Hook launches "Dinner on a Dime"

dinnerondime-smThink Restaurant Week was a deal? Check this out: entr©e plus an app or dessert at places like The Biltmore, Brookville Restaurant, Enoteca Italian Wine and Panini Bar, La Cocina del Sol, Mono Loco, No. 3, The Nook, 2 Sides, West Main, and The Virginian for just $9.99, with a dollar of that going to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. It’s all part of the Hook’s “Dinner on a Dime” event October 4-10. For more information and updates check out www.thedinneronadime.com.


Now this is affordable and fun. Thanks, the Hook should get an award for stimulating the local economy.

that event sounds great.

however, I'd like to point out that they're charging literally 99.9x times the advertised cost.

Very cool, that should put some butts in local restaurant seats.

james, maybe the point of the advertisement was to say that for $9.99 you will get an amount of food that could be served on a dime. if so, then your charge of false advertising is unfounded

Yeah, it's more of a sawbuck soiree.