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Under fire
A month after a shooting incident outside the Elk's Lodge on the Downtown Mall, cries for a crackdown continue, but is it justified? One longtime Elk's Lodger says no, and local crime stats may bolster his case.

Supe scoop
While the future of Scottsville District supervisor Christopher Dumler's seat– and who else might want it– remains up in the air, folks in the Samuel Miller District, currently represented by Republican Duane Snow, will likely get a chance to meet his Democratic opponent Liz Palmer, especially if she keeps her promise to walk the entire district wearing some crazy shoes.

Kebab, kebob, kabab
No matter how you spell it there's high demand for meat-on-a-stick, and the recent arrival of yet another kebab shop is proof. The latest contender in the category is Kabab and Curry, and its owner says it's the spice that sets his kababs apart.

Got gas?
You've probably heard the term 'fracking,' but if you heard how loud the actual process of extracting gas from underground shale can be– and understood its environmental effects– you might be as angry as the West Virginia residents essayist Jeanne Nicholson Siler spent a weekend visiting.

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