Huguely V: Suspect an anger-prone scion of prominent D.C. family

cover-laxmurd-huguely-insetNumber 11, Huguely played his last home game May 1.

In 1912, George W. Huguely Sr. co-founded the building supply company that built Washington, D.C.; and four generations have been involved in that business, according to the company website. Nearly 100 years later, the fifth generation, George Wesley Huguely V, is accused of the brutal murder of his former girlfriend, Yeardley Love.

Huguely, 22, now held in Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, grew up in affluent Chevy Chase, Maryland, son of Marta Murphy and George Huguely IV. Huguely IV has been described as having real estate interests with a property on the Outer Banks of North Carolina as well as a $2.5 million home in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Huguely V attended the private, all-boys Landon School in Bethesda, where he was in the prep school's top-20 all-time lacrosse scorers and named All-American his senior year. Huguely also played quarterback for the football team, which won the league championship.

His grandparents, Epe and George W. Huguely III, are listed among the school's $5,000-to-$9,999 donors. Huguely V and his father were scheduled to play in the father-son alumni golf tournament May 21, two days before Huguely would have graduated from UVA. He's now withdrawn from the university, according to his attorney, Fran Lawrence.

At UVA, Huguely was majoring in anthropology, but phone calls for comment to department chair Susan McKinnon went unreturned.

Huguely's UVA lacrosse biography notes that he's second among the team's midfielders in assists, can also play attack, and has "good stick skills and an understanding of the offense." As a member of the nation's number one-rated lacrosse team, he enjoyed the thrill of a winning season capped by victory in the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament, and the team is expected to be well-seeded at the NCAA tournament later this month.

On the arrest warrant Huguely weighs 205 pounds and stands 6 feet, 1 inch tall–- an inch below his stated height in the team biography, which lists him as vice president of Operation Smile, a charity known for providing cleft-palate surgery to children in developing nations.

Yet not all was golden in Huguely's career before his May 3 murder arrest. In November 2008, he was arrested for public drunkenness and resisting arrest in Rockbridge County, charges for which he pleaded guilty and received probation and a 60-day suspended sentence.

"He said: 'I'll kill you. I'll kill all of y'all. I'm not going to jail,' " the arresting officer was quoted in her recall of Huguely's alleged statements that night in a breaking story on

The Post quotes the officer as fighting Huguely until she Tasered him, a deed that "incapacitated him long enough for me to get cuffs on him. But that just pissed him off even more. He became a lot more aggressive."

In 2006, when Huguely was a senior on the Landon team, it may have been a calmer time for him. Then, he expressed sympathy for the Duke lacrosse players who were accused of raping a stripper. Five of the Duke players–- all of whom, as it turned out, were completely innocent of the fabricated incident–- had attended Landon.

"I sympathize for the team," Huguely said in an interview with the Washington Post. "They've been scrutinized so hard, and no one knows what has happened yet. In this country, you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty."

In the same article, Huguely's father said he'd talked to his son about staying out of situations that "could be costly."

Said the father, "Regardless of what winds up happening, you have to learn from this experience and take what you can from it. You always have to remember and can't let yourself be in a situation where something like this could happen."

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What UVa needs to contribute to this case is answering the question of whether or not this boy has been reported to anyone at UVA for his aggressive and angry characteristics, and if yes, what was or was not done? And, do they report/record all rapes, all ugly situations against girls, etc. and do parents have access to any stats about it? This is what parents of UVA students (girls in particular) should be demanding to hear - actually all schools need to reveal this information. This kid's not the only angry boy out there, and our girls are very vulnerable to attacks.

All this talk about the campus police...I must be missing something. Didn't this murder (or whatever he winds up being charged with) occur off campus (near 14th St) which is clearly not under the jurisdiction of UVA police? Also not under the jurisdiction of the UVA administration.

My understanding of the _Commonwealth v. Beebe_ case is that UVA actively covered up the rape and denigrated the victim to prevent embarrassment to the university community. UVA officials actively discouraged Ms. Seccuro, the victim, from pursuing a prosecution for rape by making her feel guilty for taking a tour of a frat house with a stranger and drinking. The dean told her she would come off looking like a "bad girl."

I hope you rot in jail.

Also to lacrosux sux, pointing out a minor misspelling in a heated forum like this I think says a lot about your petty character....

To lacrosux sux, instead of calling names, why don't you tell us your position on the matter? Why shouldn't the lacrosse coach and the university be held accountable if they knowingly let this dumb, angry brute stay on board after it was revealed he had a prior arrest and that others on the team knew of his violent temperament? Please enlighten us.

