Missing teen's phone found

Authorities have confirmed that a phone belonging to missing Nelson County teen Alexis Murphy has been recovered during the investigation. FBI spokesperson Dee Rybiski says in a release that the investigation into Murphy's disappearance has brought in hundreds of tips from in- and out-of-state since the August 11 arrest of Lovingston resident Randy Allen Taylor, who is charged with abduction.

While law enforcement previously confirmed that several cell phones had been recovered, the location and condition of the phone has not been revealed.



Both good and bad news. Good that they found some real evidence. Bad that it is not looking good for finding Alexis alive. I'm still hoping that they do, but it gets harder every day.

The Richmond Times Dispatch also reported that a red sweater was found in a river in SHIPMAN over the weekend, by a rescue team who apparently spent their Saturday wading through ten miles of river looking for her. That's quite a rescue team and a lot of work. They're really hungry to find her, or enough evidence to stop the person who did it from getting the chance of doing it again. I'm sure the article will be updated later with that and other breakthroughs.

But I'm thinking, if the crime scene was in Shipman, how did he get her car to Charlottesville and then come back to his own vehicle? I'm sure he didn't walk the distance, and a friend or cab dropping him off would have reported him by now. I still say it sounds like he had help.

At least the hard work isn't for nothing. This is the 2nd time he's suspected in an abduction, and that's just what they know about. He has to be locked up this time, or more kids will go missing.

Search crews were all over northern Nelson County on Saturday, both in the rivers and the woods. I had not seen such a presence since the first week. Why, suddenly, did they resume searching? New evidence? Seems like it.

Also, we do not know what type of evidence her cell phone will present? They already have all her calls on record; no phone needed there. Where was it found? Will there be prints on it?

The car is intriguing. He had to tow it, have an accomplice, or hitch a ride back to Nelson from Chville. While a taxi driver would come forward, it is very likely anyone who picked him up hitchhiking might not report it.

Old case September 3rd, 2013 | 2:50pm

The Richmond Times Dispatch also reported that a red sweater was found in a river in SHIPMAN over the weekend, by a rescue team
There was a picture of the "red sweater" found over the weekend, and it is nothing like the one Alexis was wearing. It zipped up the front. It looked like something you'd wear fishing. Investigators have said that it did not belong to Alexis.

Inquiring Mind September 3rd, 2013 | 4:15pm

The car is intriguing. He had to tow it, have an accomplice, or hitch a ride back to Nelson from Chville.


Remembering that RAT was a repo man for that car dealership in Ruckersville, towing is a strong possibility, and that RAT has friends in low places, an accomplice is also a strong possibility.

I think it is time for a reward to be offered and to offer a deal to anybody involved who can give proof-positive as to what actually went down. This should be for both Alexis and Samantha. If no one comes forward, then, when they are implicated at a later time, and there is evidence of involvement, no deal--maximum punishment.

I saw the comment by the local police officer that the sweater wasn't hers.

CBS news ran an article that said ONE OF the cell phones recovered was hers. ONE OF. I'm reminded of a comment here that mentioned an unconfirmed conversation that they found several smashed cell phones on Taylor's property. Does that mean the other cell phones belonged to other girls he's had there? Pure speculation, but that's how I'm reading it.

Here it is:

"The federal agency said Tuesday that it has been able to positively identify one of the phones recovered as part of the investigation as belonging to the 17-year-old.

"Officials did not provide any other details about when or where the phone was found."

I remember that other commenter 1Dagger -- did he say where he saw the man's truck? I think he said it was on some back road near 29. Maybe that's why they searched the area.

While it is unsurprising that one of the recovered cell phones belonged to Murphy, it is nonetheless encouraging as it will provide a treasure trove of information that may well be very helpful to this investigation. [Obviously where it was found is also key...and I am assuming it was one of those recovered during the course of the ground search in/near Taylor's residence and/or camper.]

From bits and pieces from various media outlets, it is equally unsurprising to learn that the red sweater recovered on Saturday did not belong to Murphy.

What I found more intriguing was the following excerpt from the FBI press release: "In order to protect the integrity of the investigation and ensure that Mr. Randy Allen Taylor gets a fair trial in Nelson County, Virginia, absolutely no further information will be released about this investigation."

"Absolutely *no further information* will be released about this investigation." That statement alone precludes anything--including major, breaking (evidentiary) news--save for discovery and/or recovery of Murphy--from being released to the public domain for as long as this investigation lasts.

