2 protests: War, Perriello office location draw citizens

news-tea-verga-thorpeJefferson Area Tea Party chair Carole Thorpe wants to assemble closer to Congressman Tom Perriello's office.

The sidewalk in front of Congressman Tom Perriello's office was the scene of two protests last week. The Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice protested the war in Afghanistan, and the Jefferson Area Tea Party objected to... having to stand on the sidewalk rather than right in front of Perriello's door.

"Our primary concern is that he's leasing an office on private property," says Tea Party chair Carole Thorpe. "Liberal groups are being allowed to protest unimpeded and conservatives are not."

While the June 16 protest of the left-leaning Center for Peace and Justice also was restricted to the sidewalk or inside Perriello's office, the Tea Partiers harken back to an earlier Peace and Justice protest on May 19 when members performed street theater in the parking lot and were neither booted off nor arrested.

Lloyd Snook, attorney for landlord Lisa Murphy, denies his client had any knowledge of the May 19 event, which went largely unheralded except for getting videotaped by Tea Party activist Keith Drake. "There is no policy of prohibiting conservative protests and tolerating liberal protests," insists Snook.

The ranks of the 20 or so Center for Peace and Justice protesters against an additional $33.5 billion in war funding were swelled by the media, police, and Jefferson Tea Party observers, following a June 10 letter to both groups from Police Chief Tim Longo, warning them to keep their petitioning and assembling activities out of the private parking lot or face trespassing charges.

news-tea-bob-quinn1"I don't like the Hook," says Tea Party member Bob Quinn, seated. "It's too liberal."

The June 21 Tea Party "Right to Redress" rally was slightly larger, with approximately 28 protesters, including 5th District Republican primary candidate Laurence Verga, and radio host Rob Schilling.

Protester Bob Quinn had a further complaint about the sidewalk: It's not handicapped accessible. "Perriello has to be told the people who are his voters don't like what he's doing," says Quinn. "We might as well have [U.S. House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi as our representative."


nbs29fan, you are a bright spot in all the darkness! Go Cavs!!!

deleted by moderator.

@lester patel...you'll loose that bet...

Anybody who would vote for a socialist liberal like Perriello could never be a Republican. All he votes for is higher taxes, promoting illegal immirgation, abortions, and getting rid of the constitution. No wonder he is outlawing protest.

If you take a baby when it first starts crawling and put him or her down on the floor, and a put a Bible and a bottle of whiskey in front of the baby a few away. If that baby crawls to the Bible and picks it up, he or she may turn out to be a Cristian, if the baby crawls to the bottle of whiskey and picks it up, he or she may turn out to be a drunk. But if that baby crawls over and picks up both the Bible and the bottle of whiskey, it will surley turn out to be a Democrat!

But Jeezelouise, until you are paying cash every year right out of your pocket for all the services you use from the government, you too are a free rider. Until you get that, your cries for getting rid of the free loaders as you call them will always sound hollow.If you took a deduction for your kids then your cries ring hollow, because single people are picking up part of your tab.

It isn't just those poor people or supposed welfare moms who are getting a free ride though. Most of Corporate America does, and the super wealthy as well.

It's not that I disagree about the need to pay down the debt or on spending. The opposite is true. But I accept that that means either one of two things: Paying higher taxes today and/or cutting back on ALL government services and payments, including things like defense and SS payments.

It means real sacrifice from the entire nation, which will only come when everyone recognizes that they have been part of accumulating that debt, even if only in a small way. I don't hear that from the Tea Party, and I certainly don't read any of that from you on this forum.

You know, I think back to the days when lady Liberty was in such a terrible state, and the big battle about just not having the funds to fix her. Until America's children sent in their nickles and quarters and dimes. Not much from each child, but a solid contribution fro them. They did it willingly, and suddenly, the money was there to fix such an important national landmark. Imagine if each adult in America, each child, and yes, each illegal resident alien, were to contribute something unasked for, how quickly that debt would go down. And meanwhile we were to stop invading countries for resources, and being the world's fighting force.

"Pay it forward"

"It’s also your obligation to take responsibility for your decisions, and if it means cutting back on your lifestyle then so be it. Don’t expect everyone else to cut back so you can keep going like you always have."

No it is not my obligation to cut back on my lifestyle that I have worked for. It is my obligation to pay reasonable taxes for the overall good of the community and not the good of ridiculous programs that benefit the pockets of administrators and deadbeats.

