What would you do if you saw someone carrying an assault rifle in public?


Get out of range, alert authorities.

Considering that "assault rifle" is an arbitrary definition made up of arbitrary features and specifications on a gun, I'm not really sure what you are asking.

do my best to immitate "Bob Girard"

I would send Dave T over to debate him into submission

I would send Dave T over to debate him/her into submission.

if it was slung over his back a la Kroger I would ask... "we all good," and trust him more than our government.

I'd say "you're trunk door is open, officer"

I'd probably get ready for the tear gas to be fired but I wouldn't stop protesting

If I was feeling generous I'd offer to buy him a donut

About the same reaction I would have when the "gays" feel oppressed and dance half naked in the streets like a bunch of fools to show the world they HAVE THE RIGHT .

Clear myself family away from the threat .

Weapons of mass infection scare me as much as WMDS

i would take him down hard and hold him till the cops come!!!!

I would say "what a tool" to myself and kid, and then pat my Glock 30 concealed from view on my hip and continue shopping. I always assume whenever I go out in public that I will pass by a couple pedaphiles, a serial killer, a thief, a junkie, a hypocrite bible thumping republican, or worst of all an attorney. So, I am at least prepared. Better to be a sheepdog than a sheep. At least I don't have to guess the guy with a gun is a potential threat.

Not one serious answer in response to this and really disappointing that a flippant response came from a UVA athletic star who has the ability to influence public opinion. Can't you folks do any better?

I would be absolutely terrified because I would assume he meant to use it. I think, if they were honest, the majority of people would be scared and anxious. I'd probably have a panic attack.

They call them assault rifles so that we associate them with the crime of assault. Semantical training for the weak minded. Assault rifle = crime rifle. Eric Holder said he was gonna brainwash you eighteen years ago and he's done a damn good job of it since then.

As a gun owner, I'd think he has the right to do it but is showing very poor judgement in doing so. Btw, what is an "assault" rifle? Aren't ALL weapons designed to "assault" someone? If you shot someone with a .45ACP 1911, are you somehow morally superior to the person using an AR-15 with .223 ammo in the same situation?

@Toxic Stew

Maybe that's the problem, people like you depend on athletes to influence public opinion.

Call Chuck Norris

R.I.P.: Freddie Prinze

Givem a thumbs up!

we associate them with assault because they're used to assault. don't call me weak-minded just because I'm scared of some random carrying a weapon designed for military use in a public place when we've had shooting after shooting lately. it's not like he was carrying a sign that said "not going to use this weapon on you." I'm not brainwashed, Someone's just a prick.

How about paranoid, AGF? Can I call you that? Or would you prefer scaredy cat? Could someone pistol whip you with a rifle? I wouldn't worry about that if I were you.