Pink heals— and looks mahvelous

Addison Kimble's dad is a firefighter and her great-grandmother has breast cancer, and the four-and-a-half-year-old checked out the pink options September 9 at the Omni, where a fleet of pink fire trucks were parked to raise awareness of women battling all cancers, not just breast cancer.

Former Arizona firefighter Dave Graybill created the Pink Heals Tour in 2007. He sold everything he owned to start a nonprofit that stresses the importance of women and of keeping money in the community where it's raised. "We're a nonprofit that won't take donations," he says. "We cut out the middleman. The money stays close to home."

The Charlottesville Fire Department sponsored the local stop. Pink Heals raises money for gas by selling t-shirts, and everything beyond that goes to a local organization, in this case, the UVA Cancer Center.

The pink fire trucks also make home visits. Graybill says he has 187 of them around the country, and if someone wants to write a check for $1 million, he promises, "I'll deliver it on a pink fire truck."

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Yeah I'm aware breast cancer exists already. Do something worthwhile and shout on the streets with a megaphone: BISPHENOL A CAUSES BREAST CANCER! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! THE GOVERNMENT'S PUTTING CANCER VIRUSES IN THE FLU SHOTS AND VACCINES! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! It won't cost but about one hundred fifty dollars for a good loud megaphone on ebay.

If you really want to cover all the bases, try shouting THE GOVERNMENT'S DELIBERATELY ADDING POISON TO THE WATER! BAN WATER FLUOSILICIC ACIDATION! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! at your local city council and county supervisors.

Everyone needs to stop focusing so much on finding a cure for cancer (which there already is and has been for years but is beyond the affordability of most people, by deliberate design) and start aggressively focusing on the causes of breast and most other cancers (see above, and add to the megaphone shout list FREQUENCY POLLUTION FROM CELL PHONE TOWERS AND GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD DESIGNED BY POPULATION REDUCTIONIST MAD SCIENTISTS TO STERILIZE AND KILL OFF THE MASSES)

See how easy it is? But there's no money in it.

It's just a club for people who want to feel like they're making a difference to join while many (if not most) will do absolutely nothing to move to ban the chemicals, frankenfoods, and devices that are killing their family members and friends because they'd rather feel good than face the horror of it all and put themselves in real danger of political oppression and ostracism by doing what's necessary to stop it. This is changing, but still not fast enough.

My bad.

They'd go broke and lose all those billions of dollars were it not for the continued plague of breast cancer. See how it works? Pure evil.

If I wore a tan overcoat that was that much bigger than me, they'd lock me up. If it was pink, they'd let me go. Even if there wasn't anything underneath it. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!

Where in the story did it say it was for breast cancer? Did you even read the story? I think what they are doing is great.

You mean the story about a group raising money for organizations that depend on the existence of cancer to survive and thus will oppose any effort to eradicate it with a gusto and won't hesitate for a second to exploit children and collect money in the name of saving them, while they die? Or did you hit a wrong link?

Even wrong keys.

Because there's plenty of folks pretending. I almost forgot.

Among other things.

You have a job too.

Are cancer rates down, or are they skyrocketing? Are these types of organizations struggling, or thriving? I hope you read up on the study material.

Oh I'm sorry. I was unaware that the UVa cancer center is in the business of killing kids.

You could have at least made an attempt.

Daily supplementation by women with a high quality selenium supplement on a daily basis has been clinically demonstrated to reduce the incidence of breast cancer by 85 percent. If UVA Cancer Center has launched a campaign ad to increase awareness of the benefits of selenium supplementation in breast cancer prevention, I wasn't aware of it, and I read the papers and watch the news. ASPARTAME CAUSES CANCER TOO AND THEY PUT IT IN PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING NOW AND CALL IT "NATURAL FLAVORS" SO YOU DON'T KNOW TO AVOID IT! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

Addison makes the news