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Shock and awe
A week after SWAT team members swarmed a posh Rugby Road home to bust an alleged fake ID ring, questions about the show of force– and the wisdom of a 21-year-old drinking age– are front and center in Charlottesville.

Red light bribes?
The company that makes the red light cameras used at the intersection of Rio and 29N is having some legal woes of its own in other states. Will allegations of bribery cause Albemarle to reconsider its use of the technology?

Over the hill

Sure, it's a bit of a commute, but those who've taken the leap and moved to Waynesboro say the low cost of living more than balances out the price of gas, and there appears to be growth on the cultural front as well.

Doing away with death
States across the country are placing a moratorium on the death penalty, but not Virginia, even after cases like Earl Washington's. Essayist David Swanson believes Charlottesville could help change that with a vote.