Welfare, unemployment benefits, free healthcare, and free perks (cell phone,childcare etc.) have become a lifestyle chosen by many at the expense of people trying to better themselves. This lifestyle has been enabled by a group of politicians whose sole purpose is to be reelected. Most people including myself have no issue supporting real disabled people or seniors and helping people through tough times. We have a problem when deadbeats refuse to better themselves and are always asking for a handout.

The effects of a true liberal/socialist agenda is coming to a head in many countries in Europe as I type this but yet we have people in this country trying to take us down that same road.

My lifestyle is what I can afford and not what is have left over after lazy people get what they want.

"The ones who crying the biggest river right now are the Tea Party folks, because ââ?¬Ë? their” America, the one where white males are always last to be fired and first to be hired, is dying. "

Classic. Pull out the race card.

White males are not the enemy. People telling you white males are the enemy are your real enemy. When you do not want to face real issues make sure all groups of people are suspicious of the other groups. That is the Democratic way of politican.

The tea party does not stand for me. I want my taxes raised. I miss the days when we took pride in our communities and fully funded schools, libraries, hospitals, and statues of our leaders.

Today, while we are becomeing quite large individually, we have become a small community, and a small nation.

Gary Jones, all those Tea Partiers benefited off of those days tremendously, but didn't want to pay for it in turn. they wanted tax breaks, and took on debt instead. Now the time has come to foot the bill, and they still refuse to recognize their quality of life came from the social contributions of others.

There is a big difference between the amount needed to fund a school and the amount requested to fund a school. Same is true for the others listed.
There is also a big difference between needing government help and wanting government help.

Until you realize this, you will always believe that people do not care about those institutions or other people. You are what is know as a sucker and an easy mark.

The bills due are a result of the whole country and not the 50% that pay all the taxes. If you really want a better society lets get all the freeloaders out and pick up some trash or clean the oil off a few birds. We all know that is going to happen. Yepper.

It's all about a level playing field, jeezlouise. The liberals like Tom Perriello don't want to raise everyone up to the same level, they want to bring everyone down to the same level.

The article? I don't have a problem with protests. I don't have to agree with them to think they should have a right to protest. Strange concept, huh? Read much..read?

The article i posted the link to lib.

I did read it. So: BP asked for help and the President ignored their plea? You really believe the stuff on Fox, huh? Poor BP. Ever get news anywhere else? The "article" also says that Obama Is dumber that GW Bush. If that were true I would want him to resign also.

The little storm trooper is talking about the opinion screed he linked from Faux News. It deserves about as much credence as anything else from such a source - which is to say, not much credence at all.

At old timer

Your sisters were bums ie.. couldnt hold a job, and you daughter is ugly even with the cake of make-up face

Just a thought for all you dems and repubs out there...what if there were no two party system? What if you had to vote for the man himself (like we hire people for a job) and you couldn't point fingers at each other for all the "mistakes"? Bet the Hook's forum would be A LOT shorter...and my entertainment for the morning wouldn't be so much fun!

"Protester Bob Quinn had a further complaint about the sidewalk: It’s not handicapped accessible. 'Perriello has to be told the people who are his voters don’t like what he’s doing,' says Quinn."

Hey Bob, you're nuts.
#1 - That sidewalk is every bit as handicapped accessible as the parking lot.
#2 - I'm one of "Perriello's" voters, and I love what he's doing.

Give it up oldtimer. Your socialist values have failed repeatedly throughout history. Your distortion of facts will not change that fact. The utopia the libby leeches envision is a myth.

Your math is failing OT. Try again. Your messiah will be overthrown in 2012. Get all you can now.

You can't even get Perriello on the phone.When Virgil Goode was in office this wasn't a problem Virgil always returned calls.Perriello campaigned on bringing jobs back to the 5th and since he has been in office the unemployment rate has went up in the 5th district.I say lets PINK SLIP PERRIELLO let him see how it feels to be in the unemployment line.

After years of watching Virgil Goode devolve into a xenophobic cartoon that drove business away from the 5th district, I met Perreillo and was delighted to find a smart, pragmatic alternative. Sure enough, Tom has accomplished for more for the business interests of the 5th in 18 months than Virgil did in 10 years. We don't agree on every issue, but I can tell you that the man listens. In fact he craves input more than any elected official I have ever met, and he uses that input to inform his votes in Congress, not to placate vocal minorities, but to fully understand how bills will impact and serve the 5th best.

