Casual encounters: Alleged fake Craigslist poster denied bond

Men kept showing up at the victim's house in Fauquier County wanting sex, she testified– more than 100 males between January and March 20.

A federal judge in Charlottesville denied bond April 5 to Kenneth Edward Kuban, who is accused of posting the fake "close encounters" ads on Craigslist that directed men to his former girlfriend's house.

Kuban, 61, a film preservationist for the Library of Congress in Culpeper, is charged with two federal counts of stalking for using the Internet to post the fake sex-wanted ads on Craigslist.

The victim, a widow and retired protocol officer for the Department of Defense who is identified as L.M. in court papers, testified in U.S. Western District Court.

She met Kuban on an online dating site in August 2010, a year after her husband died. They dated for four-and-a-half months, she told the court, until February 4, 2011, when she asked him to pick up his stuff.  She didn't want to be in a relationship with him anymore, she said, because of his "abnormal behavior."

The victim described how Kuban would use her barbecue grill as an ashtray, and drink orange juice and milk right out of the bottles without pouring it into a glass. "He was just a Neanderthal man," she declared.

There were also the sexual abnormalities. "He liked nipple torture and he liked to scream," she said.

When Kuban didn't get the message the relationship was over and kept calling and emailing her, he was arrested and charged with stalking in July 2011, which became a recognizance and peace bond that prohibited any contact with the victim.

In January, the victim became aware of the "senior lady looking for pleasuring" ads on Craigslist when "a gentleman showed up on my door saying he'd emailed me," she testified.

Kuban allegedly used three anonymous Craigslist email addresses, which were found in the history of his Library of Congress computer, and posted her address and photo, according to court documents.

She had a security gate and no-trespassing signs installed. Kuban allegedly would instruct the male suitors to ignore those. "They would climb the gate and walk up to my house," the victim testified. "One man drove through the gate." Between January and March 20, she said she was aware of over 50 Craiglist ads purporting to be her.

And, she told Judge Glen Conrad, she fears Kuban will have someone come over to her house and harm her. She also said Kuban had tried to commit suicide two times, and "he was very excited about killing animals" when hunting on her property.

When Reva resident Kuban was arrested in March, he made a statement to police, "I wanted to make her life a living hell," the prosecutor told the judge.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Beaton called Kuban a danger to the community, to himself and to the victim. "The type of person who'd respond to Craigslist is the type people would fear, especially a woman in her 50s or 60s," said Beaton, urging that Kuban continue to be held.

"The last two weeks, [the victim] has had a more peaceful life without men showing up at her house wanting sex," said Beaton. He also noted that Kuban had once been charged with assault against his wife, who "died in a car accident under mysterious circumstances."

Public defender Joel Hoppe countered that the assault charge had been nolle prossed and that Kuban had no criminal record and no history of violence.

"Drinking orange juice and milk out of the bottle are not threatening," said Hoppe. And the ads didn't direct people to go have sex with the victim or harm her, he said, but were more "false advertising."

While Kuban was busy allegedly posting fake sex ads on Craigslist, he had another girlfriend who appeared in court.

They've been dating six months, said Hoppe, and she was willing to house Kuban should he be released from jail, particularly since he was likely to lose his job and residence, according to the attorney.

Judge Conrad was not ready to release the alleged stalker. "That's pretty reckless behavior," said Conrad.

He was also disturbed that despite the peace bond forbidding contact with the victim, Kuban persisted. "Quite frankly, the defendant has demonstrated he does not adhere to court orders in the past," said Conrad. "That's the biggest concern."

The judge also wanted to see a bond larger than $20,000, underwritten by several people the defendant cares about.

"The court believes the seriousness of the charges and penalties encourages desperate acts," said Conrad. "The court finds it hard to overcome the statement the defendant made when being taken into custody."

Kuban, who was wearing striped jail garb, may come back before the judge with another bond presentation, said Conrad.


So I wonder if all those who hate Dumler will be upset when the Government Union steps in to try and save THIS clowns job.

Wait and see.

Milk out of the bottle! Jesus Christ!

Holy Cow that's extra-creepy superman!

Drinking milk out of the bottle shows he is a slob, nothing more.
But the other stuff shows he's a very dangerous individual.

