Anchor's away: Schieffer visits Sabato

By Nicole Patterson

In a lecture class of over 300 students, one person is bound to fidget, check their phone, or maybe even fall asleep. But in Larry Sabato’s Introduction to American Politics class on Monday, March 4, no one stirred.

Who's the speaker that riveted the class for an hour? Bob Schieffer, anchor of Sunday morning news show Face the Nation at CBS News. Nearly a half-century into his journalism career with CBS, Schieffer’s achievements include serving as the anchor of the Saturday edition of CBS Evening News from 1973 to 1996, as the network's chief Washington correspondent since 1982, and moderating presidential debates in the last three elections– providing him with plenty of experience and wisdom to share. He discussed an array of topics from life advice to his view on the current state of politics. “Whatever you do, do something that’s fun and do something that you want to do," he urged the class. "You know we only get one trip to planet earth.”

Shifting the conversation to politics, Schieffer says, “We are in a mess. We are in a crisis.  I have never, in the 45 years I have been in Washington and working at CBS News, I have never seen a situation where the government has become totally dysfunctional. It’s almost as if Washington has divorced itself from the rest of the country.”

Schieffer ended his talk on an optimistic tone explaining that he does, in fact, see hope for America. He notes, “Right now, I think things are in a very serious state, but I can feel that in the end, the American people will figure out a way, and this country will survive.”

Let's hope he's right.

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Well written, concise article!

Have alway enjoyed hearing from each gentleman.

Such an informative article! Thanks so much for keeping us in the UVA loop

Great article! Informative and helpful.

We just have to endure 4 more years of the most corrupt, partisan, and inept leader in our lifetimes. Despite his litany of failures at home and abroad, the media will always adore him. He is a cult figure to them at this point, lie Peron or Franco.

It is the job of the Congress and the courts to restrain his fervent attempts to tear up the constitution and rule by decree. So far, the system is working.

Seannie, didn't you get the memo, Cheney got sent back to Wyoming a few years back

Seannie, you are correct but alas in Cville and most of the press the deification of BO will continue. Can you imagine the insane howls from the left, the protests at the Federal Courthouse, and the screams of the press if Bush was the one rolling out the drones issue?

Keep drinking the kool aid Cville and eventually the fairies will sprinkle pixie dust to make it all work.

I might have missed it, but did "Seannie" comment on the recent Hook story on DUI advice? He seems to comment on every other story.

Ahhhh.... Charlottesville answer to the KKK- The bully brigade also known as the Liberal Lynch Mob. So tolerant of everything, as long as it what they think is right....err.. correct.

Welcome to Trolldumb!