"this dumb, angry brute"

Your post is comically autobiographical, slappy.

Lacrosux, from a wise man on the forum ... he will fish in another pond when you stop rising to his bait. ;)

Just read that this "dumb brute" was tasered at a Washington and Lee -- you guessed it -- frat house, in 2008 by female police officer. See:

To lacrosus sux, why don't you enlighten us? Not man enough to dispute my prior posts. People like you are profoundly disturbed and sick.

Hi Susan - I apologize for my misunderstanding. I would have thought suspected violation of State law would require UVa to turn over its evidence to Charlottesville police (or for there to be informating sharing, two-way, as of 2010). I am surprised. Given that this tragic death will be the first thing students think about when they get back to the University, and that the University has a new incoming, female president that is a sociologist, there should be an opportunity to make domestic violence/rape one of the foremost issues from the first speech she gives to welcome students to campus. I would hope the CavalierDaily continues reporting on this - they and the Hook so far have had the best information I've seen (better than the Washington Post and New York Times). Given the work you do as well, I think this is important to push as the primary message. The University has become majority female (significantly so) and more diverse (and hopefully more tolerant), this is one of the biggest and most important messages that the University can promote.

Mom of W&M Grad...thank you! I didn't think of the 'roid rage, but somehow I think you could be onto something.

Sounds like George was given everything he ever wanted. When he couldn't have Yeardley, he threw a fit and decided to show her who's boss. He could have had a wonderful life. Unbelievable that he would throw it all away. Overindulged kid, who most likely NEVER heard the word, "no." Sounds like his family is as responsible as he is. So horrifying for Yeardley and her family.

You people give UVA way too much credit for conspiracies. Besides, what is to be gained from hiding from this? It's already out there.

Don't be so broad in your determination about Cville lawyers. I am oone, and a UVA grad--twice--and I'll be glad to prosecute or defend any honorable cause.

he's quite good looking. he's going to be everyone's "boyfriend" in jail. that poor girl is dead.

What I don't like is that he said something to the effect of "her head was hitting the wall." Why doesn't he own up and say "I beat her head against the wall." ?

He makes it sound like it wasn't his fault her head was hitting the wall.

My heart breaks for both familys, but especially for hers. He was the perp...his family has to accept that and I'm sure that they hurt about it. Her family, for them, there is no understanding...only searing pain. His family's child is still alive.

I do not believe that he is sorry. Only sorry he didn't come up with a better story. Now his family will come to his defense and make excuses, as they must have many times before given his history, and try to get him as little time as possible, if not completely exonerated.

The perp blames the victim...."she deserved it because she did" whatever she did. That is the mindset of an abuser. He has no compassion for anyone but himself. In his mind (and perhaps his familys members') it was HER FAULT.

If he had compassion for others, he wouldn't have been hitting her in the first place.

It's just the mindset of a criminal.

An island = euphemism for a (very) solitary life away from all mankind where he can no longer inflict damage/destruction to anyone but himself. This is a travesty for everyone involved.

This kid is innocent until proven guilty. However, his background points to a kid who skated on the edge because he very likely felt with his size, looks, and money he could get away with it. I knew kids like this in high school and college, and they help remind me that 'having it all' doesn't guarantee a happy, problem free life.

May Amanda rest in peace and the person who did this to her is brought to justice.

If someone has evidence of a conspiracy between the university and local police and prosecutors to fix this case and cover up evidence then they should take that evidence to the press or state authorities instead of making accusations and cryptic statements in the comments section of a blog.

Thie rage and anger did not just suddenly appear. He has suffered with rage control for many, many years. If only Mama and Papa had insisted that he get intense therapy for this condition, perhaps, this murder would not have occurred. He is obviously what many call a "mean drunk" was available. Was he too superior to receive it? I can't help but wonder how he feels now that he is sober? He'll spend the rest of his life thinking about that.

Rest in Peace Love

I think that the University Police are required to report crimes to Charlottesville Police depending on the crime. Charlottesville police can also ask for additional information. There may be turf issues but the University prides itself on a good relationship with Charlottesville police. Otherwise, neither could do their jobs. I understand the University has a major problem, but they are not a small place: it's a small city that's part of a larger city. Something bad is bound to happen, and definitely should not.

Sounds like this kid was a spoilt brat with a history of disturbing behavior. The fact that he came from a very wealthy family doesn't surprise me. I went to a so-called elite private college and encountered more than a few people like this. Sad esp. since he had every material advantage in life.

