New winery springs forth

Less than a year old, Meriwether Springs Vineyard may be Charlottesville’s newest winery, but so far, it is shaping up to be one of the most promising.

Resting on 40 beautiful acres, the property boasts a vineyard, tasting room, event center for weddings and corporate retreats and hiking trails. It also has a special historical significance as part of explorer Meriwether Lewis’ original estate. But if the property itself is unique, the family behind it is even more singular.

Patriarch Ed Pierce along with his wife, three children and his parents are all involved in the decisions and operations of the property.

“Sometimes we argue about things,” Pierce chuckles. “But everybody has something that they bring to it. Really we’re together so much that we just talk through issues and find solutions together. And that seems to be working.”

Located close to their home, Pierce and his family decided to buy the property because they were concerned about development and wanted to preserve the land’s natural beauty. The family tried to figure out a model that would allow them to preserve the land and settled on a vineyard, which they installed soon after buying the land. Though they have yet to reap their first harvest, the family has been keeping busy.

“We should have our own label by winter. Chardonnay first and then a couple of reds about a year after that,” Pierce says. “In the meantime we are featuring other really good Virginia wines.”

Pierce notes that local wines are not featured in Meriwether’s tasting room because he feels that wine connoisseurs should go directly to the local vineyards for the best experience.

In addition to preparing for their first harvest and the creation of their own wines, Pierce and his family are preparing to have two wedding on the property this fall.

“We hope to rent out to private events and corporate events. And weddings, I think we’ll do a fair bit of that.”


If you opened a winery around here and just steamed the labels off Gallo bottles and put your own on, you'd do better financially and get better reviews than you would making the ghastly wines usually produced around here which are generally only fit for cooking.

Is the location a secret? Gimme a hint....Owensville Road, up from the historical marker? What hours are they open?

You guessed it momsy! We are located at 1040 Owensville Road, about 0.8 miles on the Left if you are coming from US 250 West. Our tasting room is open Fridays from 12-8pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6pm.

Come check us out- feel free to bring a picnic!

Allyson Pierce


I was there a fews weeks ago. Still has that new tasting room smell. Lovely property, nice tasting room staff. I had a white merlot there. It was good. Plan on going back and taking friends.

Toni H.: Certainly everyone has his/her own taste, but I wonder what local wines you've been sampling lately? We have found that there are quite a number that are lovely--more pricey than wines from some competing areas, certainly, but we like supporting the local efforts. And at no expense to our palates.

Not a wine drinker but my wife is. According to her, this area has some fantastic wines!

Think Toni G needs to sample some more wines.