Illinois bound: Halfaday goes home

The former City Council candidate whose repeated threats to his ex landed him back in jail on probation violations is headed back to Illinois with his mom, a judge ordered June 28.


James Halfaday ran for City Council in 2011 as the city's first Native American, openly gay candidate. He came in last in the Democratic primary, and was later charged with felony election fraud for signing a declaration that he lived in Charlottesville when he resided in Albemarle County.


Halfaday was convicted and sentenced to serve 60 days in jail with four-years, 10-months suspended in July 2012. He'd barely gotten out of jail in October when he began contacting his former domestic partner, despite a protective order and instructions from his probation officer to not be in touch.

After putting a 13-minute video on YouTube that ends with the couple's pet cat Volley being euthanized, Halfaday, 33, was arrested in January. At a probation violation hearing on February 5, the judge agreed to ship Halfaday back to his hometown in Dunferline, Illinois, and reminded him to not contact the former partner. On February 14, Halfaday was sentenced to four months while the transfer to Illinois could be arranged. But before that could happen, Halfaday picked up another charge for probation violation for threatening the ex again through his own mother and other family members and friends.

Halfaday's calls from the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail were recorded, according to an April 29 letter from Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman to Judge Edward Hogshire. In a March 18 phone call to his mother, Halfaday demanded that she contact the ex and demand $500 to get Halfaday's driver's license reinstated, or he would do it himself April 30 when he got out of jail. "He is literally going to get hurt," Halfaday warned his mother, according to Chapman's letter.

And in an April 4 letter, Halfaday threatened to leave Cookie, the couple's dog, in the car if he was arrested for driving on a suspended license, said Chapman's letter, which also quoted a misspelled homosexual slur.

A thinner Halfaday was in court June 28 to plead guilty to the second probation violation, and his mother, Anna Halfaday, testified that Illinois was ready to take on his probation. "She's prepared to take him home today," said his attorney, public defender Elizabeth Murtagh.

Anna Halfaday, who had driven 14 hours, assured the judge that if her son asked her to contact his ex or decided to leave her home, she'd notify his Illinois probation officer.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Joe Platania asked the judge to remind Halfaday of the importance of following the court order. "It's not complicated," said the prosecutor. "Just don't contact the person who doesn't want to be contacted."

Judge Hogshire noted the "highly inappropriate threatening behavior Mr. Halfaday engaged in that got him in this mess." He was sentenced to time served— 55 days— and the judge upped his probation to four years. He also ordered Halfaday to get mental health and substance abuse treatment and cautioned him that the order would be "strictly enforced."

"I hope Mr. Halfaday will take all that seriously," Hogshire said, "and take the opportunity to start a new life."

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Won't be missed, that's for sure!

Hopefully his mother will get him into some kind of counseling. This guy is a drama-generating train wreck and not the kind you want to ogle, the kind that makes you embarrassed for him.

Safe travels big homie, Im gon miss ya antics

HRDP- What does a treaty regarding the rights of prisoners of war i.e. "Geneva Convention[s]" have to do with Halfaday? Is he an enemy combatant? I thought he was just a nutty guy from Illinois. If treatment of nutty guys from Illinois was in fact covered by the Geneva Conventions it ought to be pretty easy to cite/link to the relevant text, eh?

So, I suppose that means no citation from a non-existant "Geneva Convention on Human Rights and Torture" and that nutty guys get to decide how all words are defined from now on? Does that non-existant document speak to the subject of ridicule of those aforementioned nutty guys by other people on the internet? I suppose I'm torturing you by laughing in your metaphorical face? If that's the case, I'm pleased I could be of service.

Still waiting for any reason to believe that Hogshire's comments have anything at all to do with forced drugging or that any Geneva Convention has equated medicating mentally ill patients with torture.

If you have not experienced medication without consent you have no authority whatsoever to speak on the subject of whether or not it is torture. Perhaps if you were willing to listen and believe those who have actually experienced medication without consent (as those who convened at Geneva were), you might have some degree of credibility. I have experienced medication without consent, it can only be described by one word. Torture. Every single one of the many people I have spoken/communicated with who has experienced medication without consent heartily concur. You have clearly demonstrated that you while are more than willing to mock those who have experienced medication without consent, you are completely unwilling to trust the only voices of authority on whether or not is torture, those of individuals who have experienced it. You would have us believe that the fact that James Halfaday is clearly not an enemy combatant somehow changes the definition of torture. It does not. Neither does it change the definition of a human right, or the fact that Halfaday is a human being who retains any and all human rights. Mental health treatment strictly enforced is a crafty way for Hogshire to threaten to rendition Halfaday to be medicated without consent, defined as torture by an International Convention on War Crimes. I shouldn't need to explain that mental health treatment means "medication" (drugging) and that "stricly enforced" means "forcible" irrespective of consent. Hogshire is the real monster in this story and there's an even hotter place in Hell waiting for him than there is for Halfaday if he doesn't turn his power tripping sadistic life around.

I shouldn't have to watch the youtube video of Volley being euthanized to find out who the sick freak of a veternarian was who allowed the production to be made inside their clinic

Now, he's their problem. That's a more liberal state....he'll fit in better.

What happens if Illinois' sends him back?

They're not gonna send him back. Hell, if he takes some ballet lessons and learns how to properly stab a steak knife in a table while chanting bloody murder he'll probably be the next mayor of Chicago.