The week in review

Most competent: Attorney-puncher Rashad Riddick's capital murder trial for the 2011 slayings of three family members will go forward following a hiatus to determine if he's capable of assisting his own defense after he assaulted his lawyer last summer, K. Burnell Evans reports in the Daily Progress.

Best Miranda hearing: Attorneys for Wanda Turner, 48, who's accused of the first-degree murder stabbing death of 51-year-old Eddie Snead in March 2012, argue that two transcripts of her interview with police and physical evidence police found as a result of the interview be thrown out because Turner had invoked her right to remain silent. She's scheduled for trial in November. Aaron Richardson has the story in the Progress.

Best rescue: A motorcyclist who crashed on Scottsville Road and lay there injured possibly for a couple of days is discovered by friends September 4 after he doesn't show up for work, the Newsplex reports.

Worst crash into a brick wall: A 56-year-old woman plows into a wall in the 400 block of 15th Street Northwest September 10, causing about $9,000 in damage, allegedly because of a mechanical problem, NBC29 reports.

Worst place to go with a buzz and a gun: Albemarle High, where Gary Wade Riner, 50, was arrested in October for driving under the influence and felony possession of a firearm— which never left his truck— on school property, the DP reports. He pleads guilty September 4 and will be sentenced in January, and is facing up to five years on the felony count.

Most disappointing for gay pride in Albemarle: The Board of Supervisors splits 3-3 on a resolution that would establish September 14 as Pride Festival Day, J. Hutchins Reynolds reports in the Progress. Ken Boyd, Rodney Thomas and Petie Craddock vote nay, and say it's not politically motivated, it's just they don't like proclamations.

Most rapidly rising legal bills: Governor Bob McDonnell's lawyers bill the state $90K in June, bringing the tab to nearly $144,000, former DP reporter Olympia Meola writes for the Times-Dispatch.

Most dramatic crash at the Louisa County Airport: A 1929 Fleet fixed wing single-engine plane lands at a September 7 air show with a brake malfunction, runs off the runway, into an embankment, and flips over onto the cockpit, according to Virginia State Police. Pilot Bryon Stewart, 53, of Warrenton and his 17 year-old female passenger from Brandy Station are not injured.

Latest convenience store robbery: Albert Theodore Fenton, 30, is charged in the Sunday morning September 8 robbery of the 7-Eleven at Woodbrook Shopping Center.

Best reason not to leave purses unattended: Three men case two large offices August 30 and September 5 and steal purses from four different victims, then go on a spending spree at gas stations, pharmacies, and department stores, buying gift cards and pre-paid cell phones. Police are looking for the suspects, who were traveling in a beige or gold midsize car.

Best sign school massacres are becoming a fact of life: PVCC wants to hire a police chief for the community college campus.

Best incentive: Charlottesville City Manager Maurice Jones can pick up an extra $17K on top of his $173,400 salary if he can fix the thorny problems at the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

Newest city hire: Civil rights attorney Zan Tewksbury signs on as manager of Charlottesville's Office of Human Rights for $72,000 a year, according to the Progress.

Biggest whupping: The Oregon Ducks wallop UVA 59-10 at Scott Stadium September 7.

Best get: 30 Rock creator and UVA alum Tina Fey is in town September 14 for the President's Speaker Series for the Arts.

Best opportunity to boast about a former Hook music editor: Vijith Assar has been hired by the New Yorker.

Worst grid-Lockn: The first day of the Nelson music festival has some fans waiting for hours September 5 to get in.

Latest doomed newspaper: The Hook, which announces it will publish its final issue September 26.



Any judge who attempts to deny a citizen the right to self representation by having them medicated without consent ought to be enjoying the right to self representation. Assault your lawyer and get an assault charge added to your murder charge. It really is that simple.

Of course Riddick should have thought of self representation before he accepted the representation of the lawyer who is working for a paycheck issued by the same folks paying the prosecutor. Then again, maybe he did think of that first and maybe they violated his rights. In which case he should have been released back into society to fend for himself as a man presumed innocent.

The Hook got ate by BIGFOOT !


I'll believe the Hook's been axed when it disappears. Until then, it's just a psy op. If they are being axed it's because they couldn't find a way to stop me from bringing down the government with my comments other than shutting the entire thing down! Ha ha!