While the above statement may in fact be SOP for purposes of FBI press releases, it is not SOP for purposes of general LE releases.

Interesting...and curious. Regardless, the FBI/feds are taking every step possible and necessary to minimize the opportunities for a later defense position that Taylor was unable to receive a fair trial in Nelson County. While the defense will surely petition for a change of venue, the prosecution wants to do everything they can to lessen the chances of success of such a petition.

They are playing this tight and close--as well they should.

I did find one site that said the phone was one of the phones recovered from Taylor's property. I think that was cafemom, but I'm not going through the trouble of posting the link here, as it's better for people to Google it and decide for themselves.

One thing I find encouraging is that somebody is finally taking a missing girl seriously, for some reason, and doing the work to actually bring the case home. I'm one of the witnesses from the Harrington murder -- the one who saw the New Jersey car on the night of her abduction with an active sexual predator known to me in the back seat, a driver who looked like the suspect sketch, and a motionless body hidden under a coat in the front seat among other suspicious things.

One thing I've griped about for years is how police and the FBI never took my complaints about that backseat stalker seriously. I mean, I handed them a solid case against him, with license tags, detailed descriptions, surveillance video, you name it, they had it sitting in FBI offices 8 years before Morgan Harrington was murdered. He'd already done enough by then to be sitting in jail, but he wasn't.

And cops still disregard things he does. I could give you a few stories of things that've happened in the past year, even, including seeing him with someone who looked like another missing girl.

And I'm not blaming the Virginia State Police for not bringing the Harrington case home. They were handed at least 2 predators who didn't have the long criminal history that should have already had proven against them, by cops & FBI in NY, PA, & VA who apparently couldn't care less.

It's just, all of this activity has me wondering, is the new FBI director any better than the last? I've never seen the FBI work this hard on catching someone. I've never even seen them give a crap about anything, to be perfectly honest. Have their priorities changed? It'd be encouraging if true.

Funny story I just remembered. Years ago, I had a different stalker than the Harrington murder one (although he actually was appearing occasionally before the other stalker, but not enough for me to call him a stalker yet).

Well, one day I got out of my car to go shopping in a district near my home at the time, and there were these two guys standing near my car who mentioned my stalker's name. Later someone I know was shot who by someone who fit their description. Well, the police in that town not only didn't want the pictures I took of them at the time (having been stalked for at least 7 years prior, I'd gotten aggressive about documentation of stalking incidents), but the cops downgraded the shooting to "substantial battery" so that they didn't have to investigate.

I actually included their pictures in materials provided to the FBI, and when I was preparing that packet, I enlarged the photo and noticed the outline of a gun in one of their pockets. Don't know why, maybe he was a local hit man. I didn't know him personally, and neither did the person who was shot.

Well, guess who I saw on the news within the past month? A guy who just happens to look like one of those two punks, and the police want any information on him because he was caught on surveillance video and IDed as a SHOOTER.

So I didn't do anything at first -- I'm too busy to help police who won't help themselves. But one night I was in an odd mood and decided it was time to tell the police how they screwed themselves, for future reference. I told them the little info I had on the men, that the FBI had more info but I didn't have it at my fingertips and was too busy to dig through boxes of old junk in another city to get it for them, but that the fact I didn't have more information on them, or an old conviction, was actually their own doing. So it wasn't like me having no information to give them, it was like them having no information to give to themselves because they never bothered to investigate.

It was a polite way of saying "told ya so," but I enjoyed it.

Seven whole comments before I have to stop subscribing to new comments to this thread. Bye bye!!


You know, Old Case, this isn't about you. I'm not going to say anything about what you've seen, what you said to the police/FBI, or whatever. This is about the Alexis Murphy case and I wish you'd shut the hell up about your stalkers, your mysterious sightings of other cases. If you wanted people to take you seriously, that train has left the station several stories ago. You're just being an attention whore and pointing out your craziness and narcissism. Now, shut the hell up and let people who live in this community and have something relevant to say, speak up. Not you. And don't play the victim card because there's other victims (like Alexis' family) associated with this story and none of them are you. You're a particularly sick person to hitch a wagon on these stories for your personal attention and the fact that I'm writing is probably giving you a thrill.

I read sim

I read somewhere that his son is a teenager and also read several times how much they love each other. In that same article it stated that his son's grandmother said he was with his dad the Monday after Alexis went missing... Not sure if it's true but it makes you wonder...