Do you have any evidence or links to a source showing that they've destroyed records in a past criminal investigation?

@Jake: Yes

@Susan: The fact you of course are waiting for someone to ask you to produce it is all I needed to know.

Sexual assault on campuses is a terrible issue. In fact, I wrote a policy proposal once about reducing it through DNA certified nurses. That being said, you are absolutely losing any credibility you have on that issue by attacking a homicide investigation without any substance and by making patently false statements about the University.

When you uncover some conspiracy by the University showing that they are protecting this murderer, then we can talk. Until then, stop exploiting this situation for your own agenda and let these people, INCLUDING the University, grieve.

Did he get suspended from the Lacrosse team for his criminal act in Lexington? Did it become public? If not--is that kind of activity condoned? Also---was he(or any other lacrosse player) drinking that night(I already know the answer) and if so--is that a violation of team policy? Are lacrosse players allowed to drink during the season(even legally) and if they are not--is that enforced. I think UVA has handled this pretty well--but I would be interested to see if this criminal conviction had any on-field consequences for him like a suspension or if he was allowed to continue playing.

Does anyone know if this young lady may have been dressed provocatively ?

Looks like UVA has the national spotlight for all the right reasons .

Dakota .

Wow, Lucky, you fortunately avoided the white-trash family.

Deleted by moderator.

Reminds me of the Kennedy Clan.

LCS- An island? The Antilles? The Aluetians? Bubba's Bohica Island? I do hope you are just joking.

In the affluent "hood", it is not "anger and rage", it is all justified because "he's just being a kid, he is just being a teenager, he is just being a college kid, he is just being a murderer and finally, he is just being Bubba's boyfriend........"

I retract my earlier statements. I was a fool and I am ashamed.

I have never heard of a rape or other crime at UVA being reported to police and the UVA administration squelching their investigation. If you have evidence of otherwise, please correct me.

You may want to check out Commonwealth v. Beebe from a few years ago. Talk about coverup!

With all the "facts" of the case apparently out in the open and the huge amount of publicity will they be able to find unbiased people for a jury pool?

Susan, of course he needed to withdraw's like all criminals, damage control in the what is right after the deed and maybe it will go easier for them...

I think the GP is almost to the "lynch mob" mentallity I think anything this young mad does will not be enough.

"I do have a question - With all his troubles, why was it necessary for the young man to withdraw from the university today?"

Best guess, a preemptive strike before UVA tossed him out. And if you don't like that one, then consider: he would have a tuff time taking final exams while cooling his heels in the regional jail.

If he has sobered up, he is possibly wetting himself with thoughts of what will happen to him. Cowards and bullies typically break down when confronted. He's not likely in any shape to be studying for finals.

There is also a good chance the jailers have him on a suicide watch, depending on how he's behaving.

riff and kellyanne,

UVA has squelched investigations into on campus assaults many, many, many times, forced the women victims into "gag-orders" where they were not allowed to discuss their case and then given these vicious rapists slaps on the wrist.

It sounds like you are both completely ignorant of this well documented history.

Now, people are raising this well documented behavior in public in regards to another case. You are both saying, "unless you can prove it, you shouldn't allege it".

Excuse me? So if a wolf eats sheep after sheep after sheep, you shouldn't be concerned for your flock when a wolf is nearby unless you can prove that the wolf intends to kill a sheep?

That's not the way it works in the real world, children. That may be the way the groupthink goes on campus, and that's PRECISELY why the city PD is handling this and not the University police.

deleted by moderator

I cannot imagine any reason why UVA leadership would want to use its influence to help get a murderer off the hook, to imply that they had anything to do with the incident before or after or that it was ever possible for them to do anything about it.

I believe UVA will not interfere, and that our legal system will allow a justifiable verdict to be reached. We are fortunate to have a news organization in our community, that has won many investigative journalism awards, to be watchdogs, and to make sure this is the case.

There goes the family business...........ah, the kids never want to continue it anyway. Too bad his old man never did anything but talk to him about staying out of situations that "could be costly".

Maybe they don't pick up the phone and call the judge .... but "UVA" can influence the students/faculty not to speak out, they can destroy records that could potentially show the young woman (or perhaps another in the past 4 years) came forward and requested help because of an altercation with this man. None of us are as naive to believe that this type of influence doesn't affect a case. I'm just saying .... have you ever tried to have a case prosecuted in Charlottesville? Half the lawyers are UVA grads and they don't want to take a case that would bring stain to their alma mater. Again, it's the collective UVA influence that thwarts a case.

