2 police shootings: No new info released

Within two weeks, Albemarle police officers shot people in two separate incidents, one of which was fatal. The details of the Birdwood Court and Afton Mountain shootings are still under wraps.

More than two weeks after 21-year-old Gregory Allen Rosson, Jr. was gunned down June 8 on Afton Mountain, the identity of the Albemarle police officer who fatally fired upon him is still a secret. Both Virginia State Police, which is investigating the slaying, and the Albemarle County Police Department refuse to identify the police officer.

"As is consistent with our policy, the Virginia State Police does not release the law enforcement officer’s name," says state police spokesperson Corinne Geller. "Such information is released by the employing agency."

"We are not releasing the officer's name at this time," says Albemarle police spokesperson Carter Johnson.

What is known about the slaying is that Albemarle police received a 911 call about a domestic dispute at 2:16am June 8 in the 9000 block of Rockfish Gap Turnpike, according to a state police press release. The responding officer allegedly saw a woman being assaulted, and when Rosson ran toward him, the officer fired his weapon.

Rosson, who had been in trouble with police in December when he picked up multiple charges for allegedly assaulting police at the Supertest gas station in Greenwood, had recently been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, says his sister. He was killed just days before his scheduled June 11 court date. 

"The investigation remains ongoing at this time, and we have no additional information to release," said Geller on June 21. "Once the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Appomattox Field Office has completed its investigation into the shooting, the findings will be turned over to the commonwealth’s attorney for final review and adjudication."

Charlottesville police still are investigating the May 26 Birdwood Court shooting, and unlike their counterparts in Albemarle and in the state police, have released the name of the county police officer who wounded a man in a city neighborhood.

Officers William Underwood and James Herring were investigating a felony hit-and-run at 105 Birdwood Court when "a struggle ensued," according to a May 30 release. Underwood— who just a week earlier had received Albemarle police's valor award, the department's highest honor— fired and shot Josue Salinas Valdez, 38, who was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Since then, nada. City police spokesperson Ronnie Roberts told the Hook on June 13 that investigators were waiting on results from the Virginia Department of Forensic Science.

By June 21, no charges had been filed, and the commonwealth's attorney will determine whether the shooting is justified after all the facts have been gathered, says Roberts.

As for why gunfire erupted a month ago on a quiet Sunday evening in a kid-filled neighborhood, says Roberts, "The case is still being investigated, and with it being an ongoing investigation, it would be inappropriate to discuss."


"More than two weeks after 21-year-old Gregory Allen Rosson, Jr. was gunned down ......"

"gunned down"? How about "shot during an altercation with police"

The connotation is besmirching an Officer whos name is being witheld by his employer. (but will be released at some point) The implication and this phrasing is unfair and unprofessional, especially to the Officer whos family might be reading this article.

I don't lke the County witholding information and the investigation and reporting of that behavior is reasonable. Accusing "them" of improper conduct to try and force their hand does so at the exspense of a Policeman who is not allowed to talk by policy and it is bad journalism.

You should change the wording and issue an apology.

So it's OK to shoot an unarmed person? That's a COWARDLY act... PERIOD!

In this case, (not having all the facts, but neither does "voltron") I would say "yes"

@Voltron. Of course it is. If the idiot does not stop when ordered and is clearly bent on violence it is incumbent on the officer to stop them, center mass. You live in a world of pixie dust and crank if you think the officer should hold his ground and go toe to toe with someone who might be racked up on drugs etc.

So lets be clear. Officer not a coward. Guy who did not stop, out of his mind stupid to keep charging an armed person.

Refusing to release the name of a public officer who works for the people of Albemarle County places the Albemarle County Police Department in a position of looking like they are hiding something, potentially including improper conduct. If they were forthcoming about the details of what will be a part of the public record, they could deflect this criticism by appearing to be handling the situation. Right now, they appear to be covering it up.

Actually, the State Police are handling this... so are they covering something up? I doubt it. The Hook routinely bashes police and don't understand what the Code of Silence really is... not sharing information of an investigation with the news media is not it.

But that doesn't fit in with the Hook's anti police stance.

@Hello. Hook may be media, but it is not about being news media. More like propaganda. Anyone seen Ehrenburg?

Dissociative identity disorder?!?! Well I'm sure that's valid.

And the ABC police who went crazy at Harris Teeter over a 12-pack of sparkling water on the front-page today and yesterday. Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman decides not to prosecute the girls because "it's the right thing to do"? Please, because there's no evidence to support the police story line. I agree with the Rutherford Institute: Police can expect people to be in their faces for a while until the police back down within the Bill of Rights. We obviously have too many police on the payroll. That's called a police state.

Don't be ridiculous, if they had only rolled down their window without powering on the car for the men without uniforms on, pointing guns at them for having sparkling water, none of this would have happened.

Here's the link to the "water" story. Charlottesville police out of control, pulling a gun and jumping on a car when they didn't know what they had.