Props to you LS cause i think a lot of us are thinking and feeling the same way! I think someone needs to check into "Old Case" because she is off the wall and a stalker herself with all this info she keeps throwing out there!

Old case showed up in the comments to an article completely unrelated to anything stalker/disappearance related under the name "So tired of this" just before Alexis Murphy disappeared. Coincidence? Someone most definitely needs to check into that!

So tired of this July 26th, 2013 | 8:55pm
But you know why I'm Googling Morgan Harrington tonight, of all nights? There's been a man who looks like that stalker/probable killer hanging around the place I'm staying now, and when he appears, occasionally my air conditioner smells like someone urinated into it. That only seems to happen when he's around. That and screws being driven into my tires to give me slow leaks.

Everyone knows who helped him. It's obvious who helped him. Time to lean hard on RAT's little helpers.

@wholiesmoke's does anyone know how we can get someone to investigate?

As of this afternoon, law enforcement working on this case is aware of Old Case and the comments on this board. I was able to copy off many of them and provide some details regarding comment sections on other pages that were closed. I've followed this case closely and have also been disturbed by the person's comments. I hadn't seen the MH comment from late July, but thanks for pointing that. With IP addresses and the like, the identity will not be hard to find. Now, hopefully we can get back to the subject at hand: find Alexis Murphy and get the truth in this case.


@Reported It September 4th, 2013 | 6:30pm


Prognosticator September 4th, 2013 | 10:51am

Everyone knows who helped him. It's obvious who helped him.

Not to me--could you give us a hint?

As mentioned earlier, the FBI is by intent keeping information about this case close and tight--as they should. They have issued an unequivocal statement that "Absolutely no further information will be released about this investigation." As indicated, they want to ensure that Taylor is able to receive a fair trial in Nelson County and to lessen the chances for appeal on any basis.

And on the heels of those statements, one of the lead investigators from Nelson County Sheriff's Department (read: *not* the FBI) states yesterday "I have no doubt that we have the right person."

I don't fault this individual for his opinion, especially since it is based upon information that LE has about the investigation, in particular the recovered cell phone that belonged to Murphy. However--and this is the big "however"--with his comment, he just made the prosecution's case that much harder--and the defense's position that much easier--when it comes to petitioning for a change of venue...among other things.

The defense will now say that this individual has prejudiced those readers/listeners who have followed this case--the very same ones that would be among those who would be selected to serve on a jury. This is different than you or I--non-LEOs but simple bystanders--saying "I believe Taylor is guilty." We have no official position or basis upon which to make that statement. When a member of LE makes that statement, though, it carries with it significantly different weight--and that will not be lost on defense counsel.

Again, I do not fault him for his belief or judgment. I do, however, fault him for speaking out at a time and in a manner that may well increase the chances for--at the *very* least--a successful petition for a change of venue. And that's just the start of it...

He is in LE; he should know better than most how delicate is the pre-trial/investigative period and how quickly the defense will seize any opportunity to advance their position if there is a perceived mis-step (or mis-statement) on the part of LE or the prosecution.

If I was a betting person, I would be you a quarter right now that the FBI is none-too-happy with this individual's comment.

Whether RAT will be tried in Nelson, Albemarle or Timbuktu is of no concern to investigators so why they now want to put the lid on information to the public is not about RAT's due process rights. It's about the evidentiary links (familial DNA!) between RAT and several other unsolved murders which may be easier to solve than Samantha or Alexis' cases. Law enforcement may not be able to prove now that RAT killed Samantha or Alexis, but I'm certain they will prove he killed at least three other victims and it's those additional unsolved murders in other jurisdictions that have cast a cloud of secrecy over this case, a case that cries out for ongoing public activism. Why in the world has no reward been offered for information in Alexis' case? Isn't it abundantly obvious who helped this cretin dump the bodies? LE saying they have the right man is unremarkable and non-prejudicial. Of course they have the right man. That's why they arrested him. But how many people did RAT kill and who gets to nail him first for which murder? That's what makes this case interesting.

@ Prognosticator, From what I've read it isn't abundantly clear that Randy Taylor had anything do with murdering anyone. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. That makes it far less abundantly clear who might have helped, especially since no one has been named as a known close associate or additional suspect in any of the news that I've read.

If Taylor is in fact the guilty party and had someone help then they would have had to be in communication and it is unlikely that they did so telepathically or through smoke signals, so I suspect that an investigation would eventually turn up some record of calls, texts, or emails. So far no news of that.