I do have a question - With all his troubles, why was it necessary for the young man to withdraw from the university today?

GSOE, maybe you were already typing when Kellyanne made the very appropriate comment above yours. Susan should take note also. If you have evidence of collusion between UVA and local police or prosecutors to cover up evidence of a crime in this case or any other, you should turn over that evidence to higher authorities or the media instead of making cryptic statements online about the things you know, yet aren't about to detail, yet have never and will never expose, but still you want everyone to know that you know so they'll know you're cool.

My former husband went to UVA and had a temper which everyone knew about. He shot up the ATO house with a rifle and did lots of other things which his family and all of his St.Christophers/Christ Church friends merely laughed at. My mom liked his family and I tried to tell her about his temper. UVA knew but they knew his family which had clout. There are quite a few women who have bad memories as a result of this guy. But the good old boys in Virginia really don't give a damn as long as they know how to wear a bow tie and put on the right clothes and go to the right schools and belong to the right country club and pal around with the right friends. Boy could I tell some tales. And I know there are a lot of UVA former wives of attorneys who are ready to let the cats out of the bag.

Well, U.Va.'s up 5-0 over Mt. St. Mary's after the end of the first quarter.

Apparently, Huguely's defense attorney was the same one retained by another well known hothead, Richard Smith, son of Fred Smith, owner of FedEx, who brutally beat another student almost to death 10 years ago along with his Deke frat buddies (some of whom ended up working at FedEx for 6 figure incomes soon thereafter) -- none of whom showed even an inkling of remorse. This filthy attorney will probably waste no time smearing this poor girls name using the rough sex excuse. This kid's family is worth millions, comes from a socially and politically (Republican) prominent family who have, for generations, the type of money and privilege those of us townies could not even contemplate. I hope he commits suicide in his jail cell, because I am afraid otherwise he will be getting off with a slap on the wrist.

They should have expelled him after the lexington tyrade... if they had this poor girl might be alive today.

The Lexington tyrade is the one shot to implicate the University and the lax team on this. If the school and Starsi had any knowledge of this but looked the other way because he was from the "right" kind of family, from the "right" school and whose family were big UVa donors, then we will be playing in a different ball game altogether. Either way the men's lacrosse program needs to be shut down until the investigation is concluded.

Jillpan said: It’s very sad that this ended the way it did, in 3 weeks, Yeardsley and Huguely would have parted ways and started the next chapter of their lives.

Yes it does seem like Yeardly was so close to being out of here and away from George. And that may have been precisely the problem for him. He knew that in a few weeks they would go their separate ways and perhaps that thought was too much to take. They had broken up but she was just next door. In a few weeks it would be over.

After getting cooling down from the anger I felt when I heard how he killed her, I have been thinking about what it was that drove him to such actions. I wanted to think beyond the "Spoilt rich kid gone wild" conception. What drives people to such acts? Inside, probably a very scared, frustrated and lonely guy. It seems that the only way he could deal with his frustration with losing such a wonderful girl was with his physical strength, unbounded by an intoxicated mind. Perhaps in the macho culture to which he belonged, he didn't feel he had a friend in whom he could confide.

I believe it is worth looking into why men sometimes behave in this way, since women have been subjected to abusive men since the beginning of time. Understanding the phenomenon can perhaps allow society to help these men and break the cycle and in doing so protect women. Until we can have success in that, however, we need to teach women to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, this tragedy is eerily reminiscent of Tom Capano - a priveleged male spurned by an attractive female that has come to her senses.
Hopefully, George IV receives the same deserved lifetime incarceration.

Jack Balfour - It is likely that UVA would want to conceal any reports of prior complaints about the defendant, awareness of severe alcohol abuse or cocaine abuse by the defendant, or maybe awareness of school medical personnel providing performance enhancing drugs or psychotropic drugs that may have contributed to this unfathomable incident. I could imagine that the prosecutor's office and judiciary would act in a corruptly lenient manner to keep such facts out of the public record created by a trial in loyalty to their alma mater as well as their own political ambitions (campaign contributions). If there is a ridiculous plea deal, that would explain it, now wouldn't it?
This may be an acting out by a "spoiled rich brat used to getting his way", but the crime committed is not something anyone in their right mind would do, and I can't help but think that there was something affecting his mind other than his own ego.

katherine, as a UVa alum I can commiserate with what you, and countless others, have gone through. When I first started at UVa, I harbored a lot jealousy and resentment towards the St. Christophers, Woodberry crowd. In retrospect I consider myself lucky to not have gotten caught up with those punks. Being an out of state student certainly helped.

