The week in review

Latest in the Daniel Harmon-Wright saga: The former Culpeper cop who blasted unarmed Patricia Cook, 54, a year ago is found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and two other felonies January 29. A jury recommends three years in prison after his request for a mistrial is denied when a dictionary is found in the jury room, the Culpeper Star-Exponent reports. He'll be sentenced April 10.

Latest in triple slaying: Taybronne Altereik White, 27, pleads not guilty to 11 charges, including three for first-degree murder, for the May 3, 2011 homicides of Brian Robert Daniels, 26, Dustin Tyler Knighton, 25, and Lisa Hwang, 26, whose bodies were left in the road in Greene County. Samantha Koon reports in the Daily Progress that Greene Commonwealth's Attorney Ron Morris is not seeking capital charges after receiving the results of White's mental evaluation.

Most irresponsible alleged shooter: Terrell Johnson, 27, of Buckingham, is charged with firing into an occupied dwelling, a Class 4 felony, late on January 28 in the 400-block of Premier Circle, the DP reports.

Most awkward: After pleading guilty to sexual battery January 31 and being sentenced to 30 days in jail, Scottsville Supervisor Chris Dumler releases a statement saying, "I remain committed to my oath of office."

Worst crash: A non-seatbelt-wearing female 41-year-old passenger goes through the windshield of a minivan February 1 on U.S. 29 in a North Garden single-car accident. NBC29 reports that William Mullins, 37, is charged with driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, and failure to provide proof of insurance.

Biggest pile-up: Six cars crash on U.S. 29 North near Rio Road around 4pm February 4, and one man has to be cut out of his car, according to NBC29.

Biggest buzz: Although most of us have never seen one, drones are suddenly a hot topic, with legislation in the General Assembly, a February 3 Downtown Mall drone protest, and a February 4 City Council resolution banning them for two years.

Biggest discrepancy: VDOT engineer Steve Damron says most of the traffic using U.S. 29 is not local and hence the reason for the bypass, in sharp contrast to VDOT's long-stated position that most of the traffic on 29 is local, and a bypass will most benefit out-of-towners. Under the Freedom of Information Act, Charlottesville Tomorrow obtained Damron's emails to the Federal Highway Administration, which must approve plans for the Western 29 bypass.

Latest potential bypass obstacle: A cemetery of a prominent African-American family descended from the Hemings family is discovered in the path of the controversial road on Lambs Road, Aaron Richardson reports in the DP. Southern Environmental Law Center alleges that VDOT has known about the cemetery for years, WINA reports.

Happiest cook: After being closed for 26 days following the Plow & Hearth fire at Barracks Road, the Happy Cook reopens February 2, according to NBC29. Still closed: Plow and Hearth and Ann Taylor Loft.

Newest jobs: Virginia Film Festival executive director Jody Kielbasa is named vice-provost for the arts at UVA, and will retain responsibility for the film fest; Jim Northup is the new superintendent of the Shenandoah National Park; and attorney Valerie Long is named chair of the board of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Best ROI: UVA's endowment grows 5.1 percent last fiscal year to $5.59 billion for the quarter ending September 30. Ted Strong has the story in the Progress.

Best sign it's rush week: Eight students go to the ER because of excess alcohol consumption and two are put on ventilators, NBC29 reports. UVA Dean of Students Allen Groves meets with Inter-Fraternity Council leadership January 31 and sternly tells them that the boozing is unacceptable. 

Best sign alcohol was involved: Nelson resident Tony Page is charged with malicious wounding for allegedly slashing an 18-year-old he'd never met before while walking on Ninth Street SW on February 1 when an argument broke out, according to the Progress.

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"Most awkward"? How about outrageous?!?

Scottsville residents may sign a petition to meet a requirement for a court hearing to have Dumler removed from his seat on the BOS.