By complaining that not being allowed to block access to private property by protesting from the impassioned comfort of your lawn chair is somehow an anti-conservative act, these people are only demonstrating their ignorance of conservative values, as well as ignorance of the willingness Perreillo has to listen to their complaints.

If you have to work that hard to create the public impression that Perriello is somehow unfair, perhaps the true message is that Tom Perriello is in reality far more fair and balanced than the childish pouts and tantrums of people who sometimes do not get their way.

deleted by moderator.

Col. Forbin, The next election will be different, and yes we will vote Perriello out of office, and by the way, does you belief come with a rash also?

I remember the old saying in the Army, when a NCO was called "sir" by a private, and the NCO told him not to call him sir because his parents was married!

Hey guys! Anybody hungry? Our old buddy Jack Abramoff is making pizzas in Baltimore! Anyone up for a road trip?


Haiku Thursday!

George Bush great leader
Obama can only wish
history is blind

"Sorry" to: BP
my head got in the way: oops
Halliburton rules!

Why are all the tea party folks overweight white people? Everything always has to be convenient for them...that is a huge chip on the shoulder and a big fried something in the stomach. Seriously not trying to pick that much fun at them but it really makes you wonder that they picket from lawn chairs and the only person of color they know probably served them their fried chicken.

Only two months until UVa's football season!!


"Your socialist values have failed repeatedly throughout history. Your distortion of facts will not change that fact."

Actually, I would like to know exactly what socialist agenda Old Timer has said he/she has. Mostly it was a series of posts that started with a fuss over the choices we are making as a society. When you challenged that, you were given examples of how your value set reflected in your ideology doesn't add up with your claimed choices.

Sure, you pay some taxes, as do I, the question is if those taxes cover the cost of the services we use, as you wish to assert. If the Tea Party demographics ring true, they certainly did not, and do not now. Their property taxes did not cover the cost of their kid's educations, and they took a juicy tax deduction for the kids. People without children end up picking up the rest of their tab locally and federally. They also don't pay for their choice to create war debt, such as with Iraq, or Reagan's part of the cold war. again, they leave that debt to others, such as their grandchildren and Old Timer's children.

Sure, you pay gasoline tax, but that tax hardly captures the true cost of that fuel. Again, we can turn to both Gulf Wars. to capture the costs of those wars, a tax should be placed on gas, that covers it. Then you won't get a bill, though you will still be subsidized by those who felt Iraq was not a good security move.

Your point about entitlements is well taken. But again, if you feel you shouldn't have to subsidize through your tax dollars an agenda such as head start, you shouldn't people like me to subsidize your war agenda. I can pay for the national healthcare, and you can pay for the wars.

The real issue here is that while a lot of people work hard, we are all paying for things we don't use, and using things we don't completely pay for. So, what that means is, if we expect to pay off the debt, we ALL have to accept taking a bit less. If we don't we certainly will have even far less in the future.

Start by asking yourself what YOU are willing to give up now, today, in your life, to lower our nation's debt. when everyone does that, this nation WILL move forward, and it will become a power house again.

How is the welfare state going in Greece, Ireland, Spain, Britain, Italy, etc?

They are facing their debt crisis sooner than we are.

BS. They ARE being allowed to protest - Perriello's office has bent over backwards to accomodate them. By making a mountain out of a molehill, they are garnering more attention for themselves - which is all they crave.

"If the had already been allowed to protest would they still be there or would the media and the protesters have moved on?"

Would have been a non event. 1 minute of coverage on the news and a brief page 6 article in the newspaper.

No jeezelouise, I am not confusing at all. I am calling you and the Tea Party on your BS about how you are all bootstrappers who earned your way up from nothing and did it yourself, and that your taxes cover everything you use.

You do not any more than the people you look down your noses at for their supposed entitlements. Why? Because you do not cover what you consume in services based on what you wail about here. The largest slice of the budget is still the defense budget. The next largest is that socialist program called medicare that I haven't heard a single Tea Party retiree say they are willing to give up.

Think paying for health insurance means you pay your way? Sure doesn't. If you are over 50 you are being subsidized by younger people who haven't trashed their health yet and need fewer services.

