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The delegate
For whom does Rob Bell poll? He hopes it's plenty of Republicans, who'll push him past the primaries and into the Attorney General's office next November. The Hook spends a day at the Capitol with the longtime state delegate who's known for his keen conservative intellect and a law and order approach.

Halfaday's woes
Disgraced politician James Halfaday gets another four months after a probation violation that includes the euthanization of a cat. Could he be a danger to humans? Prosecutors say yes.

Not so funny
Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy have first rate comic chops, but audiences looking for laughs from Identity Thief may come away feeling their time's been stolen.

Ageing beauty
A dozen years ago, Robinson Woods was a groundbreaker in Charlottesville–– a high density neighborhood with colorful, spacious houses and proximity to downtown, UVA, and Barracks Road. Can it still compete with newer developments?

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