Unless you have real inside information, which I'm skeptical of, I'd have to say your notion of an obvious co-conspirator has been pulled out of thin air or perhaps your thick behind. If you think you have more, then please elaborate.

Prognosticator September 4th, 2013 | 10:51am
Everyone knows who helped him. It's obvious who helped him.

Prognosticator September 5th, 2013 | 9:30am
I'm certain they will prove he killed at least three other victims.
Isn't it abundantly obvious who helped this cretin dump the bodies?
The answer to your last question is no, it is not abundantly obvious; not everyone--at least not all readers--know who helped him. [Are you suggesting Taylor's ex-wife and/or son are the guilty parties? If not them, to whom are you referring? Perhaps "Sketch" related to the MH case, and/or the individual Taylor pointed to as the last person to see Murphy? If the latter, LE has already identified that individual and, as we know from the CV serial rapist case, it is not difficult to surreptitiously obtain a DNA sample from a suspect.]

If everyone knew who helped him, would not LE be currently focusing much of their effort and attention on this/these individual(s)--whomever they are? [Perhaps they are.] If so, would that focus and attention not have likewise drawn the focus and attention of the media? [Perhaps not.]

More importantly, to which three other cases have you somehow linked Taylor? [Note: I am not suggesting that there is no potential linkage to other, similar cases; rather, I'm questioning what specific linkage you have personally identified.]

To what information do you appear to have access that seemingly no other member of the public has? [It may be that, rather than access to information, you are a prescient prognosticator.]

You go on to say: "...why they now want to put the lid on information to the public is...about the evidentiary links (familial DNA!) between RAT and several other unsolved murders..."

Please help readers (inc. this one) understand how limiting public information is connected to evidentiary links (i.e., familial DNA) between Taylor and other unsolved murders, inasmuch as familial DNA searching is most often performed if the comparison of the forensic DNA profile with known offender/arrestee DNA profiles has not identified any matches to any of the offenders/arrestees. [As of June, 2011, only four states (inc. VA) perform familial testing.]

In the instant case, Taylor's DNA is already on file as he has been arrested and charged with a violent felony. [It may well have been on file earlier based upon his prior criminal record; however, I'm not certain of his specific criminal history.]

My apologies if the answers to the above questions seem obvious; color me Easily Confused. [And note that I am in *no* way attempting to defend Taylor; I am simply not following your line of reasoning.]

RAT might not have had a previous DNA swab which may be why familial DNA was tapped this time out. IF LE says anything more about this investigation, it might compromise progress of other investigations too. Prognosticator may possess powers of intuitive discernment, gut instinct, which instincts research shows are far more reliable than vaunted "reason" which "reason" brought us in the last 50 years the bloodiest and most brutal savagery in planet's recorded history. Who loves RAT enough to help him dump bodies? That help may even have been involuntary or unwitting. If RAT is capable of love, he better start talking.

Please help me understand... September 5th, 2013 | 12:46pm
I don’t know.
We have a very very interesting “FRUIT FROM THE POSION TREE” scenario going own.
Your other points are very valid, just not sure that his DNA was ever on file -had been and was removed or it is and has been.
The GPS problem is still huge today!
Not sure why WILLIE MAYS HAYS is speaking out. But, if he is having us believe he has a DNA match from a test done years ago????? Or is he saying based on the phone.
Interesting for sure.
Were the reports of he and a brother in another state true. Or was that another person. If that Taylor is the same then you would have the possibility of familial DNA. But, what about the state that could test for it. I believe that was S.C., but again I m not sure it is the same Randy Taylor. Someone knows and has the mug shot.

Prognosticator September 5th, 2013 | 3:21pm
I think I'll stick to the subject, but your:
"vaunted "reason" which "reason" brought us in the last 50 years the bloodiest and most brutal savagery in planet's recorded history"

Well many would argue that what was done to Native Americans was far worse than anything we see now. Much worse than the 2 bombs dropped on Japan and all of the wars in the last 50 years.

But, lets see and hope The FBI and this Virginia Cop are successful.
There is so much to think about! Did he keep trophies? ANd if so, how about on the old property? A necklace perhaps?

Prognosticator September 5th, 2013 | 3:21pm
RAT might not have had a previous DNA swab which may be why familial DNA was tapped this time out.
It is immaterial whether or not Taylor had a previous DNA swab on file. Because he was arrested and charged with a violent felony in this case, his DNA would automatically be taken and cross-referenced (to other unknown suspects' DNA). There would be no need for a familial DNA check.