By the way, that's not 3000 altogether for Iraq, that's just for this year. Would you be willing to pay that every year for yourself and another 3k each for each of your children annually? Then we'll add on the operations in Afghanistan, and the rest of the defense budget.

And what about the citizens who were opposed to the operation? Should they be forced to pay? I mean, you don't want to pay for medicaid, should they have to pay for your wars?

That's my problem with all of your arguments and it isn't apples and oranges, it's called coming face to face with what people really consume, and how everyone wants to pass off costs on someone else while chanting ideology an the myths they want to live.

Johnny America,

I said nothing about Bush or Obama, I am calling people are their very hypocritical self-righteous attitude that just doesn't jive with reality. I am saying the Tea Party members are just as responsible for the mess we are in as those they condemn.

And math isn't rhetoric buddy, it's reality. Take a total budget for one year of Iraq operations and divide it for every person, and see what you get. If you didn't get a bill for it for every person in your household, whatever your color or background, you didn't pay for it.

I'm not even looking at the names anymore just gimmy the D

Jeez Trigger, spread that troll out some.

The Democrats' plan:
Stopping economic growth
By raising taxes.

With the Gulf crisis,
What's Barack's course of action?
They go play eighteen.

Just where is Carole Thorpe's hand going in that picture.......?

ââ?¬Å?Our primary concern is that he’s leasing an office on private property,” says Tea Party chair Carole Thorpe.

What an astute observation Ms Thorpe. I suppose he could just lease an office on public property. But wouldn't that make Perriello a communist?

You compare apples to oranges and try to confuse.

I would sympathize with your complaints if not for the fact that the middle class pays more taxes than other group. Fact is that most middle class were at one time considered poor. They made the decision to better themselves.

If I buy more chinese goods I will pay more in taxes and refuse. If I drive more miles I will pay more gas tax. If I own a larger home I will pay more in taxes to educate your little heathens.

Entitlements were originally put in place to help most people and not support them. What is happening is these entitlements are constantly being changed to a support role. How much do you leeches want? What gives you the right to say that since I tried to have a better life that I can't because you have a right to free child care? You don't.

I would gladly accept a 3k bill for the war if everyone received the same bill. The way it stands now I would pay a higher percentage while some paid absolutely zero.

You make it sound like the inequalities of the past would be rectified by people who had absolutely nothing to do with it being forced to pay some type of restitution. Get over it. Fix it and move on.

Take that crap somewhere else OT. Go preach this inequality to some more youngsters and fill their heads with entitlement. Let them know that others will pay their way.

By the way. Deficits do not matter when they are controlled deficits. Look it up.

Hey Old Timer,
It is so amazing how much you know about the Tea Party's members. It is so amazing how much you know about the GOP's members.
Please stop your BS. Even Obummers own party members have had enough of this clown. He rolled into town with big plans for change. It is clear you are loyal to him but it dosen't mean that you get it. Roads and schools, give me a break! We (us) most of us pay for our infratructure every day via taxes in many forms.

Yes we are mad, but not as you say because we are losing any security. It is because this president can't lead. When this joker is done with the USA....... Tell me old timer, how many friends around the world will we still have? How many people will be killed in this country because they are on the wrong side.

Obama only divides. A leader joins the people. Tom P is another joke and soon he will be gone.

Next you will blame Bush for slavery, the BP spill and your high blood pressure.

Bottom line: Stop telling people who they are and what they are about. You don't know jack! You only know rhetoric. And you are great at insulting people. Way to go.

@very old timer: "I wonder if welfare recipients had been referred to as 'overweight' and ate 'fried chicken' the comment would have survived the 'deleted by moderator' axe.

Its ok to have a liberal bias, its not ok to censor to suit your own private agenda."

Stop whining VOT. The moderator is fairly even-handed - I made a crack earlier on here about the rotund nature and poor eating habits of certain teabaggers and that post was not just "deleted by moderator," it was wiped completely off the board.

I am also one of Mr. Perriello's voters, and I love what he's doing. These crybabies think everyone shares their views because they're spoon-fed right-wing pablum from Fox News. Don't like Tom? Elect someone else! He has a right to vote with his party and as he campaigned!

We, his supporters, elected him to represent our beliefs - not yours. We give his campaign money. We showed up on election day and will do so again. This doesn't seem that complicated. Every two years, you get a chance to vote for someone else. Do it.

Jeff D + Carole Thorpe = fruitcake

Go Tom!

