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Cuccinelli on the rise COVER
We voted twice for Barack Obama, and choose Democrats for governors, so how do we explain the rise of the sodomy law-loving, gay bashing former attorney general Ken Cuccinelli? Well, turns out this brash 45-year-old is quite the political tactician. Writer Peter Galuszka takes a closer look at the man who would be Governor.

Casual Craigslist? NEWS
A Reva man lands in jail after using Craigslist to send suitors flocking to the door of his horrified former flame. 

Middle East on West Main  DISH
The Grand Market International Foods and Grill on West Main Street–– that cluttered-looking place across from the bus station–– hasn't gotten much attention recently, but their recent offerings of falafel and kabobs have people talking, and mouths watering.

Remembering Ebert  ESSAY
‪Roger Ebert, the film critic who died last Thursday after a long battle with cancer‬, touched many people around the world with his tough, but compassionate, take on the art of film. Local writer Carroll Trainum remembers the man and his work. We'll see you at the movies, Roger.