These kids have truly created a dark soulless world for themselves. It's sad to see decent people like yourself get caught up in that,

Hoolarious, I may have been guilty of hyperbole and I may have used some past cases to force the issue, but overall I stand by those statements and I think most on this forum would more or less agree with my sentiments. Especially now that more damaging information is coming out.

As for the Smith case, yes there may have been one punch but my understanding was that the student required extensive surgery on his palette and was admitted to the emergency room. And at least one member of the pack did express some genuine remorse but not Smith. I think Smith is a great example to use in this case since they were both athletes and from entitled backgrounds. My apologies if I came across too heavy handed.

Like anyone else posting here, we all have inherent bias' and when people disagree it helps, as in your case, to cordially point it out, as you did. Lacrosux sux did neither, insulted me and now appears to have left altogether. He is a coward.

Here's a description from a ruling of the 4th Circuit, US Court of Appeals:

Kory then called Smith a "fat ass," and in response Smith punched Kory in the face. The Appellants also may have kicked and attacked Kory, and, as a result, Kory suffered extensive injuries to his face, jaw, and teeth.

lacrosux, Richard Smith hit Alexander Kory once. he didn't brutally beat him near to death. hyperbole doesn't help your credibility.

I'm sorry lacrosux sux, how would you describe this kid? Was he not the angry sort? Was he a member of the debate team?

I wonder if Huguely's roommate(s), team members, coach, etc knew that he had a violent temper. I wonder if they ever heard him yelling at Yeardley or making threatening comments. I also wonder if Yeardsley had confided in her roommates and friends that she was scared of Huguely of if they ever overheard him yelling at her. It's very sad that this ended the way it did, in 3 weeks, Yeardsley and Huguely would have parted ways and started the next chapter of their lives.

Deleted by moderator.

Oops, not Amanda. Yeardley, I meant.

No, Susan, you never contacted me.

Boy George's family gets it. They knew this was going to happen. They bailed his little fruitcake butt out of "jail" a couple of times, but still kept him at a distance. I bet they wish they could have gotten him into UTEP- way down and gone by the border.

He might have played his last home game on May 1st at UVa, but he will be a "catcher in training" pretty soon. He might think he's a bad dude now- just wait until he sees his stablemates in a place like Greenville. He doesn't know BAD yet!


No, he didn't hide his problem too well. He had at least a couple of prior run ins with police as a violent drunk as a college student. What I am referring to is during time with family. Most of us know our children enough to know who has a leaning toward depression, who has a leaning toward being more easily led than he should be, and who might have an addictive personality etc. Money was apparently not a barrier here for this young man to have had alcohol treatment help, or anger management assistance, so knowing the extent of his problem must have been. Most people who lose control killing another human being had indications of self control issues dating back to age six. They did not learn to manage rage then, and as they move through life, they didn't either. These are the issues that were missed and for which intervention may have been beneficial.
Although human beings do have an amazing capacity for growth and change, they have to want to. Unless Mr. Huguely V is truly remorseful and wishes to change, it is likely he will not.

George Who?

@Lucky-Did George IV attend UVa as well?

Crazy, abusive boyfriends who killed their ex's in a fit of rate didnt happen before anti-deppresants came around.

Hhaha some of you guys are nuts.

"Innocent Until Proven Guilty." Ha! Look, he's admitted it. The spoiled, rich dude did it. The question now is can his slick defense attorneys come up with a good enough defense to get him convicted of a lesser crime. And will they try to squelch the "confession" as not an effective Miranda warning being given (because he was drunk, 'roided out, he could not understand it, hence didn't know what he was saying, or the implications thereof, when he confessed). I cannot imagine what either family is going through, but his family has to take responsibility for raising an entitled brute. Nonetheless, I would not like to see him imprisoned in such a way that makes him a likely target of the unseemly side of prison. Send him away on an island tforever to think about the wrath he has brought upon his family, Ms. Love's family, the Lacrosse teams, and the UVA community.

Hey Barrister...would you represnt him (as honorable)?

Lucky, you dated George's father after you graduated from UVa, but he graduated from a school other than UVa? How far from him were you living?

Spoiled little George was used to getting everything his little heart desired. When
he couldn't have Yeardley he threw a big time temper tantrum. They need to throw away the key with this murderer.

