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We Love This Place!
Fantastic food and gorgeous views, rich history, a music scene that rivals bigger cities', what do you love about Charlottesville? We got out there and asked, and the range of answers helps explain why this city earned the nickname "the Hook."

Terror on Stadium Road
A man accused of abducting a UVA student in November was in court on February 7, as his alleged victim detailed her courageous fight. With prosecutors claiming they already have a confession from Matthew Beaulieu, what tack will his attorney take?

Neighborhood watch
A beautiful house may help make a happy home, but the right neighborhood can clinch the deal. This week, the spotlight's on Dunlora, where convenience and spacious homes draw families and retirees.

Bully for you?
We've heard all about the victims of workplace bullying, and with so many of them, there must be a near equal number of bullies. Could you be one, and if so, what should you do? Hilary Holladay has some ideas.