Fired up: County, UVA celebrate new station

Ivy residents are now a bit safer thanks to the opening of Albemarle's new fire station. At a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, August 29, UVA and county honchos praised the collaboration that made the new station possible and spoke of the benefits, including faster response times to emergencies occurring in the swath of countryside between the city and Crozet, as well as reduced insurance rates for businesses and homeowners in that area as a result of the new station's proximity.

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I humbly disagree. Medic15 runs when there is extra staff in the from 6p-6a but runs consistently from 6a-6p. However, when Medic15 is out on a call, it relies heavily on Med8 or Med16 to cover their call! So it can lead to increase response time for calls or no change once Medic15 is out.

The Hook according to Cville News is dead! Say it's not so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, St. Halsey. It is true. The lackluster reporting and bad writing of the past six months or so should have alerted everyone that something was brewing. You could call it "lame duck journalism."

The Peoples Republic of Charlottesville wont be the same without the voice of the Hook.

Well, crap.
I can't believe The Hook is being executed like this. After pwning C-Ville for years.
See ya :/

I am just heartbroken to see the Hook be dissolved...NOT! What a left wing slanted publication. Most of the articles that the hook produce are done to cover their own political views. Not much balance in them. I hope that the merger will mean that there will be some balance to the reporting.

Ever since you became editor at the Hook you have transformed it. We never see any negative coverage of UVA. It's so reassuring that UVA is such a wonderful and safe school. UVA puts Disney to shame with your help.

I think it's pretty funny that the hook got scooped about its own demise. Since Hawes took the hook to such negativity and errors of omission in so much of his reporting, it was just a matter of time before it went bankrupt. He jumped ship because he saw how bad a job he'd done when Weschler, the lead owner, met with him and pointed it out.

Leave it to red to finally mention the lead owner's (alleged) name. You'd think The Hook would do a feature story on the guy/gal and an in-depth bio. Unless Weschler didn't want folks to know much about him/her.

Who is Provence? Who is Stuart? Who is McNair? I'd ask who Jacquith was but hesitation would get the best of me.