It's reported that this brutal murder was "an accident". Yes, it is a tragic accident to have happened to the young woman, her family and to his family. But for all intensive purposes... this was not an accident. He knew what he was doing. It is sad that young men from well-to-do families do not know the boundaries of not getting their own way, time and time and time again. One can imagine, she wanted to break off the relationship and he couldn't handle it. Parents: teach your young affluent children to accept that they are NOT #1 in the world. They do not always "get" everything they want. There are disappointments. In this case, the heartbreak will never end for any of them.

Some here would seem to give UVA far too much credit for any alleged ability to "interfere" with a murder investigation or the criminal justice system. Some of the conspiracy nuts on these threads are byond amusing, veering straight down the rabbit hole into crazy town.

This is plenty straightforward: hotshot jock with an alleged temper and drinking problem admits to police that he assaulted and battered a former girlfriend who is later found beaten to death. He steals her computer, then tells the cops where to find it. Investigators allegedly have in their possession hairs from the hole in the girl's apartment door where this guy says he kicked it in to get at the girl whose computer he stole and who he admitted attacking and who is now dead.

If there is a miscarriage of justice in this case, it will be the judicial system screwing it up, not because some "Star Chamber" of well-heeled UVA alums are pulling strings behind the scenes.

A few ding-dongs on these boards have been reading too much Dan Brown.

@EH: They aren't conspiracy nuts. Many of them have tried to find justice, only to have UVA block the system. They are speaking out now because the only time they can speak is when another tragedy occurs.

Casteen is leaving; his legacy is a dirty one. The potential for Theresa Sullivan to make changes is there - and I wish her luck.

Susan is right. This won't be the first case where relevant documents or records will or can be lost or intentionally destroyed. And it won't be the last. And anybody who thinks UVA doesn't have the power to make things disappear or be destroyed, I have a bridge for sale in Crozet. It generates $3 million a year in toll revenue, and I am selling if for a modest $625,000. :)

I'd be surprised if UVa had the power to influence a murder case one way or the other with police and prosecutors. As to the case itself I'll have to hear all the facts before I can reach any conclusions.

"I have never heard of a rape or other crime at UVA being reported to police and the UVA administration squelching their investigation."

The way student crime is handled depends on whether it occurs on campus or off. If I understand correctly, campus police can't charge someone with a criminal offense, yet due to jurisdiction, will not involve the local police. They report the crime to the proper internal authorities, where it is dealt with "administratively" and/or by the student judicial council. Which in most cases is akin to not dealing with it at all. Thus the opportunity for closing of the ranks by university brass. Likewise, crimes that occur off campus are investigated by the local PD, where the likelihood of appropriate punishment is greater, but not guaranteed. In the case of rape or violence that occurs on campus, the local PD is not going to touch it, unless invited to by the university officials, and we know that rarely, if ever, happens. That, combined with the fact that most campus crimes, especially rape, are never even reported, and a dark picture emerges. Dark indeed.

realist, yes, the case is being investigated by the Charlottesville Police Department and the Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney Office.

AJ - I agree that the continued pattern of escalating anger, conveyed threats, and outrageous out of control violence is consistent with anti-depressants combined with alcohol. I think that the pharmaceutical industry must be making a great effort to conceal the severity of the problems caused by this highly profitable and widely prescribed class of drugs. It is outrageous that general practitioners prescribe these potentially dangerous substances without proper consultation and monitoring by psychiatric specialists.

Hold on You Betcha, I don't like the idea of pinning some of the blame on anti-depressants if he was in fact on them. This could be used as a legitimate defense by his attorney. Your right that those medications are over prescribed and that big pharma is doing more harm than good, but in this case I think if there is any external blame it should be placed on the lacrosse culture that encourages this kind of over aggression and entitlement.

There are cultural and societal mores specifc to the community Goerge Huguely lived in and the boys prep school he attended. Family names and "reputations" are to be protected at all costs. That can mean covering up for "misbehavior." Explaining away irresponsible behavior. Denial of wrongdoing. Buying people. It is a culture that can produce people who believe they don't have to play by the rules, can make disparaging and demeaning remarks with impunity, and get away with murder, in this case, literally,.

I get it LCS- btu I am sure that Boy George does not

The behavior of the lacrosse teams is not new, it has been going on for decades. I graduated from a 7 sister 30 years ago, we used to have tournaments hosting soccer, field hockey & lacrosse teams who regaled us with drunken parties treating the resident students who ventured close as pieces of meat. Those of us who chose to stay away got to watch the visiting men puke in the bushes and fight with each other after the "mixer."