Very Old Timer "Its ok to have a liberal bias, its not ok to censor to suit your own private agenda."

Sure it is - bet you don't say that about Fox News, Rush or Glenn or Sara or ... At least the Hook doesn't just make stuff up to support their agenda.

Tom is awesome! He has earned my voted.

No matter who is elected to any given office that official will never please everyone. Almost all politicians (elected officials) are only in the game to practice playing with power. Any change comes by trading power. There will always be some people unhappy with the results. Indeed change cannot be all good. The right to protest is taken for granted, but could be lost if the powers that be were unmonitored. Protesting about petty matters lessens the impact of protest in general. To be taken seriously loud talkers should speak seriously.

I think the Tea Partiers reveal their general ignorance, selfishness, and small-mindedness, with every word they utter. Tom has done a great job. He is a nice guy and he really is interested in hearing the points of view of everyone he represents. The Tea Partiers should quit their whining and just make an appointment to see him.

deleted by moderator.

I wonder if welfare recipients had been referred to as "overweight" and ate "fried chicken" the comment would have survived the "deleted by moderator" axe.

Its ok to have a liberal bias, its not ok to censor to suit your own private agenda.



A definition of "Liberal" # broad: showing or characterized by broad-mindedness; "a broad political stance"; "generous and broad sympathies"; "a liberal newspaper"; "tolerant of his opponent's opinions"
# having political or social views favoring reform and progress
# tolerant of change; not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition
# a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties

Liberals put up with selfish, angry, rude, small-minded people like "Tea-Partyers" because in America we accept diversity and difference. I don't think many of us would really like to live in a country that had no "Liberals" to look out for our rights.

What did you think of the artical lib...
It dosent appear that you follow your own definition of a lib.. lib.

Justsayin' is right. The first thing I noticed was how lumpy and unhealthy the tea partiers look. What a poor example of community activism! These people should be protesting the lack of healthy and affordable food in our community, not the location of Mr. Periello's office. A few vigorous laps around the block might help them put things in perspective.

Deleted by moderator.

they say a picture is worth a thousand words.... and this one certainly is.

it portrays a group of team party supporters, who very much appear to be collecting federal dollars for soc sec; using federal for heathcare in Medicare and benefited from federal tax decreases due to obama's recent tax decreases based on their incomes.

truely amazing, these group probably leverages the federal dollar more than anyone, yet scream about federal spending. either they dont know the simple realities of gov policy or their anger is really not at federal spending, but others factors of features of this president.

read this,

I am not sure what your point is. Yes, Obama has not been very good about removing the Big Business friendly GOP lackeys that Bush put in place. I was critical of Clinton for the same reasons.

Maybe if the party of NO weren't so busy trying to say NO to every one of his appointments he would be further along.I'm still critical of him for not just getting down and playing hard ball about it.

This country voted for change, and Obama needs to demonstrate real change, and the GOP needs to show that it actually is willing to change. Saying NO doesn't suggest change.

Both the BP disaster and the Tea Party are examples of how large parts of our society don't want to change, the Tea Party least of all. As a white male over 55, all I see is a bunch of white males my age, or their spouses angry that the secure pat lives they have had is turning into the insecure one the rest of America has lived all along. Educated skilled white males have never experienced the job insecurity in downturns like women and minorities did. I watched as my sisters were constantly having to fight being pushed off into lower paying jobs, or hit glass ceilings because of their sex. Denid the opportunity to accumulate as much savings as their male counterpart, they are run down for needing more assistance when left a single parent with several children. Who runs them down? Why, people like you see in the Tea Party talking about the taxes they pay.

Well, now these individuals are finding that they can avoid the same situation. What's more, the deficit splurge they embarked on under Reagan is catching up with them, and they don't want to either pay for it, or cut back their own life styles for it. They pay taxes, yada yada.

They also forget the lower living standards -ie smaller tax base - my children living are due to their decisions. Now they expect my children to live even lower standards while they stay in the same place. Well, I don't have much patience for that or them. Tom Periello is denying them representation, and they aren't the vicitms of anything other than their own narrow minded lives.

Same for the BP disaster. BP is out their drilling because we are sucking down 1132 million gallons of oil a day. No one wants to give up their lifestyle to lower demand.

I meant to say Tom Periello isn't denying them representation.

