Hot dog hideaway: Crozet stand serves all the way

A tucked away space on Three Notch'd Road in Crozet used to house a Subway. Since October, it's serving up dogs instead of subs.

Sam's Hot Dog Stand is a West Virginia franchise founded by former Waynesboro mayor Frank Lucente with the motto, "We do one thing and we do it right."

"It's something that wasn't here," says owner Jeff Mahan. "I was looking for a market niche. And the price point is good in a bad economy."

While other parts of the country have their own wiener traditions, Sam's specialty is the hot dog done the way revered in the South– mustard, onions, chili, and coleslaw– for a pocket-pleasing $1.90.

The chili is a secret Sam's recipe that comes hot or mild. And barbecue is also an option for those not dog inclined.

The best deal? Says Mahan, it's the Hungry Man: three hot dogs, fries, and a drink for $8.20. Or maybe you can share it with a friend.


Great idea- bad location though. Best of luck!

I am just curious as to what type of hot dogs are used. All beef dogs are the best always! I used to live in WV but moved back to CA. Never noticed a big hot dog scene out there, just pepperoni rolls.

I like pork dogs the best!

Just a few things to add about Sam's. We use a 100% beef hot dog and the onions and cole slaw are cut and made fresh daily. The BBQ is pork and comes from a family owned and operated business in N.C. And, as far as location--if you have a great product they will come! We do!

Okay, Sam's wins my vote!

Mmm... Hot Dogs...

Have checked out Sam's on multiple occasions. Great spot to grab a quick bite. Good dogs at a great price. Hope we can keep them around for a long time.

The first thing I noticed about hot dogs when we moved south from New York City was that they were mushy. A New York dog pops almost crisply in one's mouth. And cole slaw seems awfully tame as a filler; tart and tangy sauerkraut along with the mustard is the northerner's preference. Well, I have no excuse for not being converted: Sam's is right in my backyard, and the price is a far cry from New York's...