On probation: Halfaday charged with another violation

Even in jail, James Halfaday can't seem to stay out of trouble. The City Council candidate who didn't live in the city served two months for felony election fraud, picked up four months for probation violation, and, while serving that sentence in Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, has been charged with a second probation violation.

Plans were underway to send Halfaday back to live with his mother in Illinois before this latest setback.

The good behavior violation was issued by Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Claude Worrell, who declined to comment on the specifics of the charge. A judge ordered the file sealed April 30.

The first probation violation came after the 33-year-old sent threatening emails to his former partner that included a photo of a chihuahua lying beside vomit. That and the 13-minute video of the couple's cat, Volley, which ended with Volley being euthanized, convinced Worrell that Halfaday was a danger to his ex and should serve his full five-year sentence.

But in February, a judge okayed the idea of shipping Halfaday back to Illinois, and the four-month sentence was to allow time for the transfer to be made.

That journey appears to be derailed with the latest charge. Halfaday will be in court again June 17.

Halfaday's run for City Council in 2011 became increasingly bizarre. The city's first openly gay council candidate falsely claimed he owned Snap Fitness gym. He filed multiple donations of $499 from people who said they'd never given him money. And he made a bogus allegation that he was being stalked by another candidate's campaign worker, traumatizing that woman when she was arrested for violating an emergency protective order– a charge that was thrown out of court. 

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The gift that keeps on giving.

R.I.P.: Freddie Mercury

This wannabe city councilor is still an amateur compared to the embarrassing antics of county supervisor Chris Dumler. That's the story we should keep following, but the local media has somewhat lost interest.

Maybe Dumloser should move in with him for more than weekends, then he could have a "Heyday with Halfaday"

I knew of Halfaday from behind the scenes stuff at City Hall, back in 2009 or so, and I knew then that this guy was up to no good. It's been years, maybe ever, since I've had such a visceral hateful reaction to another person the way I did with him. I felt like I wanted to punch this guy in the face every time I saw one of his goofy grinning pictures and heard of yet another one of his slimey delusional antics. (before his run for Council he was already lying and sliming about. It didn't start with the Council run.) Now I think I understand why a little better, hearing about how he photographed his pet dog lying in vomit and filmed his cat being euthanized so he could use the video to torment his ex. It started with people thinking the guy was a little kooky and eccentric, then people calling him delusional. Then a few people got on here and used the phrase "mentally ill." But now we know. He's straight up psychopathic. He needs to be locked up.

BTW, to clarify, I actually have sympathy for mentally ill people. But "people" who coldly kill/abuse/torment animals, especially using it as a weapon to hurt those that actually have a soul, have a chip missing. They're not in the same category as sympathetic mentally ill people. They're empty. And they make me want to punch them.

Chill Viscera...we need to keep this guy around. Please don't send him to Illinois. They already have enough corruption: Jesse Jackson Jr., Rahm Emanuel, Jesse Jackson Sr., Hillary Rod-Ham Clinton, Blago, etc. It's sad that Illinois was the birthplace of Lincoln and Reagan but now is the home to the likes of the aforementioned.

This guy is pleasant, affable and a constant source of fun, National Enquirer-style headlines. I am hoping to determine what he did this time to violate his parole! He's an injun, ya' know!

R.I.P.: Dimebag Darrell

Before chilling out I have to mention that my favorite was reading that one Hook commentator way back when who was grasping at straws trying to explain why Halfaday would claim he owned Snap Fitness, saying something to the effect of, paraphrase, Well, he's Native American! And Native American culture doesn't recognize the concept of ownership! So when he says that he owns Snap Fitness he's really saying that everything belongs to everybody because that's how things are in Native American culture! So come on everybody, cut him some slack!

It's like, get real. He may be Native American but he wasn't plucked from a teepee on the plains from the year 1827. He was born and raised in modern society and knows full well the concept of ownership. It's just amazing to me to see when people are in total denial about the concept of psychopaths, trying to make excuses for them.

You know somebody is a half wit and a total deranged psychopath when a judge is ordering they get put on a bus and shipped someplace else. I've never heard of that happening before. It's kind of funny.