3 women: Council candidate's past assault, stalking charges dismissed

More than a decade ago, City Council candidate Melvin Grady was charged with two counts of assault and battery and one of stalking—  charges that were all dismissed. "These charges were false charges," says the Buford math teacher.

One woman accused Grady of stalking in 2000 and filed a protective order August 27, 2002, that was in effect for two years, according to Charlottesville Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court records. In the same court, he was charged with two counts of assault and battery on another woman, both of which were dismissed September 7, 2001.

A third woman accused Grady of assault in October 2007, according to Charlottesville General District Court records. That charge was dismissed, and Grady previously told the Hook it came from a woman who refused to leave his house. The criminal complaint acknowledges that the woman had been asked to leave and that Grady had called 911. "While leaven he push me and grabed my shirt [sic]," she wrote.

Of the two earlier charges, says Grady, "I was in relationships that went sour. I'm not saying I'm a saint, but I've never put my hands on someone."

He notes that very little proof is required to file charges. "I wouldn't call these women crazy," he says, "but they did use the court system out of emotion, I guess."

The Hook was unable to contact two of the women, and one declined to comment.

Grady, 44, says he's been happily married for 10 months. "These were a longtime past. The charges brought against me were not true and they were dismissed."

"All of us have made mistakes," says his bride and campaign manager, Stephanie Grady. "What we do with that is what's important. Look at people the way they are now. That's how we should view them and how they handle themselves."

Stephanie Grady says her husband's best quality is his transparency. She wants voters to know the Charlottesville native is running to help better the city, and he knows where the gaps are.

"I know the man I married," she says. "I know the man I love. I know the quality of this man. The lesson learned is how we move forward. We can't let our past dictate our future."

Grady's uncle, Charles Barbour, who was Charlottesville mayor from 1974 to 1976, says he was unaware of the assault and stalking charges. "Any candidate who has a record," he says, "it will come up during the campaign. I would get out in front of it and let the public know."

He notes that Grady was cleared and has paid his fines on other driving charges, and that his past record didn't prevent the school system from hiring him. "I don't see why he wouldn't be able to serve on City Council," says Barbour. "I believe everyone deserves a second chance."

"Oh goodness," says Charlottesville Democratic chair Jim Nix upon hearing about the second Dem candidate in the Council race to have past legal woes.

The first was Wes Bellamy, who was arrested days after announcing his run for failure to appear in court, a charge that was dismissed May 16. Bellamy appears to be rebounding and is "very confident," says Nix. "That was painted by him as a series of misunderstandings. I think he's recovered, but it was a rocky start to a campaign."

Nix acknowledges that the latest revelations can't be helpful to a candidate. 'When questions are repeatedly raised, one wonders if where there's smoke, there's fire," says Nix. "But when they're repeatedly dismissed, it makes me wonder if there's some sort of personal conflict."

Grady is the only Democratic City Council candidate with Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court records. He says the events happened so long ago that he didn't even think about them when the Hook asked all candidates in this week's issue about their criminal records. What he remembered was being charged with a third DUI in 2004, in which he says an officer was "harassing" him. "That was totally a false charge," he says, and it was dismissed, but he was convicted for refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

"I'm a very open and honest person," says Grady, who also coaches track. "I don't lie."

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if there is really a concern about this guy, it should be with him teaching kids. he'd fit right in on the council, or the county equivalent BOS. seriously though, with the nature of cough, cough 'journalism' today why would anyone in their right mind want to serve. would YOU want your entire life put on public display just to sit on a board and make decisions like banning drones and admonishing the us government for their wars?

Anybody BUT Kristen Szakoc. Assault charges, even 4, and a stalking charge? Even if he were guilty (he is not) he is better than Szakos. Szakos has disrespected everyone! Szakos, as one of The Three Stooges, gave away control of the city's water supply for nothing.

Jim Nix can not vet a candidate. That's obvious. What is going to be interesting is to see if anybody votes for Szakos. Does anybody think she has accomplished anything constructive for the city. Oh, you say The Human Rights Commission? What an empty gift was that? Employers of 3 to 7 employees are covered. Count them. Count the past problems.

This guy was my math teacher back when I was at AHS back when I was in 11th grade. He never displayed any sort of issues with the other students and was generally well liked. I can't actually remember anything too stand-outish from his class, except that he had a decent sense of humor. I wish him luck despite his attempts to force... math on me.

Grady is correct, it doesn't take much for a person to misuse the criminal justice system. The magistrate's office has become little more than a rubber stamp. A citizen or cop walks in, swears to the facts (true or not true), and the magistrate pushes a few buttons on the computer and issues/prints the arrest warrant.