It's a strange combination of class, athletic stardom, and alcohol. I talked to an acquaintance who had a huge black eye she told everyone was from falling down, but she admitted to me in private she received from being punched by her boyfriend - I told her to file charges & leave him, but she said he didn't mean it.

The women from these families used to tell me they were shipped off to boarding schools at age 12-13, spent the summers at resident camp, and their parents were thrilled that they could go to Europe and drink with them. Mothers counseled their daughters to marry for money and have affairs for love. Neglect, not of the financial type...

Dare I say I've never bothered to go back to a reunion, not worth the plane trip.

Seadog- the parents don't care- the kids are a burden, and in the way. Usually mom got knocked up to get to the money man, then the kid became a pain in the butt. Money takes the kids away, with a 50-50 chance of becoming something in the real world. Usually not- and living off the parents money and businesses for ever.

The problem still goes back to people not paying attention- if a girl suggested that another file charges, and the damaged girl refuses, why didn't the other girl go to the cops? Go somewhere, do something.

Ever see a kid getting hit by a parent? What would you do? I have intervened, and I don't give a damn what the parent, or older person says to me- the kid isn't getting slammed in front of me.

There are lessons for all of us here. First, we have all known that among alcoholics, some become much sweeter when they drink, and others become violent and quite vile. When friends and family determined that young Mr. Huguely V had a problem with alcohol in which he became explosively aggressive, both family, friends, and courts when he saw them, needed to see the possibilities here, and remand him to alcohol treatment. People like this cannot drink....not ever.
Secondly, for those of us who have sons, we need to make sure that all of our sons, ages 6-26 understand that as they grow and develop muscle mass that what they consider to be a poke or a defensive push into something can end the life of someone through accidental skull fracture or fractured neck.
My prayers are with both families. The family who did nothing more than send a lovely girl to college, and the family who thought they were doing their best for a son who had a problem he hid apparently too well.

Anywhere Landon students go they leave their mark ...Duke University now Virginia University.

Quite obvious that Hugely did not hide his problem vey well- sorry, but there were no warning signs either- he was punk as a kid, as a teenager, as a college student and will not be redeemed in prison- he is did what he thought was right all the time-----

Lacrosse was first played by American Indians. It has been popular for some time in certain areas (Baltimore, Long Island) in both public and privates schools as well as in private schools more generally.

One reason for its popularity in social circles is that the gear and training at this point require a certain investment. People from the upper middle class and above thus have a certain advantage.

Question: Does anyone know the history of Lacrosse and how it become a sport of the elite (so to speak)? I thought it derived from the indians, and it appears, in many cases, that it is played by the well-heeled and well-schooled, unlike football, and to a lesser degree, soccer. I remember back in the early 80's at UNC-Chapel Hill, the Lacrosse team did a lot of damage to residence halls, and seemed not to care. That was my first real exposure to lacrosse, and the type of person it attracts. Now, that is NOT to say that fine young men do not play Lacrosse. They certainly do. Unfortunately, we do not hear of their good deeds (not newsworthy, I suppose). By the way, although Duke took a hit with the "scandal," they were found innocent. Of course, most people opine that they were quite guilty of brutish and loutish behavior, and a total disrespect for women, particularly those women of color.

Not sure he spent any time with is family...........they always sent him away- gurarnteed that when he came home, he left an hour later after grabbing the keys to the car, a six pack and some credit cards.

You might see him cry at the trial or hearings....if not, we will hear him cry went he is sent away........

But he WILL be back!!! (ie Robert Chambers)

Maybe gramps can donate a few million to UVA to make this problem go away.

its sad how this boy who had a good life turned out to be a bad egg. very sad indeed. It's almost satisfactory though to prove that not all bad eggs come from a bad situation. This guy had everything he could ever need handed to him. So this is very sad. I feel bad for the girl involved and him for getting himself into this situation.

Let's stay focused. I noted a murder investigation. There are ample postings on the half a dozen Hook articles generated by this murder. Of those postings, more than two dozen claim or imply that UVA has the power -- much less the inclination -- to obfuscate a murder investigation.

While my sympathies go out to you over the specific situation that has impacted your family, m'am, we are talking about different things.

Why would UVa get anywhere near this case? Seriously, is anyone here really saying that UVa will do anything but make sure justice is done. This is a national story and this guy has practically admitted his guilt. What you UVa bashers need to remember about is his daddy's ability to hire a really expensive and very good team of lawyers. They can put the resource of a large law firm at their disposal. That what you should really be worried about.

