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Dem candidates
Five Democratic candidates are vying for two open seats on Council, but those aren't the only folks on the upcoming primary ballot. Meet the Council Candidates, plus the folks hoping to fill other elected positions.

Book 'em
A safety alert issued for a possible child predator had Albemarle County families on edge until the mystery was unraveled. Who was the man reportedly approaching children, and what was he selling?

Bye-bye Baja
One of the Corner's longest lasting establishments, Baja Bean Co., is closing its doors after a two-decade run. Owner Ron Morse tells Dish the reasons for the tough decision and reminisces about the good times. Plus, what's next for that space?

Stories in clothing
We get dressed every day, but most of us don't pay attention to the labels on our clothes telling us where they were made. The Bangladesh factory collapse should have some effect, but as Janis Jaquith explores, there's no simple solution.

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Photos of five City Council candidates by Jen Fariello

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