It appears from your comments that you are stating unequivocally that a familial DNA check was iniitated in this case.

1. For what reason would LE need to do this?; and
2. On what basis do you make that claim?

Are you somehow implying that, prior to his arrest, LE had recovered suspect DNA evidence in this case (hard to imagine given that neither Murphy nor her cell phone had been found at that point), ran a familial DNA scan, identified an immediate family member(s) of Taylor's who had DNA already on file (from their own criminal history), and from that identified Taylor as a suspect?

I confess I am still having difficulty following your line of reasoning.

At Sutton, I was thinking about that necklace a couple of weeks ago..

@ Belsma September 5th, 2013 | 6:06pm

Yes, there are some other items too! I just don't know. 4 or 5 different predators, just seems mind boggling. East Coast Rapist, Sketch, this guy and the 2 all ready convicted.

Some connection or is just that the area lends itself to the type of environment. Many factors, maybe. Lack of Law Enforcement, proximity to Colleges, the population's ability to mind their won darn business, fear of the "FEDs" by locals may lead to the ability for these creeps to continue.

It's not just Virginia, but at this point everyone must acknowledge Virginia needs help. From U.S. Tax payer's funding, Federal Boots on the ground, the FBI labs and all that they have acquired researching East Coast Rapist and the likes.

Maybe this is the one that brakes the camel's, back.
I just do not think this guy's prosecution is a slam dunk! Not at ALL!

If he goes to a Federal Court, they just may look at what they have and say charge him with homicide, lower his bail or possibly let him go! Maybe that's what Willie Mays Hays is doing, trying to keep pressure on the Justice System.

Or maybe he is just a little too cocky?
These two guys deserve each other, wouldn't you like to be a fly on that wall when they are in the same room?

Sutton, It's all a crazy mess. I have been preoccupied lately, but did travel to that region today, and was surprised there where no flyers for Alexis at the rest stop on 64 W. (C'ville) as there were for Morgan years back. Was there two weeks ago and no fliers. I am thinking (hoping) LE knows something very pertinent..they must. The charges they have on RAT must be credible in order to hold him. They are right there on the court website which is public.

While I have no insight to offer on whether or not there exists any sort of connection between the crimes referenced above, I can offer this: it is not that the Charlottesville/Albemarle/Central VA (geographic) area per se lends itself to the type of environment that attracts predators of any sort, but it is without a doubt that being a college community *does*.

That is, any college community--UVA or otherwise--is what is referred to as a target-rich environment. This is *not* simply because there are thousands of female students in any co-ed environment, but because of the very nature of college students vis a vis their age. For the vast majority of young people under 21YO there exists precious little sense of personal vulnerability or corresponding need to be attentive to personal security.

Put another way, when you or I were in our late teens or early 20's, chances are greater than not that we gave short shrift to concerns about our own safety or general health and well-being. We were young, we were healthy, and for the most part we felt invincible. Life was lay ahead of us--not danger in any of its forms. We were not going to get sick, we were not going to be hurt, and we were certainly not going to be assaulted, raped, abducted, or murdered. We were young and we were carefree--exactly like most young kids that age are and have been for generations.

At that age we felt free to walk home alone at night after a party, intoxicated or not. We even felt free to hitchhike (I'm talking in the 60's now) w/o a real care for our personal safety. If we forgot to lock our apartment door behind us, or left it (or a bedroom window) unlocked one night--no big deal. Nothing was ever going to happen to us...at least not for many years--or so we thought.

The key: not much about the above has changed, save for the fact that few people hitchhike anymore. College students--inc. young female co-eds--will on occasion walk home alone at night following an evening of partying. They sometimes forget and leave their doors unlocked and are generally fearless--and oblivious to--the environment around them. That's not a judgment; it's simply an observation having lived in a college community for nigh-on 30 yrs. now.

And BGs (Bad Guys) know all this. And this is precisely why *any* college community becomes a target rich environment for a BG looking to ply his trade. [One has only to study Ted Bundy's target communities--the Univ. of WA, Evergreen State College, Central WA Univ., Oregon State Univ., Brigham Young Univ., and FSU.]

