling magnanimous, an open mind.
January 12, Jefferson Theater, 9pm, $5 

The List                                                    

January 11

Music: Rapunzel's Open Mic Night. Great place to break out or see those breaking out. Rapunzel's. 8pm to 11pm. 924 Front Street, Lovingston. Free for performers, $2 spectators

January 12

Music: Forgetters, Borrowed Beams of Light, Left & Right. Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. 8:30pm. $8

Kids & Family: "My Monticello: an exhibition of student art." Three hundred third grade students from Charlottesville public schools who visited Monticello on a mission to explore its gardens capture the experience with artistic expression. Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center and Smith Education Center, Monticello. 10am-3pm. Free. 434-984-9800

January 13

Theater: Angelina Ballerina: The Musical. Well, if you enjoy dance, theater, and musicals, you'll enjoy this play and display of all forms of dance, including hip-hop, modern dance, the Irish jig and of course, ballet. There's also a little interactive part of this as the cast participates in a "Tea Party" in the theater's Balcony Lounge between shows. Paramount Theater. 2pm and 5pm. $35 VIP Tea Party; $15.50 adult; $8.50 youth

Celebration: The 27th annual Martin Luther King celebration will feature the speaker Kweisi Mfume, former president of the NAACP and Maryland Congressman. Mount Zion First African Baptist Church.  5pm. 105 Lankford Avenue. Free.  434-293-3212

January 14

Think: "What Now? The Next Great Immigration Debate." John Morton, director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement will discuss immigration strategy. Come find out what the second-largest investigative agency in the federal government is up to. The Miller Center. 6pm. Free. 434-924-7236

January 16

Music: Galaxy Dynamite. Hard-hitting rock and trance/club music with a punk ethic. Rapture/R2. 10pm. Free

Business knowledge: "You can't lead if you can't communicate." Tips on clear, compelling communication, which is critical to your business or organization. Learn about this structured thought and communication method, which will greatly enhance the clarity of your communication efforts. MSBCoach, 501 West Main Street.  Free. 804-502-4319

January 17

History: "Making Sense of the Civil War." A reading and discussion series that includes readings from three books: March by Geraldine Brooks, Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam by James McPherson, and America's War, edited by University of Richmond prez and former UVA Dean Edward Ayers. Jefferson-Madison Regional Library. 7pm. Free. 

Music: Kristen Bowden, 6-9pm; Crawford Smith, 10-1am. Fellini's #9.  Free. 


Dane Alderson with Joe Lawlor, January 14, Rapture
Hey, check this out. Australian electric bass guitar phenom Dane Alderson is in town visiting family and has taken to doing regular Monday night gigs at Rapture. Alderson has toured with legendary bassist Victor Wooten, and has been known to blow rooms away with his virtuoso skills. Check out the video below, and check him out at Rapture before he splits town. 10pm. Free.



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Where's the Fire Tapes mention for the Hendrix show? They're on the bill and the reason I'm going to this show. Great band and I can't wait to hear their take on Jimi!


Yes, looks like the Jeff just updated the line-up, added The Fire Tapes and Jamal we updated it here.


I'm part of a sound and light live duo act called "Bujak." We're from Massachussetts and February 12 will be the 3rd time in Waynesboro performing at The Hot Spot, but this time we're equipped with our wireless headphones for the audience, also called Silent Disco in some areas. No music is heard outside the headphones. We'd like to get the word out on this since it's a real unique experience and only $5. Let me know if you want to help us out.

Check out our Silent show here in the woods of NC:
And this is what our show looks and sounds like:

Thank you!

Wrenn Mangum's Elvis/Johnny Cash/Rockabilly Show!!!
Friday, January 18th
820 W. Main St
(Amtrak Station)
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Wrenn Mangum's Elvis/Johnny Cash/Rockabilly Show this Friday, January 18th at Wild Wing Cafe by the Amtrak Station!! FREE show from 9:30-12!!

Wrenn Mangum's Elvis/Johnny Cash/Rockabilly Show this Friday, Jan 18th at Wild Wing Cafe!! 9:30-12 and FREE. By the Amtrak Station.