Between a Rock and a Snitch: Dad saves the day

by Richard Roeper

Who would have guessed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would deliver the best work of his career playing a guy who squares off against a pack of small-time street thugs — and winds up face down on the ground, his mug bloodied and his wallet gone.

You know, the kind of thing that would happen in real life when it's four against one, even if that one is an imposing hulk who looks like he's wearing a padded superhero suit under his shirt and jacket.

For at least the first half of Snitch, I kept waiting for the Big Reveal to inform us that Johnson's law-abiding, self-made trucker businessman character John Matthews was once a deadly one-man wrecking crew CIA operative who went rogue. Or perhaps he was a reformed assassin now trying to live the quiet life with his beautiful second wife (Nadine Velazquez, the flight attendant in Flight). Maybe that happens and maybe it doesn't, Snitch keeps you off-balance and guessing throughout its thoroughly involving if occasional jaw-droppingly implausible developments.

Directed with impressive action style and a surprisingly gifted touch for family emotions by longtime stuntman Ric Roman Waugh...(READ FULL REVIEW)

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