All of the above said, please know that I am *not* suggesting that any female college student who is assaulted or victimized is somehow complicit in her own assault by virtue of her inattentiveness to her personal security. I am also not saying that a female should not be allowed to walk alone at night. I am instead saying that because of the inherent nature of young people--that is, their perceived invulnerability--BGs have an easier task of targeting this particular population in *any* college town, U.S.A.

And thus are some of the primary objectives of sexual assault awareness training in college communities: increasing awareness of your surroundings, telegraphing same to those around you (inc. the potential BG), minimizing the false sense of invulnerability, and increasing an emphasis on personal safety and security.

The bottom line: make the BG's job harder by learning how *not* to make yourself an easy target of opportunity.

@ help me, just skimmed your post, and correct me if I misread. Yes any college community can be at risk, because at that age we all will live forever. However, that region, route 29 has had numerous amounts of murders and strange activities, etc.. VCU in Richmond has it's unfortunate issues and the horrible Taylor Behl murder years ago, but she knew her assailant. Can't recall any U of R issues like the Charlottesville region has had.. Someone is lurking or we got him...perhaps there are others. I don't know, bit every time I drive though I say a little prayer (not religious), but do it out of respect for the families that we find whoever is missing and find who did this.

@Belsma: The Rt. 29 corridor has indeed has its share of highly disturbing incidents. As you've noted, perhaps someone has been identified who has perpetrated all of these crimes--although I doubt it. [Point in fact: The suspect in the Alicia Showalter Reynolds murder bears no resemblance whatsoever to the individual linked to the Harrington case, and neither resembles Taylor, who is no way resembles Darrell Rice.]

I would agree with your alternate theory that instead of one BG responsible for these three cases (and others), perhaps there is more than one BG in play here--although not BGs working together. [I discount the theory of BGs working together because when more than one person is involved in a crime, the better the chances that their secret will not remain a secret for long. More importantly, although bonded in their common pathology, serial, violent offenders typically do not tend to work together; their highly-disturbed egos generally disallow that.]

All that said...there exists *every* possibility that Taylor is responsible for *both* the Murphy and Clarke missing persons case. Right now that is precisely where I am placing my bet.

But back to your point and mine in my earlier post--my general comments were not relative to the Rt. 29 N/S corridor as much as they were to Charlottesville as a college community that provides a more than ample target of opportunity for a BG. [I would point again to the infamous Bundy murder spree that spanned years and multiple college communities.]

Aside from all of that, though, your prayers--religious or not--and kind thoughts for the families and loved ones of those still missing, and that the BG(s) be brought to justice, is much appreciated by those of us in the CV/Albemarle community. It took some time to identify and apprehend the CV rapist; I remain cautiously confident that LE will be able to do the same in this instance.

Showalter sketch could easily be Rice or RAT. I believe it was Rice, but RAT and his towing scam is highway murder friendly too. As was mechanic Leon Jackson who some one mentioned earlier and who oddly was not linked to any additional killings. I'm skeptical. Let's not forget sweetbriar prof, augusta girl, Sage, Shenandoah female hikers and Montgomery county couple campsite murders which were further west but still within comfort orbit. Websleuths has a comprehensive list of all missing or dead victims in and around Lynchburg to Culpeper corridor. There are at least 8, not including Alexis and Samantha.

September 6th, 2013 | 9:23am

Showalter sketch could easily be Rice or RAT
I disagree, ed, because the person who murdered Showalter also assaulted another woman who was fortunate enough to flee her attacker. Given the circumstances of that assault, this woman would easily be able identify her attacker. LE/the FBI would have long ago shown her Rice's photo and more recently, Taylor's photo. That she has not previously identified Rice as her attacker, and has not identified Taylor as her attacker, may be a strong indicator that neither of these two individuals perpetrated the Showalter crime, and the related crime mentioned above.

With specific to Taylor, also note the multiple (and poorly-crafted) tats he has prominently displayed on both sides of his neck--clearly visible above his collar line. The tats appear quite old, not fresh. Note as well that the Showalter suspect had no visible tats at all.

Granted, if Taylor *is* the BG in the Showalter case, he *could* have appeared *much* younger then...*much* less gaunt...*and* been tat-less at the time the composite sketch was drawn.

I'm thinking not, though.

I thought victim who eluded Rt 29 highway stop stalker did pick out Rice who looks very much like the sketch.

You are correct, ed, (and I stand corrected) inasmuch as Rice was in fact picked out by the woman who was assaulted on Rt. 29. In that case he offered an Alford plea.

