Thank heaven: No injuries after SUV plows into 7-Eleven

An early morning stop to buy a sweet treat for her three-year-old turned into a terrifying experience for county resident Ande Schneider, who was standing by the Slurpee machine at the 7-Eleven on U.S. 29 North near Proffit Road when an SUV plowed into the store just after 9am on Tuesday, September 3.

"I thought it was an explosion," says Schneider. "He knocked over three or four aisles, demolished them. There were two-liter sodas flying everywhere."

According to Albemarle County Police spokesperson Carter Johnson, the driver, 63-year-old Kerry Nixon, has been charged with reckless driving following the incident, which is still under investigation. No one was injured.

The 7-Eleven is closed, says Johnson, and a man answering the phone at the store hung up on a reporter.

Interviewed an hour after the incident, Schneider says she is still shaking, especially when she recalls she'd given her son a choice of sweet treats: Slurpee or candy.

"If we had been in the candy aisle, Soren would have been dead," she says. "Thank God we didn't go down that aisle."

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That is so wonderful that no one was injured. We should be very thankful for that.

We will also be incredibly thankful to be able to view any video footage of this accident. Hooksters! Make it happen!!!

I am glad no one was hurt, especially the little guy, but he wouldn't have been involved at all except his mother thought candy or a Slurpee was appropriate at 9 o'clock in the morning.

I think the drive thru is a great idea. Back in Carolina we had Brew-Thru. It just sucks to have to walk in after being spoiled at Brew-Thru.

It is incredible that no one was hurt. The windshield looked in tact and air bags did not go off. I know the big guy had was looking after them sending them away from the candy isle.

Gobsmacked, go parent your own children or continue playing physic detective in the Alexis case on the many threads you like to 'dominate'. Your input here is of no value.

local September 4th, 2013 | 1:42pm
Gobsmacked, go parent your own children

Too late--mine are already in prison, well except for the baby--she's in Juvie hall until she's 18, then she aspires to join her big brother at Red Onion, after she has her taxpayer funded sex change. I never could refuse them anything, even candy and pop for breakfast, so they now feel entitled to do as they please, and get their way or ELSE. The ELSE can get real ugly, just like when they were three.

But, thanks for the suggestion.

By the way--what's a "physic" detective?