The week in review

Latest tuition increase at a best-value university: UVA ups its in-state tuition and fees 3.8 percent to $12,458 a year, making a year there around $26,000. Out-of state students get hit with a 4.8 percent bump up to $39,844, and once room and board are added in, they're looking at about $53,800 a year, according to a release. 

Most disruptive: Living Wage protestors are evicted from the more tightly clamped down Board of Visitors meeting– twice– April 18, Sandy Hausman reports for WVTF.

Latest traffic fatality: Thomas C. Jakubowski, 52, of Charlottesville, dies in a three-car wreck April 19 on U.S. 250 in Fluvanna when his westbound 1991 Chevrolet Astro Van crosses the center line and sideswipes an eastbound 2013 Ford pickup, then hits a 2008 GMC 4500 truck head-on, according to Virginia State Police.

Worst getaway: Christopher Lee Snow, 25, of Crozet, tries to dodge Albemarle sheriff's deputies April 17 on U.S.250/29 bypass for a couple of miles and hits two cars. He's charged with two counts felony hit-and-run and one felony count for eluding police, according to WINA.

Worst place to commit suicide: A man kills himself while driving on the U.S. 29/250 bypass and crashes Sunday morning, April 21, shutting down the northbound lanes for about three hours. Albemarle police spokesperson Carter Johnson refuses to release the deceased's age, identity, or any further details. No one else was injured in the public demise.

Worst lawyer: The Virginia State Bar orders Robert P. Dwoskin, 71, to close his practice after he allegedly violated ethics rules involving diligence, client communication, fees and disobedience of a court order in the case of a woman claiming police excessive force, the Daily Progress reports. Dwoskin had been reprimanded in 2009 for his handling of a federal employee's discrimination case.

Worst post-funeral brawl: Lisa Michelle Bullock is convicted of misdemeanor assault and sentenced to 60 days suspended April 22 for the face-slapping, head-locking altercation that happened September 1 in the parking lot of a Fifth Street gas station. According to the DP, Bullock admits slapping the alleged victim, and Judge Bob Downer says he believes to a certain extent Bullock was provoked.

Worst way to wake up: A woman sleeping in her apartment near the Corner finds a man standing over her bed around 3am April 18, according to the DP. Edwin Alexis Guzman, 23, is charged with B&E with intent to rape, rob or murder. He's also charged with defrauding a restaurant after his credit card is denied at a Corner restaurant, which reports him to the police when he doesn't return to make good on the bill.

Most suspicious shutdown: The Transit Center is evacuated April 17, and workers there decline to comment on the reason for the closure after it reopens.

Best op-ed: Sorensen executive director Bob Gibson calls for a renewed look at redistricting reform and explains the "long-knives," no-compromise partisanship spawned by gerrymandering in the April 21 Daily Progress.

Best gift for Monticello: Carlyle Group co-CEO David Rubenstein pledges $10 million to overhaul the UNESCO World Heritage site's HVAC and electrical systems, and to recreate two buildings on Mulberry Row where Jefferson's slaves and servants lived and worked, K. Burnell Evans reports in the DP.

Largest posse: Albemarle Sheriff Chip Harding swears in 17 new reserve deputies April 22, bringing the total number of volunteers to 60, the largest reserve group in the state.

Boldest heist: Someone drives off with an ambulance idling outside UVA Medical Center's ER around 4am April 17 and abandons it a few blocks away on Roosevelt Brown Boulevard. NBC29 has the story.

Biggest hack: A person called Root the Box redirects UVA's website to a skull and crossbones page around 9pm April 15, and access teeters between Root and UVA's IT until around 9:40pm, when an "access forbidden" page comes up, the Cav Daily reports. “We hacked it because we can,” Root tweets.


why has there been absolutely zero news on this suicide? the progress ran an article about the lane closure the day after it happened and since then, silence. what is up with that? please find out for those of us who find it all pretty odd.

They don't release much info on suicides, anyway.

That wasn't "Root", it was John Kerry letting you know who owns you