@ Just asking...why are most liberal women ugly, don't wear make-up, and stink...life's lil' mysteries...

@choppedliver... I bet you don't talk to that many women PERIOD - liberal or otherwise.

I'm from Greene one of the most Republican counties in the area, I would vote for Tom any day!! Tom's just trying to clean up the mess that Virgil left behind, why don't you just give the man a chance!

chopped liver,

Rachel Maddow wears make up, isn't fat, isn't ugly, and most likely doesn't stink, but I've never met her. My daughter is lovely, wears makeup when tasteful, fit, and most certainly doesn't smell.

Of course, Democratic Party voters would not want democracy to stand in the way of endless funding for their precious dictaorship.

The Democratic Party voters would not want any government officals to be friendly towards democray, freedom, equality, free speech, wage earners,tax payers, etc...

Wouldn't want to US Constitution nor the will of the people to get in the way of Democratic Party politicinas arranging for their friends in banking and the insurance industry to receive trillions of dollars of our money - which they themselves have done nothing to earn.

@choppedliver... Ouch - didn't mean to strike a nerve. My bad. We're all now certain that you're quite the "lady's man."

@Jeff D... Is there a coherent point lost somewhere in that diatribe?

Cry me a fricken river. Since when is it my responsibility to make sure your kids live to any standard? In a perfect society there would be plenty for all but for that to happen EVERYONE has to pull their fair share of the work. We all know that is not happening and will not happen.

What is my motivation to do anything productive if the things I have to work for are provided to anyone with a sob story for free?

Your perfect world would last until the rich became poor and the poor became poorer.

They're not just sitting in chairs, they are really standing up for the best in the American dream, and taking the whole nation back to those great wells of democracy which were dug deep by the Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Nonviolent political and civic activism.

Deleted by moderator.

Oh the entertainment is getting so much better this afternoon! Keep it up, please, I am LMAO!

Jason Keane has obviously never heard Mrs. Thorpe speak.


She's very, very well-spoken, confident and knowledgable. She's likely had to put up with little sheets like you all her life.

Albeboy. Thanks for that. She does sound confidant and capable.

I'm not unsympathetic to aspects of the Tea Party movement. I just find that it seems to be full of obese (generally older) white people, a good portion of whom seem to come off as cranks.

If I had an office in that building I would call the police everytime a protestor came to the parking lot. What a distraction. Does Perriello own all the offices in that location?


"Cry me a fricken river. Since when is it my responsibility to make sure your kids live to any standard?"

It's not your responsibility to make sure my kids live a better life, it is your responsibility to pay for the resources that you use, and the deficits you create. Especially when those deficits were created when my children weren't even born and had no say.

The Tea party people are all responsible for making choices that led to massive deficits. They can darn well pick up the tab.

It's also your obligation to take responsibility for your decisions, and if it means cutting back on your lifestyle then so be it. Don't expect everyone else to cut back so you can keep going like you always have.

Finally, competitiveness means you compete with EVERYONE, by who can do the job the best, regardless of sex or ethnic background. Saying " aw shucks life ain't fair, " doesn't cut it sugar cakes, because I could easily use that excuse to not hire a couple of whit males for my company, and then what would you hear? " Oh victim victim victim, I am a victim."

There is nothing remotely liberal in what I am saying, it's all purely libertarian.

The ones who crying the biggest river right now are the Tea Party folks, because ' their" America, the one where white males are always last to be fired and first to be hired, is dying.

The Tea

Pleeze... Who cares? Perriello will be leaving the building soon anyway. Good Riddance

Q: Why is it bad that the Tea Partiers are mostly white people?
A: It's not, it just enables you to imply they're all racist without coming out and saying it.


"Classic. Pull out the race card."

Nothing racist about facts. The Tea Party demographics from multiple polls shows their members to be predominantly white males with higher than median incomes and above 50 and some college as compared to the US population.

This is the very demographic that has held its superior income/employment position through past recessions and has only now really experiencing what other demographics have experienced in the past.


Now they are getting a taste of what other demographics with similar skill levels have experienced in the past, and they are angry. They felt superior in their security, and thought it was because they were better. They are getting a taste of what it feels like when you are an honest worker who works hard and still it isn't enough to compete.

Well they need to suck it up and accept the world they created, and it's biting them hard.

Did Congessman Goode have this much protesting or is this really gotten to be bigger protest because it's about not being able to protest?

