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Good vibrations
The Charlottesville music scene is alive and well, say the heavyweights of local music. John D'earth, Tucker Rogers, Jeyon Falsini, and others weigh-in on the state of local tunes– and what the future holds. Plus, summer music festivals and the best ways to get your music heard.

Off-road rage
Four wheeling's fun, but what if it's in a conservation easement? The County's saying no to extreme off-roading, but conservation easement holders say the Jeeps are alright. Who'll win this rumble?

Dogwood delight
It was a perfect spring morning, and the Dogwood Parade didn't disappoint as a diverse crowd brought energy, floats and, of course, tiny cars driven by grown men. If you didn't make it down, here's what you missed...

Ask away!
Relationship woes? We've got Carolyn Hax. Car trouble? Ask Click and Clack! The Hook welcomes some longtime favorites to our pages. If you need some advice, you've come to the right place.

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