Multiple DUIs?

With three DUIs, how is he allowed to teach? Is the school paying attention?

Everyone deserves a second chance ... but this is a town where even the most heinous crimes of rape and assault are not prosecuted. It is worth reporting this story so people can decide for themselves. The accusers need to speak to the Hook - their comments will clear this man or possible show the raging lack of respect for victims that this town has.

Everyone deserves a second chance ... but this is a town where even the most heinous crimes of rape and assault are not prosecuted. It is worth reporting this story so people can decide for themselves. The accusers need to speak to the Hook - their comments will clear this man or possibly show the raging lack of respect for victims that this town has.

Well, everyone does deserve a second chance (except dumler of course)
So this guy seems to be a qualified person interested in doing the right thing by the city and brings to the table experience as a teacher, a lifelong resident and has spent his entire life living as a black man in this town. Those qualifications alone make him more qualified then half the people up there. I hope that the same nut jobs that went after dumler will let this man be so that he can get his qualifications and ideas out there for all to see.

Surely there are other qualified, mentally-stable candidates who have a history of living inside the law? Are there any honest, law-abiding citizens still residing in the city of Charlottesville? And don't tell me that no one wants to run because of the scrutiny of the press. If you don't have skeletons in your closet, the press asking questions won't bother you a bit.

Everyone does deserve a second chance...
Unless you're a law abiding republican? Perhaps it's time to send the dems in the city that you want better candidates by voting for the most qualified candidates regardless of party. ..

Sorry ... what was I thinking- this is Charlottesville

Dont vote for the best. Vote for a Democrat!


I might agree with your sentiment but I don't see the GOP putting anything but rubberstamping no thinkers who bleat the party line; mouth the Heritage Foundation. The council does possess a few people who don;t bleat a part line, and two of the council members act like Republicans they sell out to developers interests so often. So with the other two, you have your mix.

If you don't have skeletons in your closet, the press asking questions won't bother you a bit

.... uness the press reports the rumor your jealous neighbor spread, or the jealous former coworkers whos job you won through hard work distorts the truth to get even with you. Or the girl who "thinks" you stole her almost boyfriend exagerates the time you camped on the beach at spring break.

by the way... do you still beat your kids? Does your husbad still drink and drive and do you still cheat on your taxes... because those are the rumors...


rumours are different than not just one but THREE convictions for DUI

i'm a whole lot more troubled about that than the relationships

if he got his first DUI conviction, then he would be getting a second chance when we said we trust him to try again

but he got ANOTHER DUI conviction -- so now we say, ok, we trust you with a THIRD chance to keep everyone's trust and not drive under the influence --

but wait, he does it AGAIN and gets a THIRD DUI conviction

so now, we are not talking about a "second chance" -- this is now the FOURTH chance, and we have a pattern of breaking trust, and a person who deflects blame. it's all "false."

maybe it's true the cops were harassing him the third time, but if he was innocent, why did he refuse to take a breath test?

and what about that first DUI?

and then the second DUI?

hook, DUI is a whole lot more serious than girlfriend problems

Wow it is amazing when someone tries to do good for the Country, State, City or County that they come from; suddenly everyone wants to cut them down. As far as his teaching career how many times do you read of MD's and Nurses who provide medical care to you going to court for DUI's.....oh that's right they don't print those, check the records at OAR. If the case is that you won't vote for this man because he was falsely accussed of Assualt and batter, well check out your other candidate record......SC Tags and living in VA, Assault on a Police Officer, non payment of child support. Really the lesser evil is what?
What does the candidate stand for and what can they do to better our City and move us forward....that is what should determine your vote.
If you are going to sling mud expect to get just as dirty.....lets keep this fight clean and stop throwing Punk punches.

Old Timer I have yet to see much from the republican duo but if they run on a republican statewide platform rather than a hyper local one you would be right in your assessment. It's still too early to make that call however

The first time can be called a mistake...The second time, a coincidence...maybe? The third time shows a pattern. But, when half the country votes for a thug who is more concerned about the treatment of enemies of the state than our veterans...who looks at our constitution as something that just gets in the way of his agenda...anything is possible I guess. He probably has a good shot at it in this town. Moral fortitude does not seem to be running rampant these days in government.


If it weren't for the Democrats, Vets would ave what they have now. The GI Bill, the VA, GI loans for housing, all sorts of stuff. A two year tour in Germany entitles you to life long free healthcare. Republicans squealed oh how they squealed when Roosevelt worked on that. And they cut Va funding under recent times too. But somehow jokers like you want to believe the propoganda and the nonsense simply because you have been told Democrats are commies.