Evidently Kuban was hoping one of the sex perverts would do something to his ex when they arrived and did not get what they came for and why would his new girlfriend even consider standing up for this demented jerk. Seems like he spent alot more time harrassing the ex than even thinking about her.

This guy needs help. His behavior must limit his appeal as a mate to many women. And he acts out when disappointed. Sending unknown men of questionable intent to his ex seems to be ought right hostil with intent of harm.

A dangerously unstable personality. Maybe some psychiatric conciling can help him. Maybe his ex should get a big dog and a gun. Hopefully she will find a solid, kind man and the two of them will be able to move on to a happy life.

She dated him for four months and then asked him to come pick up his stuff? What stuff? Was he living with her? After only four months...she should have slowed this thing down a bit.
Sounds like a couple of classic government employees got together and the synergy was typical of when federal agencies attempt to communicate.
Having said that, nipple totrture is not so bad, you know. Try it on one; if you don't like it, you always have a spare.
On a serious note, this guy seems like a loon for a couple of reasons (and screaming in the sack is not one of them):
1. Used the internet to commit crimes against a woman. The sheer recklessness of that raises questions about his mental state. Did he think he would not be tracked?
2. The lack of consideration for the inherent dangers? What if the woman decided she was in danger and did something to one of the more pushy shooting a gate climber? Lots of lives could have been ruined.

Kuban makes Arthur Bremer look like Uncle Buck.

But what's with the victim's milk/orange juice and "Neanderthal" comments? Is she looking to hook up with Danny Tanner? They are weird comments for the reporter to insert (I assume an attempt at a bit of deadpan humor).

And who mixes milk and orange juice in the same bottle, anyway?

Who is the lady who has dated him for six months and willing to take him in? She obviously does not drink milk or OJ, is deaf and nippleless. She ought to watch herself.

Finally, Mr. Marshall--obsess much?

He doesn't "need help". He needs punishment and lots of it.
Using methods like that to make someone's life "a living hell" is criminality of a high order indicating extreme narcissism and the real likelyhood the behavior could escalate as far as murder. At 61 he's way old enough to know better and deserves long incarceration.

The prosecutor and the judge have this one right. Ken Kuban is a danger to society. The events which are described above are troubling in and of themselves but there's a pattern of behavior which points to deeper pathology. Disturbing fact: my cousin, who has been missing since the November before last, mysteriously vanished after being dropped off at his house to clean it and has not been heard from since.

Wife died after assault and housekeeper missing, not to mention his two suicide attempts and who knows what else. Keep this maniac in prison. He's most certainly blaming his ex-GF for his incarceration. Too late for psychotherapy to work. He's evidently been a loser from day one!

Ben, I wondered why they did not bring your cousins disappearance and the mysterious "missing gun" up but I guess because the police have no proof. Honestly, I think the police take the path of least resistance by saying they don't think he was involved. I send my sympathy to your family.
Men like this are monsters! That new girlfriend needs to wake up and he needs to go to Prison.
BTW, I am married to a federal employee and he said he will be fired for using his government computer.

Wow, Lisa: I was aware of this due to my works and this was a subject of many. Never thought it would get to level. What a, must be careful, arrogant and spiteful man.

This is just so strange, I remember seeing some of the Crigslist stuff doing research on a unrelated case.

Unbelievable Lisa. I would never have thought you would have reported on this. But I am so glad you did. Wow, I didn't even know that what I had seen on Craigslist during research would ever be connected to what was common knowledge around D.C and the L C people.

It seems like to me to be completely separated worlds connected by craigslist and only in your area of reporting.

I really did hear of this story 2 years ago. But not exactly how it is presented here. A fantastic PI one Fed LE officer, a State LE person and I even discussed this at lunch while meeting in C'ville about the Harrington case 2 years ago.

How sick. AND how small of world the sick-o-s live in. He needs to be prosecuted with something that has real jail time.
This is sick and be confirmed, it's not a made up story

'Kuban allegedly would instruct the male suitors to ignore those. "They would climb the gate and walk up to my house," the victim testified. "One man drove through the gate." Between January and March 20, she said she was aware of over 50 Craiglist ads purporting to be her"

This does remind me of two or three people I came into contact with during the last 3 years posting on The Hook.

And exactly where is Fauquier County ?

Thanks, how bizarre? Lisa, hope to see you again!

I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your site!!