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Back to school!
A collective sigh of relief can be heard across Charlottesville as parents pack lunchboxes and send their little and not-so-little ones back to school. From athletes to watch to a principal shake-up at CHS to a preschool program that's facing challenges, the Hook takes a look at what students, families and schools are up to this fall.

Library deluxe
A light filled atrium, a cozy fireplace and Blue Ridge views. What more could a tiny town ask for in a library?

Famous pies
For decades, Crozet Pizza has won raves for its glorious pies, even prompting National Geographic to call it "the world's best." Now, hungry Corner diners can get delicious Crozet Pizza pies without trekking 20 minutes west. Yum!

Safety first
A specialty builder who focuses on energy efficiency and home security? Get the inside scoop on Off Grid, a builder of small homes with cool features like bamboo floors and panic rooms.

On the cover of this 40-page issue

Robert and XX Radifera jump for joy. Thanks to Field School for providing bus. Photo by Brianna LaRocco