The military gets lots of perks, from low interest loans to tons of free education. See what those young women and men would get working on the private market. Not nearly as much, no skill, and a lot of debt.

Obama has shown more spine dealing with China than Bush ever did.

Old Timer,
What does all that have to do with my post? But, let me comment in your Obama "spine" comment.
He directed the IRS to go after conservative groups; he is hiding behind his appointees. He directed his AG to go after the press; he is hiding behind his appointees. He said he would close Gitmo....crickets. He went to a fund raiser in Las Vegas, while one of our ambassadors and 3 of our finest were attacked, raped and burned to death. They asked for help for months, they asked for help during the attack. An army ranger squad that was within range asked for permission to engage, they were told to “stand down”, only POTUS has the authority to give the stand down. Then he put out a propaganda campaign in an attempt to hide his cowardice by saying it was the cause of an obscure video. Why, because the cornerstone of his re-election campaign was "I got Bin Ladin, and al-queda is on the run". He said that in every speech. The Benghazi attack was an al-quida affiliate. So, he had to cover up his Benghazi failure until after the election. If the truth had come out, he probably would not be sitting in the white house right now. He won't do any interviews with anyone but the ladies on "The View" because he doesn't want to take any hard questions. Of his 700 billion stimulus package, 83% went to companies that backed his campaign. Many of those companies have since gone belly up…tax payer looses.
He was the most liberal senator in the US congress. He is a good family man and that is the ONLY thing he has over Bill Clinton. Since he has been in office, he has piled on more debt than every administration from George Washington to Bill Clinton, and he thinks we are on track. He is the most unqualified, secretive and underhanded President we have ever had.
Chicago thug politics work in Chicago, but it will not work in Washington.
Mark my words; he will not make it to the end of his term before he is impeached. The democrats in congress will take him out.

whoa nelly... he may be a family man or he may not....

the "downlow" may be alive and well.



Paul Tudor Jones II needs to post his opinion so that women know where they stand in the USA job market.

John (above), please report to the Briar Patch. You are misbehaving by spreading unsubstantiated evil rumors. How would you like it if this garbage was annominiously published concerning you?

Oh and I think he might have stolen my Joel Osteen book and my Rick Warren book too but I can't prove it

Is this the officer who refused to give Hujio a ticket for parking in a Disabled Parking Spot and blocking a handicapped access ramp? Maybe he was laughing too hard. You see Hujio was inside the building explaining his transportation plans during the election debates.

No ticket and no action on The Hujio Plan. All talk, no action!

@ Hi WhoaNelly,

I think the reply came from your statement here.

"But, when half the country votes for a thug who is more concerned about the treatment of enemies of the state than our veterans. "

And I did have to dig to get it,s o i understand the initial confusion. However, Obama is NOT a thug, sorry, and it's that over the top labeling that really kills have any meaningful conversation. No, he does not treat our enemies better than our Vets.

Maybe a better conversation would be how it stinks that a hardworking honest American on the street goes bankrupt treating cancer but a child molester in jail gets free healthcare. And instead of then saying how we need to not treat inmates or feed them, think about how we can provide Americans with affordable healthcare.

@ Ceasonia...watch this...

Meanwhile the terrorist, who gunned down our service men at Ft. Bragg, is in jail collecting his full salary and benefits.

Why is it when an election comes around the hook goes all yellow journalistic? I like it better when they stick to the good investigative journalism of Dave mcnair's. This reads like an endorsement for Bellamy. Bigger question, why is it the African- American candidates who have the problems with the law? Probably because the police and judicial systems have some racial bias problems. Do we have DWB problems here? Dies the hook question that?

The coverage here is uneven. Why did the hook decide not to go deeper on Bellamy's issues with the law or employment. Did the hook really delve into the backgrounds of the white candidates? Or are they themselves part of the race problem in charlottesville ?

This years elections bring in relief an old story about the Democratic Party and racial patronage ( see: http://www.schillingshow.com/2009/03/05/charlottesville-elections-exposi...

I don't usually agree or pay much attention to rob schilling but I think he has this one pretty close. How does this hook story play into that narrative?

@ Caesonia...
I'm sorry if you find the word "Thug" to be over the top. Fact is it is an accurate label at this point.
Watch this, if you find anything to be inaccurate, please let share with me.


Chris Dumler+10 years is looking pretty good compared to this dude.

Gee WhoaNelly, Faux News quotes. Faux News readers are the least informed of Americans, which are you in this case?

