The week in review

First admission that the ABC screwed up: ABC commissioner Sandra Canada says the April arrest of a UVA student buying water at Harris Teeter has "embarrassed" the agency, "all because of the poor judgment of six agents in that one incident," K. Burnell Evans reports in the Daily Progress.

Most expensive public records: Usually one thinks electronic is cheaper, but a new state system for financial disclosures of state employees and elected officials means it would cost $1,200 to see the records of ABC employees for 2012 that previously were available for free, Evans discovers when reporting on gifts and entertainment given to the ABC.

Biggest retail news since Trader Joe's: Costco wants to build a store and gas station at Stonefield.

Worst pummeling of the Fourth Amendment: The Orange County School Board votes 4-1 to randomly drug test students participating in extracurricular activities.

Worst news for low-income students: UVA Board of Visitors rolls back its AccessUVA program that guaranteed grants for qualified students and votes 16-1, with Helen Dragas against, to require $7,000 in loans per year before students qualify for grants, according to the DP

Worst home-schooling story: Josh Powell, 21, claims his education at home in Buckingham County was subpar and worries that his siblings will have to do remedial work as he did. Now attending Georgetown University, Powell questions the lack of standards for home-schooled students, and the lack of weight given a child who wants to attend school. Virginia just passed a law giving parents the fundamental right to direct a child's education— even if they're not going a very good job. The Washington Post has the story.

Latest in Riverside North death: Joseph Martin Terry III, 32, is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the June 27 death of Vincent Shifflett, 22, after surveillance videos reveal Shifflett was attacked outside the restaurant, the Newsplex reports. Shifflett's family says he was hit from behind.

Least positive positive result: Tuberculosis turns up in a Haven habituee and health officials, who say there's no risk to the public at large, want about 100 others who've been at the homeless day shelter to get tested, Aaron Richardson reports in the DP.

Most alleged car break-ins: Anthony Allen Timberlake, 23, and Dequintan Rasheem Cutchin, 22,  are arrested July 24 for a series of thefts from unlocked cars in western Albemarle neighborhoods from April through July, as well as for a June burglary in a Crozet home, according to police. Timberlake is charged with two counts of felony larceny and one felony count of breaking and entering; Cutchin faces two misdemeanor counts of larceny and one felony count of breaking and entering. Additional charges are pending.

Highest-profile embezzlement: Getty Andrew Rothenberg, 39, of Richmond, pleads guilty July 23 to pilfering at least $400K from DMB violinist Boyd Tinsley while working as his financial adviser, the Progress reports. Rothenberg faces up to 30 years in prison; Tinsley reportedly does not want his friend to serve time.

Least successful DUI defense: Former Democratic chair Cynthia Neff is found guilty July 30 when Judge Cheryl Higgins rejects an expert's testimony that Neff being 60 pounds overweight made her more unstable for the field sobriety test, according to the Progress. Neff, who ran for the Board of Supervisors and the House of Delegates, was arrested for driving under the influence in November, convicted in February, and had appealed to Albemarle Circuit Court.

Least surprising that alcohol was involved: Christina Jewell, 33, is pulled over on the runway of Charlottesville Albemarle Regional Airport early July 24 for suspicion of driving under the influence after crashing through the fence, NBC29 reports.

Second least surprising that alcohol was involved: Samantha D. Tyree-Vest, 25, of Schuyler is arrested July 27 after crashing her car on Route 6 and allegedly pulling a handgun on Faber volunteer firefighters who arrived on the scene, according to a release. She's charged with DUI, reckless handling of a firearm, brandishing a firearm, and possession of brass knuckles.

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Interesting news about Costco, but I thought they were headed towards the proposed Wegman's development off Avon. What's going on with that?