Go out to Pasture

One of the hottest places in Richmond, Jason Alley's Pasture Restaurant, is all set to open a second location at The Shops at Stonefield on Route 29 on September 16.

"Charlottesville's appreciation of local food and beverages, combined with the abundant producers and farmers in the area, provides an ideal setting for us,” says Alley, chef and owner, in a recently released statement on the opening.

Pasture made its name serving up small plates of Southern classics meant to be shared by the whole table, and focusing on locally produced food, everything from Virginia ham and cheeses to Virginia beer and seafood. The restaurant is big into recycling and sustainability, hence they only have beer on tap and serve local wines low-impact packaging.

The decor and ambience of Pasture is key, too. Think reclaimed wood, modern design with clean, simple lines and bright colors, courtesy of Alley's wife, Mercedes, who works as a set designer. There will be room for 60 people inside, and room for another 40 on the outdoor patio.

“We feel honored to be a part of such a vital community, and hope to serve Central Virginia, and Charlottesville, for many years to come," says Alley.