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They're heeeere!
Their chorus can be deafening, and for folks with insectophobia, the emergence of the 17-year cicadas is nothing short of a nightmare. But for those with an adventurous palate, the bugs can make a tasty dinner. Intrepid Hook reporter Laura Wagner goes to a cicada dinner party and takes the plunge.

Foot-in-mouth moment
UVA donor Paul Tudor Jones' off-the-cuff remarks about why more women aren't macro traders brings wrath from around the country, and sparks conversation on Grounds.

Curry School prof Glen Bull's decision to take a laptop in a Prada bag last summer was suspicious, says a judge, but the evidence wasn't sufficient to find him guilty. Why did he take it?

Sweet success
For a decade, the owners of Feast! on West Main Street have been tempting customers with their upscale meats, cheeses, and other foodie treats. Their efforts haven't gone unnoticed as a national magazine weighs in.

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