Live and outside: Festivals rock all summer

What would summer be without outdoor music festivals? A lot less fun, that's what. You don't have to go far to find festivals large and small, and Charlottesville acts are on the bill at most of these festivals. Check your tent, pack a cooler, and get ready to rock!

Mountain Cove- April 28 in Lovingston
From Here On Blue
Darrel Rose
Josh Mayo
Yankee Dixie







Rooster Walk- May 24-26 in Martinsville
Kings of Belmont
Travis Book of The Infamous Stringdusters
Yankee Dixie featuring Tara Mills




Bonnaroo- June 13-16 in Manchester, Tennessee
No local acts, but it's Bonnaroo, so...


Floyd Fest- July 25-28 in Floyd, VA
Hackensaw Boys
Baaba Seth
No BS Brass Band




Tara Mills and Yankee Dixie at Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain- Sept 27-29 in Greenwood, VA
Hackensaw Boys
Yankee Dixie
Kathryn Caine
Sun Dried Opposum

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Who da next Dave Matthews mane???