There were no recent mass shootings of service personnel at Ft Bragg. A commanding officer was shot down. Perhaps you are confused with Ft Hood, where a US Citizen shot and sadly killed several of his fellow service people. I am inclined to agree with you on the term terrorist, just like the shooting of innocent children, by another US Citizen. Please explain how Obama is being so much nicer to our enemies based on that?

No facts on the term thug, just the opinion of some conservative white guys who don't like it when someone won't let them just say " no" to any piece of legislation that doesn;t meet their wishes 100%. The IRS didn't do anything to the Tea Party that it didn't do to liberal groups based on what Congress mandated. Nothing to do with the WH. Sorry that The Federal government won't hand out tax dollars to states that don't want to follow the law supported by the Supreme Court. The Media thing qualifies for serious concerns, but not thuggery.

@caesonia..." faux news quotes???"
That's classic. So, you don't watch Fox news? Then you must be unaware that one of our ambassadors and 3 of Americas finest were murdered by terrorists while the white house spun the thing as having to do with some obscure video in an effort hide there gross incompetence in an election year. The news sources you watch/read backed them up on that until the truth became painfully obvious. Obama does not remember where he was while this was going down. Somebody gave the order to stand down when our Rangers requested permission to go to their aid; it could have saved their lives. From my understanding, only POTUS has the authority to do that. You must also be unaware that the IRS is now making up the rules as they go, rubber stamping liberal non-profits and stonewalling conservative non-profits for the last 3 years. White House is heavily involved in that one as well. Did you know that our justice department is wire tapping and secretly monitoring emails of reporters of Fox news and the AP? Eric Holder, as usual, doesn’t know anything about it and is going to stone wall congress just like he did during the Fast & Furious hearings, which by the way the news sources you seem to be watching did not bother to report on. And he called us a “Nation of cowards?” He needs to look in the mirror. Of course you don't know these things because the news you watch has an agenda that does not promote anything in a bad light that has to do with Obama and his appointees. Even when it involves matters of national importance. None of them know anything, Obama, Hilary, Eric Holder, Jim Carney, the head of the IRS.....just who is running this country? Hard to tell at this point. Ignorance is what the Obama press is counting on, you are a good sheeple caesonia, and you are probably safe from government stomping on your constitutional rights, simply because you are a liberal. But, I can tell you that the result of big runaway government will find its way into your life one day and you will probably wonder to yourself “How can these things happen in America?”
By writing the above I have set myself up for an IRS audit, an ATF raid, wiretapping and an OSHA visit. Did you know that conservative non-profits have been subjected to all of the aforementioned in the last 12 months under the direction of “someone” in the White House…but of course, no one knows who and Obama is “outraged”? Right, if you believe that, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. But of course you don’t about any of this because you don’t watch faux news.

Let me add that I am amazed that the White House has basically declared war on "faux" news. Why? Because they seem to be the ONLY news outlet that is doing their job by asking the hard questions. Why am I amazed that they are trying to break Fox? Because any president would be overjoyed to have ALL the news sources save ONE in their corner.

I guess I am on a roll here...sorry. I was watching MSNBC trying to report on the IRS scandal. It was comical seeing these people basically stuttering over what they were trying to say because it was so out of character for them to report anything that has to do with the Obama administration in a bad light. It was so blatantly obvious that they were uncomfortable reporting this that I had to laugh out loud. So, I perused the other mainstream news sites and I either saw the same reaction or no reporting on it at all. I guess these are the venues that you get your news from?
If you want to know what is going on in the world, you better start watching Fox news, or you are in the dark.

This has spun way off the topic of the story at hand. If anyone gets their information from any mainstream news outlet you are being mislead by propaganda. They rarely report on what is really happening to us. Check out Democracy now or NPR or Pacifica News Radio for the real deal.

Which brings us back to the reporting on this story. Was it even across all candidates? Is it sensational? Is it political spectacle keeping us off the real issues, like race and electoral politics in Charlottesville. Check out that post I sent along earlier in this strand. Is this story part of that narrative in which the Democratic party anoints one African-American candidate who they think will tow the party line?

Democracy Now is the Ford Foundation mainstream media. National Public Radio is the government/foundation Delphi propaganda operation. For the real deal go to Infowars and the Drudge Report.


"If you want to know what is going on in the world, you better start watching Fox news, or you are in the dark."

Just like over those WMD's huh? Fox reporting it like a fact when the rest of the world knew it was all bogus. Benghazi is problem, it's not treason, like Iraq was. The problem is, Fox confuses political pundits for actual newscasters.