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Book Fest Fun
March came in like a lion, and, as it does every year in Charlottesville, it's going out like a bookworm thanks to the Virginia Festival of the Book. With dozens of events to choose from, we've highlighted some hot picks and asked some of this year's presenters what makes them tick.

Storm und drang
Walloped by a winter storm that dumped a foot of heavy wet snow across the Charlottesville area, tree limbs snapped, power lines dangled, and crosswalks were covered. Days later, many city curb ramps were still covered, making pedestrian travel for the handicapped difficult if not impossible. Who's responsible?

There's no shortage of Mexican food in Charlottesville, but Two Guys Tacos on the Corner is giving a homemade touch to fare that tastes great at noon and probably even better at 3am.

Plumbing the depths
She's a plumber, he's a scientist. They're both tall, love animals, and shun organized religion. Matchmaker had a hunch... was she right?

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