Stand down: Mysterious threat shuts farm market

There's one less place to buy locally grown organic beef, pork, poultry and produce. In a cryptic Facebook post and email to their customers on the morning of July 3, the owners of Timbercreek Organics Farm on Garth Road announced that they are permanently closing their farm market.

"An incident occurred early last week during our regular business hours that has threatened the safety of our family and everyone that works here on the farm," reads the mysterious message from owners Zachary and Sara Miller. "The investigation is open and ongoing, and as such the farm is currently closed to all visitors."

Reached by phone, Zachary Miller declined to elaborate other than to describe it as a "personal security issue." Albemarle County Police spokesperson Carter Johnson confirms only that the department is investigating a threat at the farm. No arrests have been made.

"This is so sad. We loved going to your market to get fresh beef, but the safety of your family comes first," wrote one saddened Timbercreek customer in a Facebook post. "We look forward to hearing where we can buy your products so we can continue to support you."

Fortunately for fans of Timbercreek products, the closing of the farm stand does not spell an end of the business, which provides meat to more than a dozen local restaurants.

"The things that happened over at Timbercreek are not going to affect us at all," says Andy McClure, owner of Citizen Burger Bar on the Downtown Mall. While McClure didn't have any further details on the incident that prompted the closing, he was certain that the farm itself is running well. "We will still be featuring Timbercreek beef, which we are very, very proud of," he says.

Timbercreek meats and produce also will remain available through the farm's partnership with Stinson Vineyards in Whitehall where, the email says, Timbercreek products will be fully stocked. Additionally, Timbercreek will soon be available through Retail Relay, the booming shop-from-home local grocery business, and at a soon-to-open organic butcher shop.

"Though we are sad that we have had to make this sudden change to a component of our business that has become an enjoyable part of our week and an excellent source of feedback," the Millers' email reads, "we hope that this event will also mark the beginning of a bright new chapter for Timbercreek."

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