Lockn' loaded

Traffic snarls at the outset of the Lockn' music festival caused tempers to flare, but cars were inside and parked and festival goers were rockn' on Saturday afternoon, September 7.


Where were the ABC thugs during this event. Suppose they can send 7 of their best to attack three UVA students with ice cream and water, but were afraid to visit the Lockn' Fest.

I think the event had a license to sell beer. Don't they have the responsibility of monitoring the businesses they license.

If it was "unsafe" for them to enforce the law there, they should not have given the promoter the license.

Another thought, what type of license does one get to sell beer in a pasture? Maybe I'll get one for my back yard.

As stated earlier, the ABC Board serves at the pleasure of the Governor. He must be pleased or the Board would have been replaced by now.

Not sure what you're talking about, the ABC were there in significant number

Did they make any arrests? Nothing in the newspaper.

ABC made no arrests I'm aware of

Thanks for the info.

The Nelson Co. General District Court site indicates there was a felony drug arrest by
"R. Brooks". Don't know who that is.

Having been to a couple of Grateful Dead and Phish concerts some years back, I suspect that this event had more than bubbles and tie died shirts.

I do know that the ABC $750,000 Command Vehicle, as well as a strong contingent of agents, was at the NASCAR races in Richmond last weekend.

This is understandable, as the local Henrico P.D. only has several hundred officers and its own command vehicle.

Due to extreme budget limitation, the Nelson Co. Sheriff has about 20 officers and limited support equipment.

If ABC wanted more than PR shots, they could have chosen to go to Nelson County.

That would could have resulted in the black bus getting dusty.