UVA student enters City Council race

Another bowtie-wearing, twenty-something candidate has announced a bid for the Democratic nomination for City Council. UVA grad student Adam Lees chose the front of the Rotunda on April 9 to officially announce his run for office, and says he was inspired by the unpleasantness of last summer at UVA, when President Terry Sullivan was fired and reinstated. 

He's working on a master's degree in foreign affairs, is a teaching assistant, and has served on Student Council. His biggest challenge: "Getting enough sleep," says the candidate.

Lees joins bowtie-wearing Wes Bellamy, incumbent Kristin Szakos, teacher Melvin Grady, and former independent Bob Fenwick in vying for the two open seats on Council in the June 11 Democratic primary.


What is your vision and agenda Mr. Lees? Small words please.

While I'm all for someone as seasoned in the ways of the world as this and wish him all the best, I'm holding out for a resident of The Crossings to spice up city council with some cultural diversity.

sounds like a pretty weak field....

If ever we needed a sign that one-party-rule is killing this place, having two UVa students as serious contenders on the ballot is it. It's utterly depressing that we have to pick between Bob Fenwick and a couple of transients...ill-informed dilettantes all.

What's really depressing is that Szakos probably has an advantage as the incumbent. People in any sensible town would be fired up to dump her and vote for almost anyone else (well probably not the expired license dude).

I know Adam. He takes his commitments to his community VERY seriously, more than most "grown-ups." He would be an excellent addition to city council.

Jeez Louise... Some kid passing through town for a few years...? You need alot more than commitment. Is it naïveté or massive , immature condescension for him to think he is in any way qualified.

Mr. Silk, since when does being qualified have anything to do with who sits on City Council? The CIty Manager, the one with the real executive power, is even less qualified than the laughable bunch of clowns who hold the elected positions. There is simply no way we can elect worse than Norris or Szakos from the current crop of candidates, so why not try an idealistic kid? He would certainly be our smartest local law maker if he were to win.

Anon, what "commitment to the community"? He moved here when? He's pursuing a degree in "foreign affairs"?

I think this run has more to do with his commitment to his own personal ambition than any commitment to Charlottesville.

Why does the author have to condescendingly say "bowtie wearing" so many times? Undermines her professionalism and is just annoying. Grow up.

Szakos is terrible. Anyone is better than her. And I am sure this kid is loads smarter than her too.

Pass. We need a candidate that is educated in business and economics, someone who can help spend our tax dollars wisely.. Not some foreign policy goober.

Maybe it's because wearing a bow tie is such a cliche thing to do within the UVa culture? It may seem fresh, quaint, and/or original if you are from out of town (like this kid is) but to those that have lived here for a while, it is stale and derivative. What's more, the implicit message is that this candidate is of, by and for UVa. Charlottesville city government is thankfully independent of the University of Virginia. Finally, his only quote has to do with how this political campaign will effect him personally.

What's obvious is that this guy is only about himself and other people that are just like him.