What law would you pass?


A real noise ordinance with teeth.

I would like to see a law where it would be illegal to use cell phone while driving. I have come accross so many people driving erratically, and whenn I get away from them and look at them more often than not they are on the phone

Assault weapons should be outlawed except as police weapons.

No corporate personhood, and all elections run through public media outlets where the time is equally allocated rather than purchased.


Well Warehol, the same was said of your ancestors. "Why don't you kick yourself out, you're an immigrant too" as Jack White put it.

Fat white women with their cell phones glued to their ears should be forced onto a beans and rice diet for a week and be silent for 24 hours if they back up traffic or come close to causing an accident.

Hey, hey, now. There are plenty of fat, black women who can't drive, too.

for every law a political body passes two have to come off the books this would make the lawmakers think before they act.

That's true but if you want to ever see an entitlement case, it's a fat middle aged white woman in Charlottesville with nothing to say who talks about it all day.

Cruncher, might we infer from the fact that you have little or nothing to say and have been at it all day that you are a fat middle aged white woman yourself?

Legalize it.

What about skinny white women???

No representation without taxation - if you don't pay taxes you don't vote, and sales tax doesn't count.

I'd pass a law that they can't pass any more laws.

I'd like a law that regulates the raises that congress and the senate vote for themselves.
Pretty soon to get the national debt down all of us may be asked to make sacrifices, why are they any better than the rest of us. I believe in leadership by example

I think we need a law that requires the minimum wage to be a living wage.