Rapist appeals stalking conviction

news-kitzeJeffrey Theodore Kitze.

Jeffrey Kitze, who spent 20 years in prison for the 1989 rape of his sister's roommate the day after both young women graduated from UVA Law School, is appealing his January 10 misdemeanor conviction for stalking a local activist. Kitze, 49, was sentenced to two months in jail. This isn't the first time he's appealed a conviction. His 1990 conviction for rape was retried in 1994, and he was found guilty again.

Kitze has been incarcerated since last year, when he was found guilty of probation violation October 5, and he has a parole violation hearing coming up in March. No date has been set for the stalking appeal to be heard in Charlottesville Circuit Court.


Twenty years for rape and this clown is out again? When I used to live in Louisiana, that state's law held that rape was punishable by either the death penalty or life in prison. He should have never been out to stalk or harass anyone again here in Virginia.

Sounds like he destined to a life in prison, where he can become the victim of sexual assaults, rather than being another stalker in our society. OMG...devine justice prevails...

Deciding to appeal is an easy choice if you're not paying for it. If productive citizens who pay taxes are footing the bill for your lawyer as well as the presecutor's office and the court, there's nothing to lose by appealing. And there's the entertainment value of a day or more out of lock up and putting your accuser through testifying again.

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He should have been castrated.

Yup, Bozo the Rapist needs to be put to sleep...

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No mention here of the fact that in the assault 20 years ago he also hit his victim in the head with a hammer. Jail is the best place for this guy.