Pot shot

The story...

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I read this cartoon three times and I'm still confused by it. Is the punchline supposed to be the old lady saying "NOT!" (that ubiquitous Wayne's World postfix negation)? Or is it that the dude in the middle looks like Larry Sabato? Those are some very 1990s colors and I'm pretty sure Larry Sabato looked the same in 1993 as he does today.

With Charlottesville being such a progressive city, filled with art-crawls, art-co-ops, art-initiatives, art-classes, artists of every kind, these cartoons make me wonder. Is the Hook an equal opportunity celebrator of this particular genre?
Would love to see cartoon artists represented other than (or, as well as, if you like) Linda Sherman. What do you think Hook? Give others a chance?
Thanks for considering this.