Table of contents

Winery woes
Mike Bowles has a long history of successful winemaking in Virginia, but his efforts to open a distillery landed him in hot water with the ABC— and could still cost him big bucks.

Faruggio's farewell
After nearly three decades of police service and with the election looming, Charlottesville Police Sergeant and City Council candidate Mike Farruggio is turning in his badge and getting ready for the next chapter.

Diners delights
Fancy lunches at Keswick, Octoberfest on West Main and a monthly dinner that's kid and wallet friendly. Plus, Charlottesville gets its own food tours! Charlottesville is food central.

Outdated agency
Prohibition may have ended 80 years ago, but the agency formed to control alcohol manufacture, sales, and consumption lives on. Coy Barefoot argues it's time for that to change.