Snow challenger: Liz Palmer runs, er, walks for supe seat

Her campaign manager is the former Albemarle supervisor who represented the Samuel Miller district for 16 years, and veterinarian Liz Palmer hopes to reclaim that seat in November from the man who now holds it, Republican Duane Snow.

Surrounded by more than 40 Democrats in front of the Albemarle County Office Building April 11, Palmer announced her candidacy for supervisor in the district that includes Ivy and North Garden. Among the supporters on hand were former Rivanna District candidate/former Albemarle Dems vice-chair Cynthia Neff, and former Sierra Club chair Tom Olivier.

Former supervisor Sally Thomas, who won the Samuel Miller District in 1993 as an independent write-in candidate, introduced Palmer, commended her knowledge of the water and sewer system, and noted that she'd appointed Palmer to the Albemarle County Service Authority.

It was on that board that Palmer took a prominent role as a proponent for the controversial Ragged Mountain mega-dam. In 2011, the Hook reported she wrote in an email leaked to WINA's Rob Schilling that stated the purpose of the project was to increase streamflows and that the dam "benefits rivers but not people." The Mechums River runs behind Palmer's house.

Palmer stressed protection of natural resources, education, and public trust as the cornerstones of her campaign.

"I intend to hike from one end of the Samuel Miller district to another– and it's a really big district– knocking on doors," promised Palmer, who admits she's a big hiker and that she always wears Vibram FiveFingers barefoot sports shoes– which she had on at the press conference.

When asked later if he'd walk the district as well, incumbent Duane Snow laughed, but said only, "We'll see." If he did do that, he expressed some skepticism about wearing Vibram FiveFingers and whether they'd work as well for him.

"I welcome Liz to the race," said Snow. "It's a great opportunity to talk about and show what we've accomplished the past three or four years. It's a good way to get my message out."

His advantage? Said Snow, "I listen to all arguments. I don't go in and go all party line."

It sounded like Palmer had heard that before and was ready for it at her announcement. "It takes more than listening to efficiently prepare for the effects of growth," said Palmer, hearkening back to her campaign manager and former supe Sally Thomas, who was known for sitting on the control-growth side of the board.

Unlike Thomas, retiring supe Dennis Rooker in the Jack Jouett district, and Rooker-anointed successor Diantha McKeel, all of whom ran or will run as independents, Palmer decided to take the party route against Republican Snow. "My values are best aligned with the Democratic Party," she said.


Then vote with your four feet: anyone who believes she is bad for the county should boycott her veterinary practice. Remember, if elected, she will certainly take more money out of your wallet.

Work = Money = Your limited time potentially spent doing something else is bartered for your skills at improving your employer's business. You do NOT get that time back; you get money for the time spent (i.e., your pay).

People of Palmer's ilk want to take away that time by giving you less money and kepping more of it for themselves. It is personal!

R.I.P.: Brad McCrimmon

Why did you remove my comment? Was not offensive.

i have read dozens of hook articles; and hundreds of comments
over the years.

why was the first comment by"terrified" taken down ?

should i be investigating this ?

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So why was my comment taken down?

"Palmer stressed protection of natural resources, education, and public trust as the cornerstones of her campaign." Palmer fought amost to the death to destroy the Ragged Mountain Natural Area. Her "protection of natural resources" will probably drive her to decimate the Ivy Creek Natural Area. What on earth did she promise to get the endorsement of Tom Oliver of the Sierra Club or it just took her running as a Democrat? "Public trust" means what? Is she implying that the people who are currently serving do not have that?Is this something that she is saying just because it sounds good and more candidates pick three things to make up their campaign slogan? Politics as usual? Snow does not offer that.

Since she was flanked by Cynthia Neff and Tom Olivier, someone needs to ask Palmer if she would support Chris Dumler staying on the Board of Supervisors, since everyone else has condemned his actions and has asked him to resign. Will she do likewise? If not, then Democratic women, just say NO!

Personally I am terrified to even think of Lizzy Palmer as a supervisor. She and her group want to regulate not only our lives but nature itself. Every time they are in charge the cost of living goes up, freedom gets nibbled away, and bad decisions are made. They say one thing and then we learn it was deception, smoke and mirrors to get their deluded ideas of utopia. Palmer is the champion of quacky science and Eco-nutty programs paid for by you and me.

Liz Palmer cared for our family dog when she was in her last days, and did a great job, involving our young children in the discussion and helping them see how it was the best thing for the dog. But Palmer should stick to what she does best - being a vet, and stay out of politics. Anybody who has C Neff's seal of approval will be a loser as supervisor.

Useless talk; like boat without oar -- go nowhere

Good Lord.

I'm a Sally Thomas fan and someone who is deeply disappointed in Duane Snow, but this candidate (Palmer) doesn't inspire me.

My candidate will oppose wasteful spending, financial irresponsibility, and environmental ruin (aka Western Bypass-Bypass and the coal-fueled electrical turbines driving water uphill in perpetuity to the impoverishment of rate payers).

Good Lord. Please give me a candidate with some sense. And let he/her wear shoes.

B. Henry, you got it. Plus this Liz Palmer says the new water plan will "save the Mormons River". But they are going to take water from the Mormons for decades to come. Lots of water to fill this great big new reservoir and also feed the town.

Plus they put down a grout curtain and now local well are going dry?

Senseless and wreckless. Wish I had spoken out sooner! She will lose.

I am a life long Democrat and I will be voting for Duane Snow. I found Liz Palmer to be condescending, rude and dismissive of citizen concerns over the Ragged Mountain Dam and that is not the kind of elected official this county needs.

always good to know that someone arrested for d.u.i.; that would be ms. neff
is right there beside her.

thats ms neff who the public told to take a walk ...not once; but twice., when she
ran for local office.

you know those sport trades where the player is traded for a player "to be named later"
....and it turns out to be the same player ; traded back ; like a bad penny....

note mr. olivier ; who last was seen waving the flag for mr dumler ; "a fine young man"
i believe mr olivier said he was; at the BoS meeting last month; about the supervisor
who plead guilty to sexual battery.

recently mr olivier is waving a sustainable population study by a.s.a.p around.
hope i get to be one of the 165,000 tommy says can hang around.

that was the same tommy who was all about saving the ragged mountain dam
while ms palmer was intent on taking it down.

what's a little difference among friends ??

good to see such upstanding people flanking ms palmer....
really gives that feeling of confidence in public officials.

going fishin' with rocky; you know dad ....will check in soon on
the goings on in charlottesville ....what a town.

I hope someone drove Neff to the get together or they at least had a sobriety checkpoint set up nearby.
If Palmer would bring the same busted moral compass as Mallek and Rooker have (on full display when they first supported Dumler) to that office, who needs her?