The Dish - New martini bar in Waynesboro

306Waynesboro hipper than Cville now? NOTE: the phone number is incorrect on this promotional ad. It should be 540-490-2079. advertising promo

When was the last time you dressed up to go to Waynesboro? Well, here's your chance. A "martini bar" has opened there called Martini Bar 309 at 309 West Main Street downtown. According to a story in the News Virginian, the place has a dress code for men–- collared shirts and dress shoes–- a selection of 63 martinis, and the owner has plans to hire 35 people. Of course there's food, too.

An upstairs "members only" lounge sports a $1,000 annual membership fee. Hmm–- wonder what'll be going on up there?


"I don’t see the County building squat for roads"

unless you ignore the county's portion of the meadow creek parkway, which ends at the city line as the city has dragged its feet on building its portion......

People are reading a little too much into a martini bar opening up in waynesboro, I think.

Waynesboro is slowly becoming a bedroom community for C-ville. There are probably 20-households in the Tree Street neighborhood alone who commute to C-ville to work daily. It’s only a 25-minute drive. It only makes sense the enmities would soon follow.

The Martini Bar joins the new Multiplex Theater along with the big box stores and chain restaurants which have located in the past few years.

Most of these residents purchase homes due to the lower prices in the Waynesboro real estate market and the accessibility to I-64 and I-81.

Plus, it's a good, friendly place to live with low crime, low property taxes and good school system. We moved here in 2009, and simply love the neighborhood and the city.

If you’re looking to invest in the town, we could use additional restaurants and small businesses here.

Lastly, there are rumors of an ââ?¬Ë?Olive Garden’ coming to the city, 2011-2012.


"unless you ignore the county’s portion of the meadow creek parkway, which ends at the city line as the city has dragged its feet on building its portion”Š”Š"

Wow, that's a lot of road for the County to build, considering the amount of growth it has done up 29N. It might have been a fair trade if the County had been willing to build the Meadowcreek Parkway as a separate road all the way to Ruckersville, so Charlottesville residents didn't have to drive through the County's mess around Forest Lakes, and the box store shopping mecca so everyone coming from Southside Virgina had to sit at endless stop lights.

The 29N cluster fluck at Rio and Hydraulic are the result of letting a bunch of self interested small business owners get involved in the decision making process for major traffic flows.

I'll just keep working to keep that group of small business people from having much to say in my southern part of the county.

I would suggest doing a search on the sex offender database before you buy a house in Waynesboro.

One part of me hopes to God this is a sign of a good economy. The other side wonders if this might be the wrong time to charge a Grand for a secret room. Wish them great success though!!!!!

Upstairs, Stanley said he plans to have an executive lounge for paid members.

The price tag: $1,000 a year.

ââ?¬Å?This is more for them to hold executive meetings and things,” he said.
I can only hope that Hawes is planning to spring for the grand so that the Hook can have their staff meetings in that space.

where is Wayesboro?

Wait, 25 years old after 9 pm? What are they doing in there, driving rental cars?

Waynesboro has always been hipper than Charlottesville. It's called industrial chic.

"Absolut Hospitality in the Valley" might be Waynesboro's new motto. But walking past those vodkas in my freezer to drive over Afton is probably not happening unless their food menu is outstanding. And $1,000 per year to go upstairs. LOL! For that you could get a descent bottle of single malt scotch to sip each month for a year and enjoy a beverage that actually has flavor and taste.

Blame it on the goose, gotcha feelin loose

Gonna have to see it and try it to believe it!

You know I'm impressed if a Waynesboro joint is requiring shoes period. And I guess a shirt with collar is going to have sleeves as a given?

Interesting. Sounds like some lucky Secret Squirrel is going to have his $1,000 membership fee paid by the taxpayers so the city can get in there and see what's going on upstairs! :)

The problem is Charlottesville has a bunch of do nothing council members who discourage new business... the stalling of the parkway, the hotel issue, the death of the bypass, the vacancy of MJH, they would rather sit on their butts and watch revenue and jobs go across the mountain or up north ... Waynesboro will get an olive garden first!

OK, when people say that they want an Olive Garden, are they being sarcastic? It's hard to tell.

The real problem Rick is that the City Council spends too much time protecting failed business owners and developers, as well as County commuters, instead of on the city residents who actually work for living. When they start paying attention to their own residents and improving the quality of life, real businesses like Optronics and Inova that provide real jobs will have skilled employees in their backyard.They won't be clogging up the roads into the city.

I don't see the County building squat for roads, for city residents to go out to their neck of the woods or up north. They just clog up 29N, a State Highway, and make the entire state suffer for it.

The sooner the city stops catering to the tourist industry and the county, and encourages business to meet the needs of the community, the sooner good businesses will spring up, and the failures close.

Sex offenders? Let's see... a quick search finds 71 sex offenders in Waynesboro and 138 sex offenders in Charlottesville. Know what you're talking about before you take cheap shots (unless it's a martini).

still confused: How is it a meaningless statistic? Would it be meaningless if I found statistics that say you are twice as likely to be murdered/raped/robbed in DC than you are in Fairfax VA? Would you say that you feel equally safe in both locales?

Cities tend to have more sex offenders than do rural areas. Thus a buyer who cares about such things will tend to buy a house that is geographically further away from a cluster of sex offenders.

still confused: I hope that Waynesboro does have more police officers per resident than Albemarle's ratio. Somebody has to keep an eye on all those sex offenders living over the mountain.

If I can't wear sneakers, I won't be there

If this works I'll look for investors for the Charlottesville Cattle Annie's.

