The week in review

Closest tie to Boston Marathon bomber: The body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was refused burial space all over the northeast. He's quietly buried in a Doswell cemetery in in Caroline County, and outrage ensues.

Most outrageous call for grave desecration by an elected official in response to the burial: “Did Virginia just open a new rest stop?," Fluvanna Board of Supervisors Chair Shaun Kenney posts on a friend's Facebook page. "Somehow I get the sense that I will after visiting that grave." The Fluvanna Review has the story.

Most egregious acts of government, part 1: The IRS targets tea party groups for closer scrutiny in 2012 and asks for lists of donors– in violation of its own policies. The Shenandoah Valley Tea Party in Staunton was one of those targeted, according to WINA. Then Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller appears before Congress and neglects to mention this breach.

Most egregious acts of government, part 2: The Justice Department secretly obtains two months of Associated Press phone records, the Washington Post reports.

Worst motorcycle crash: Bryan L. Gamber, 35, of Waynesboro dies May 12 when he crosses the center line of southbound Route 151 in Nelson County and hits a 1999 Chrysler minivan head on, according to a release.

Latest in the Semester-at-Sea death: Manslaughter charges have been filed in the death of UVA fourth-year Casey Schulman, who was killed by a boat propeller in Dominica in December. Boat operator Andrew Armour did not enter a plea, the Cav Daily reports.

Latest sex crimes arrest: Frank Louis Dorman, 59, of Esmont, is charged with three felony counts of forcible sodomy and one of misdemeanor sexual battery involving a female victim over an extended period of time, according to a police release.

Latest gig for a former Hook music editor: Vijith Assar's article, "The evolution of the web, in a blink," is published on the New Yorker's online blog.

Latest historic district: Greenwood-Afton joins the Southern Albemarle Rural and Skyline Drive historic districts with a marker for the 16,300-square-acre area in southwest Albemarle and parts of Nelson County, the DP reports. Swannanoa, Mirador, and the Blue Ridge Tunnel are included as significant spots in the district.

Best news for air travelers: Southwest Airlines will be flying into and out of Richmond starting November 3.

Not-so-great news for air travelers: Southwest is only making one flight a day to Orlando.

Biggest arson plea: Fluvannan Jeffery Wayne Rosson, 47,  pleads guilty to a Class 4 felony count for setting his Troy house on fire last August to collect insurance money. He'll be sentenced July 19.

Biggest clubhouse: The Boys & Girls Club opens its doubled-in-size Southwood Club May 16. The facility is now 4,000 square feet and can accommodate 120 kids a day, up from 60 previously.

Biggest party school: Walton Middle School is allegedly the scene of cigarettes, intoxication, sex, and "tomahawking"– assaulting with broken pencil pieces– WINA reports.

Most seemingly bone-headed move: The city installs a fire hydrant right smack in the middle of a sidewalk on Forest Hills Avenue off Cherry Avenue, according to a photo Jocelyn Dale shares on

Most embarrassing learning experience: Student pilot Robert Camp of Raleigh, North Carolina, comes down a little too hard on the CHO runway with the 1961 Piper Commanche two-seater he's flying May 11, causing the landing gear to retract and the plane lands on its belly, according to a release. Neither he nor his instructor are injured, but several flights are delayed.

Best sign 17 years have gone by: Cicadas emerge for their brief time in the sun.

Best rebound for a scandal-plagued UVA alum: Former South Carolina governor Mark "I'm hiking the Blue Ridge" Sanford, whose Argentinian tryst cost him his marriage, wins a special election May 7 to the House of Representatives over Elizabeth Colbert Busch, sister of UVA valedictory speaker Stephen Colbert.