Mystery suspension: Bellamy no-show, no-license cases continued

City Council candidate Wes Bellamy was in court April 11 long enough to reschedule a hearing on two charges: driving on a suspended license and failure to appear in court.

He stopped briefly outside Charlottesville General District Court to tell reporters he couldn't talk to them about why his license had been suspended. "I'm looking forward to speaking about it and getting it all cleared up, but I can't now," said Bellamy, pointing to his attorney, Ron Tweel.

Tweel, perhaps better known for his work in family law, is considered by some to be one of the top divorce lawyers in town. But taking a traffic case is no big stretch, says Tweel, after 40 years practicing law, even though he quit traffic cases about 15 years ago.

"I'm representing Wes because I know him from the NAACP," explains Tweel. "He's probably one of the most engaged African-Americans in this community in a generation."

Tweel, too, declines to say what landed Bellamy in suspended-license hot water until after the May 16 hearing.

Bellamy is one of five Democratic candidates seeking the party's nomination in the June 11 primary for two open seats on City Council.

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Please--to all you liberals and NAACP folk--can you find some qualified AA people who want to enter politics? There are plenty of people of any color who are qualified. This pattern seems to be repeated...Wilson Goode in Philly, Marion Barry in DC, David Dinkins in NYC, Jesse Jackson for President, Michael Nutter in Philly, the crook in Detroit, Ray Nagin in New Orleans, Barack Hussein Obama in the US.

Just watch a couple episodes of "COPS" to see how perps complicate those civic duties that 99% of the population takes seriously: dates in traffic court, warrants from the courts, driving with a valid license. But folks of Bellamy's ilk (and before all you "haters" think I mean peeps of color when I use the word "ilk," I be referring to people of any color who do not respect the law) seem to find it so complicated to obey the law and convenient to blame a court clerk for why he refused to appear in court. He probably requests provolone on his Whopper in the drive-through at BK.

The fourth paragraph speaks volumes about Bellamy. Hopefully, his candidacy will go the way of another "first": Little Jimmy Halfaday.


R.I.P.: Whitman Mayo

Arrest and court records are public. Why is it so hard for a reporter to find out what Bellamy was charged with or convicted of ? Of course he or his lawyer are going to keep mum-thats what they do! Dig for the info, and then let the public decide if it tarnishes his candidacy.
As for the post about "AA' politicians( I thought at first it meant Alcoholics Anonymous)- I think it is very unfair to include the President among figures who have been convicted of criminal wrongdoing. Sure it would be easy to make up a list of white politicians, both Ds and Rs, who fall into the questionable ethical and legal category.

I did not make a list of pols who have been convicted of wrongdoing. I made a list of AA politicians who have been abject failures, who have left what they inherited worse off than they found it and who, in many cases, were the touted "first AA elected" in their office. Goode, Dinkins and Nutter were/are not criminals; just hideous mayors. As for our sitting president, he is on the air now grandstanding. Brevity is the soul of wit; he's been at it for well over fifteen minutes.

As for Bellamy, he is not wasting any time in meeting those limbo-contest winning standards.

R.I.P.: Jackie Robinson

"He's probably one of the most engaged African-Americans in this community in a generation." It is clear that Mr. Tweel is not much aware of what blacks are doing in this community. Exactly what is Mr. Bellamy engaged in? How does his engagement compare to other blacks, former Assistant Superintendent Mary Reese for example or Mr. Payne of Abundant Life Ministries? Bellamy just got to town less than five years ago. He has no qualifications to serve on Council except that he is a voter who lives in the city (minimum requirements). Not dealing with petty charges brought on by his driving seems to indicate irresponsibility, disrespect for the law, and a lack of good common sense. Again, engaged? Engaged in what?

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