I agree that Cville is packed with sex offenders just like its sibling Waynesboro. But I live in the County where the ratio of residents to sex offenders is 1447 to 1. Waynesboro's ratio is 708 to 1.

In other words, Waynesboro has twice as many sex offenders per resident as Albemarle County.

That is a thoroughly meaningless statistic. Any incorporated population center is going to have a similarly higher concentration of miscreants than a largely rural county. Waynesboro also has a higher concentration of police officers, nuns and orphans.

Psyche! Now we just need some enterprising individual to start a shuttle service. Starlight Express, are you listening?

i don't think the average wayneborian craves martinis - could be wrong.

Steven: Good luck making the drive to Cville in 25 minutes during the winter when you're crossing Afton Mountain in the fog and ice.

In terms of the schools, check out which give Albemarle a 7 out of 10 ranking, as compared to Waynesboro City Schools (4), Cville (4), Augusts (5), Fluvanna (5) and Greene (4).

My good friend and I went to this place in hopes of a better quality of food. However, we were shocked when the bartender had to tell us that they were out of both of the selections that we had made. This doesn't make much sense at all as they had only been open since Friday and this was Monday. We left and went down the street. Why would you put items on the menu and then be out of them? I don't think this place will be in business very long at all.

Dear Easily Confused: Albemarle-Charlottesville sex and other offenders out-number Augusta-Waynesboro 3-to-1 (note Augusta 2nd largest county in Commonwealth). Go to the state web site to verify, Easily Rumored.

Taxes are higher in Albemarle-Charlottesville, which fund the local school systems. The Albemarle-Charlottesville rate better with school systems. I guess you’re criminal element is better educated as well.

No argument there. You win hands-down, oops! I mean Hands-Up!

In the winter, I can drive I-64 to downtown C-ville faster than I could drive from Ruckersville to C-ville down Rt. 29. You know I am right.

Look Ma! There's no stop lights on the Interstate.

The C-ville thoroughfares are simply horrible and you’re slow growth, elitist community will never build more roads. But you’re better educated? Right, huh?

As far as police officers, I was told by my real estate agent that 17-Albemarle-Charlottesville police officers reside in the City of Waynesboro. Bada-ding! We have an excellent police force here, but I would like the Fire and Rescue force to expand. Maybe more, when we have more C-ville residents relocate.

We could keep trading statistical facts and lies ”Š but the reality is Waynesboro is fast becoming a C-ville bedroom community! Sorry, Mr. Jefferson.

Lastly”Š Waynesboro has a Martini Bar and you don’t have squat. I’ll drink and toast to that until I am easily confused. Nanny nanny boo-boo!

I did a Google street view "virtual tour" of Waynesboro yesterday after reading through the comments section, and I'm not impressed. I wouldn't even go out of my way to visit there, let alone move there. Then again I've lived and visited all around the country so I have that basis of comparison. Even the name sounds yokel. But that's just me. Obviously others disagree. ;D


I count 38 sex offenders within 1 mile of your neighborhood. Sleep well tonight.

Lets be serious. The only things Waynesboro's got on Cville are a worthwhile Lowes, a Home Depot, maybe McAlisters, and the new movie theater.

Waynesboro has a more affordable bowling alley, a couple of Xmas tree farms and the only Sonic anywhere near Cville.

"Waynesboro has a more affordable bowling alley...."

Factoring in the gasoline costs to get up and over the mountain and back (as well as the time it takes) then I imagine the costs end up breaking even. But that's just me and my pesky penchant for math I guess. ;) (same way I'm always lecturing people that NO it's actually NOT more affordable to take your family out to a buffet restaurant vs. buying your food at the grocery store.)

Why is everyone nit-picking each other? Lets be happy to promote small business entertainment like this bar and lets hope it improves a local economy. End of story.

Why do the comments now run January 31, January 30, February 1, and February 2?

I find it extremely disturbing that you would print something about 309 with out calling us first. Had someone called you may have realized that the phone number on the add that you taken from WDDI was misprinted.


Ah, isn't it more disturbing that the WDDI would send out promotional material about your place to the media with the wrong phone number on it?

That said, you're welcome to post the correct number here.

Yes it was disturbing but they actually corrected their mistake. Our point is only that you've printed things with out actually talking with us first. The correct number would be 540-490-2079.


Wow, you get free positive publicity for your business and you complain and call it "extremely disturbing?" The concept coupled with that attitude make me think it won't be too long until I read news of what's coming next to that space.

What the hell is this about? One martini bar opens in W-boro and everyone goes crazy? What about the great wine bars, nightlife and music in C'ville? I don't think the Hook is suggesting that C'villians actually drag themselves to Waynesboro. It's just that we also read the Hook and it's where we get our local happening news. Opening a martini bar is an attempt to make Waynesboro more sophisticated. Have you seen our other selections? You can't find me out and about after 5pm here because it's just scary. I'm excited to try this exclusive martini bar and hope they do well.
As far as sex offenders? I am frightened by the concentrated area of them, but as long as they are monitored, AND PEOPLE ARE LOOKING AFTER THEIR CHILDREN, they have to live somewhere.
We moved from C'ville city with a school of 3 points on the ol' great schools network to a school with 8 points. Not sure what some of you are on about, but the difference has been amazing.
I hate being put in the position of defending Waynesboro, but it's like comparing an apple juice to wine: there is no point.
Peace & Love

DUDE waynesboro opened up a martini bar, what's the big deal??? obviously waynesboro is not charlottesville so it's not even really cool for all the cville yuppies to point out why cville is so much greater than waynesboro. COME TO RICHMOND AND TALK SHIT GET YOUR LIFE ENDED QUICK