Given that Rice was identified as the assailant in that Rt. 29 case--a case that by all indications is tied directly to the Showalter Rt. 29 case--and that Rice and Taylor are two different individuals, Taylor is not the suspect in Showalter sketch.

@Help me to understand... September 5th, 2013 | 10:23pm
I have no doubt that you do want to help –just read this again:

“it is not that the Charlottesville/Albemarle/Central VA
(geographic) area per se lends itself to the type of environment
that attracts predators of any sort,”

It does, I am sorry if you cannot see the forest for the trees. We stayed there, I still visit and as late as 5 years ago I had children in my family that we chose NOT to send to one of the Best Universities on Earth and absolutely the finest “State” University. UVA, was the dream.

But we read, did research and even then we knew of the 29 stalker. What you see, and I was last there with Federal LE, off duty at the sentencing phase of Hugley. What you see is jurisdictions that do not work well together.

This my friend lends it self to criminals being able to do as they please. Simply do it: AS STATED by an informant- Just walk across the street and its cool. “Walk” go on to the Campus, one set of rules [street smarts] or the City- another or the County or the next County.

This SCUM can simply move from one jurisdiction to another. The jurisdictions are divided - do to nothing less than a “class” system of influence, race and education. Until you recognize that it's a lost cause.

Belsma understands, we [now. after we're back on track] all want these people caught, but we want the right people and we want ALL of them, I share your concern about the trial and as far as other's Bill Thomas is an expert.

This guy, ain’t Einstein! He and many others are COCK ROACHES! What has been done in the past there DID NOT WORK! The ROACHES just go to the next room because there is no organized effort to work together and coordinate! When they run set traps, organize and work together. Do not be in competition, these local LE people spouting off DOES NOT HELP!

Rice and another man are only 2 of at least 5.
I do think Murphy and Clark are linked, is there more with this guy????

Did I just hear on the radio the Hook will be no more ?

How sad

@ Michael Sutton: I appreciate very much that you understand that my primary focus is two-fold: that the missing be reunited with their loved ones, and that the perpetrators of heinous crimes are brought to justice. Period. Full stop.

Beyond that, I am abundantly familiar with the CV/Albemarle community, having lived, worked, and volunteered here for going on three decades. I'm also fortunate to have some passing familiarity with the local criminal justice system both from the LE perspective and the legal perspective. I am in no manner an expert in either area (my posts would quickly reveal that fact); I simply have strong professional and personal ties to both arenas. [BTW: You and I could well have passed each other at the GH trial, except that I was there for the opening arguments and first day of the prosecution's case]

That said, I am also the farthest thing from naïve. I understand and am sensitive to the tension that exists--and probably always will--between LE agencies (local and federal alike) and jurisdictions. I know what happens when there exists (for any number of reasons) a lack of cohesive effort and coordination on the part of LE. Like most people, I've witnessed turf battles and politics/political gamesmanship ad nauseum. It is disheartening at best.

Still, I believe in the system and the inherent desire of people to do the right thing--and this extends to the three major LE agencies and jurisdictions in this immediate area.

But I digress. I think the real take-away is that we are all on the same page, i.e., we want to see Alexis brought home, and whomever is the guilty party made to face the music in a court of law. Until that happens, none of us will rest well.

@Help me to understand... "... I can offer this: it is not that the Charlottesville/Albemarle/Central VA (geographic) area per se lends itself to the type of environment that attracts predators of any sort, but it is without a doubt that being a college community *does*. That is, any college community--UVA or otherwise--is what is referred to as a target-rich environment."

"All that said...there exists *every* possibility that Taylor is responsible for *both* the Murphy and Clarke missing persons case. Right now that is precisely where I am placing my bet."

Neither Murphy or Clarke had anything to do with UVA, nor were they abducted in Charlottesville. Clarke was abducted in Orange, 32 miles from Charlottesville. Murphy was abducted in Lovingston, 34 miles from Charlottesville. I don't see where either Orange or Lovingston could be considered a "target-rich environment".

I don't know of any unsolved abductions which happened while RAT was actually living in Charlottesville.

@ ed--"Showalter sketch could easily be Rice or RAT. I believe it was Rice, but RAT and his towing scam is highway murder friendly too."

While I agree that the sketch looks like a younger RAT, he has the best alibi of all in the Showalter Reynolds case--he was in prison. He was released from prison in September, six months after Showalter Reynolds vanished.

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