If the had already been allowed to protest would they still be there or would the media and the protesters have moved on?

"Nothing racist about facts. The Tea Party demographics from multiple polls shows their members to be predominantly white males with higher than median incomes and above 50 and some college as compared to the US population"

So what exactly is your point? So now before protesting every group is required to have a percentage quota from every race and demographic? For example the Jewish American League will be required to have Catholics, Muslims and Hindus if they decide to protest anything?

"They are getting a taste of what it feels like when you are an honest worker who works hard and still it isn’t enough to compete."

They are getting a bad taste of things in the near future. If you believe it will only effect white males over 50 I suggest you start reading the real numbers. The real victims are the same victims.


"No it is not my obligation to cut back on my lifestyle that I have worked for."

It most certainly is if it has been done by subsidies and endebting our nation to places like communist China. I love how people like you talk about your hard work, but you always ignore the horrible socialist subsidies that gave you the tools you have needed to become productive and have the lifestyle you like. I doubt your parents paid the real cost of your education, and that the roads you drove on and continue to drive on were ever paid for in total by your parents.

Everything from infrastructure to cheap oil through war subsidizing your current lifestyle you want to consume but you don't want to pay for. You want someone else to pay for, leaving it for future generations.

Not only do you not want to give future generations what was given to you througha social investment, you do not even want to pay for the costs of what you consume today.You can argue, whine, complain, and talk about individual responsibility, but it's easy to do a little math and prove how false your platitudes ring.

This year alone, if we divided war spending for just Iraq, and placed the US population at 300 million, every man woman and child has a tax burden of 3000 dollars. If you were assessed a separate Iraq war tax without any deductions, to pay for yourself and your children, you'd found out how quick what a big free rider you are, and how you don't pay your way, or have a right to the lifestyle you think you should have.

You can point your fingers all you want at women who were kept out of engineering schools because of their sex while their parents paid taxes to support it, or all the welfare moms even though welfare has been ended about not paying their way, but until you do you are full of it.

Maybe you and all the Tea Party people should have thought of that when your hero Reagan said 'deficits don't matter.'

Maybe you, Old Timer , aren't saying anything about Bush or Obama, but I am;
Thank God we've now got a President who lives in the real world.
That General McSh#tstain has completely subverted and undermined a mission with realistic expectations into something the lying, treasonous Bush-Bastards did in Iraq,--
dragging the mentality of a couple hundred thousand service-people into the Fox-Zone, " preserving our way of Life," and "protecting our country from Al-Queda by denying them a safe haven," and tricking millions into believing that "we're at war."
At least we're back to square one with Petraeus, the original Pentagon stooge.
Tom Periello IN NO WAY is a Pelosi or Obama clone.
Thank goodness there are a handful of educated geezers protesting for the first time. are they even aware that such protest was not remotely possible during the Bush years?
Maybe a few of them will keep evolving into something useful.
Right now, they should know that they're nothing but a giant drain, with their corporate and Medicare entitlements.
Not quite the drain on the economy that the obese are, but still, dead weight.

Excuse me moderator,
Is there something I said that you find offensive? Using the word "punch" as Quoted by the President of the USA is not offensive.
I'll try this.
Obama said: If they tickle us we will tickle them 10 times harder.
I say bring it on.

Red clouds have appeared
new overlord has arrived
our leader embraces

@Caesonia: Yepper.

It's upsetting to see that people from my parent's generation (also known as the 'Me' Generation along with being Baby Boomers) are going out of their way to remove things like the social safety net that has been there since they were children themselves.

It's upsetting that the same country that created things like the Marshall Plan after WWII and the New Deal, would now have citizens that only think about themselves, and believe that a social safety net isn't really needed, since people out of work or disabled only need to 'pull themselves up by their bootstraps' and stop being 'lazy'. Of course, tell them that removing that safety net gets rid of things like Medicare and Social Security, and they'll say "Well, I want to keep mine, but don't give it to anyone else."

As far as the article in question, I didn't see anywhere that said that the people protesting were shuffled off to some vague 'free speech zone' (much like what was done to keep dissent out of the President and public eyes in the prior administration). Neither were they muffled or told to leave. They just didn't like that they don't have the right to go and sit in Rep. Perriello's office and protest there, due to his office and the office park being private property. I thought they were all for law and order, but I'm guessing only when it suits their wants & needs.