Stopping bullies: The six million-dollar plan

How serious are local educators about stopping bullying? They're serious enough to have sought and won a four-year, $5.8 million federal grant to hire full-time anti-bullying professionals for a new program that celebrated its one-year anniversary Thursday, June 10 with a reception at the County Office Building. NBC29 has more about the Safe Schools/Healthy Students program. (The Hook recently published a cover story about cyber-bullying.)


Spend 6 million in tax dollars to attempt to put a slight band-aid on a problem created by choosing to spend tax dollars to pay sociopaths to be "Professional Educators", rather than hiring people who understand their jobs.

Put the bullies in prison where they belong, rather than making excuses of saying bullying is normal and natural.

Pecking order jockeying is part of kids' world, unfortunately, and attempts to quell it are likely to be low yield. Today's bigger central schools probably exacerbate the problems.
As a small child I was tormented constantly, so paralyzed with fear I couldn't fight back until I was 17 or so. There was one boy who'd wait for me on the way home and inflict my punishment in slow motion so as to intensify my fear and his triumph. Meeting him at the 25th. reunion was bittersweet since he had become disabled and I, in my cups, taunted him, but felt lousy afterwards.

I think teachers in schools need to be aware of the games kids play and refereeing those games should be as much part of the pedagogical process as classroom teaching.

Bullying is part of the nature of some people. All sorts of reasons are put forth to explain or excuse bullies and why they pick on, or try to intimidate others. The reasons are irrelevant when you're the target on the schoolyard playground or the office bozo at the morning production meeting.
I was last bullied 60 years ago; by a ten-year-old. I was eight. He bloodied my nose. I picked up a baseball bat and bruised his upper arm (I was aiming for his head). He cried and said he was "gonna tell on me." He didn't; he was too embarrassed.
No police, no teachers, no principal, no social workers, no @#*& million dollar "professionals. Just a bully who got stood up to and didn't try it again.
In my experience, there is only one way to change a bully; face him or her directly and assert yourself.

Will these people be going to beat up the parents of the offender?

If yes, I am all for it.

A bionic anti-bully system....What WILL they think of next. Sorry, had to. Sounds like they are at least trying!

Fot that much money why not just bribe the bullies to be nice.

To Surly and Old! Thank YOU! Only way to make a bully back down is beat him at his own game! I was bullied for years by a kid down the street, when I took a piece of rod iron and whacked the crap outa them, they left me alone! Amazing! Too bad it takes that to solve the issue.

Whoa! Terry Teabagger, are you on a mission or something??? More polictical posts than I can shake a stick it on all articles. What gives?

Back on site that might help! - only $19.95 payment! Cyber alert when child's name hits the internet too....hopefully no spam, malware or viruses are connected and it will do what they claim.

I was able to wack a few bullies by smakcing them, but when the physical size gets too big, you can't really count on that. I had one kid bully me and he was almost 6 feet at the time. i he really smacked me hard in the side of the face when I stood up, leaving a large bruise. he then bragged about it in school.

Fortunately, my step brothers went after him, and really romped on him, to make it fair.