UVa is in mourning and you ghoulish conspiracy nuts need to a life.
They have no knowledge nor do I that UVa has done anything other than fully cooperate. This is a real tragedy, why don't we actually wait and see what happens.

He came over to her apartment, likely having had contact with her earlier in the evening. When he can't get to her, he breaks her door down. That requires thought before acting---not a crime of passion. He went to her physical location and broke through a barrier to get to her. He then struck her with intent to injure her--clearly with malice. He planned to go over and hurt her, when presented with obstacles--he overcame them to kill her. He then took what he may have naively(drunkenly) seen as potential evidence against him away. He then confessed the whole thing to the police. I am going to bet there are witnesses that can speak to his state of mind and condition in the hours leading up to the crime--again--no crime of passion here. I think the best lawyers in the world would be lucky to get this guy 35 years without parole---he may even fit the criteria for a capital crime and I would not be surprised to see that bandied about in the coming days.

Maybe they ought to give this guy his belt and shoelaces and let him figure out what to do next--not gonna happen(and I know it shouldn't)--but this is a wretched act of a twisted, overindulged man--he needs to be removed from proper society and I hope the office of the CW is up to it.

Not GSOE....thanks for the reality check....daddy does have the ability to put together such a team (I think he already has). As with the VA Tech tragedy just a couple of years ago, we need to keep a check on ourselves to know that one of you is no longer here and you need time to process that. Keeping you all in my prayers....

Well I wonder wheter he was spamked or just given "time outs" when he first exibited signs of being an agressive jerk.

My money would be on "time outs" and lectures about how "horrible it would be if you killed that puppy"

"It sounds like you are both completely ignorant of this well documented history."

I am well aware of this often repeated line of bull - "the dean of students didn't investigate the crime I reported to him" - no he didn't, because that's not what the dean of students does. This crime is being handled by the police, because that's who handles crimes. I have never heard of a rape or other crime at UVA being reported to police and the UVA administration squelching their investigation. If you have evidence of otherwise, please correct me.

I have never heard of a rape or other crime at UVA being reported to police and the UVA administration squelching their investigation. If you have evidence of otherwise, please correct me.
Don't know if it fits all of your criteria, but the case of Fred Smith's son (former? CEO of Fed/Ex) getting away with what was in essence a hate crime and at best a vicious assault made me sick to my stomach. Its probably in the Hook's archives from a few years back. Look it up.

The Hook's reporting has been amazing on this, thank you for looking into this horrible event so thoroughly.

I think they was definitely thought involved - not the thoughts of someone that "thinks normally". I wonder if this guy is a psychopath/sociopath. It fits the characteristics.

I find it very interesting that the arresting officer in the case involving his public intoxication and resisting arrest charges was a FEMALE police officer. It sounds to me like this young man has a problem with females....and if I were this poor young lady's parents, I would be demanding records of his blood tests and urinalysis results for the lacrosse team. Kicking down a door and repeatedly banging another human being's head against a wall sounds like "roid rage." I'm sure "big daddy's" hot shot, big bucks attorneys will fight to be sure no testing is done while he is in the Albemarle County jail. I would be shocked if he is clean!

There's a Dr. named Kent Kiehl that was profiled in the New Yorker magazine regarding psychopathy and people that think along murderous lines. Dr. Kiehl tests for it, and I think the accused in the case would test positively for it.

Sorry, I meant they report to Charlottesville Police depending on the circumstances and the crime. For example, a stolen bike. It depends on where it's stolen. A bad check - usually the University takes care of it if it's written to a local vendor. This frees up Charlottesville police to work on bigger issues.

Moose has the issue of jurisdiction correct. MJ, it would be nice if Charlottesville police could ask for info and get it, but that's not the way it works. I know because I could not get the UVA police to release jurisdiction of my daughter's case to the Charlottesville police. It doesn't make sense, but that's the way it is.

@Jake: not releasing it in this forum and don't need to be prodded to be forthright. Read my website.

@Barrister - I would be interested to know if I had contacted you and you turned us away. you can email me through my website.

I wonder if anti-depressants are involved? If they are, then another life, actually two, lost due to homicidal side effects.

woman should know on lots of college campus police are not part of a chain of if they report a rape there the evidence will liely be poorly handled if gathered at all and would likely be challenged in court and tossed. theyare not your friends.
go to the police or a hospital and have the police come to you where you can feel safe with medical people to collect evidence. Remember if he someone rapes you he has already raped others or will again soon. ACT to stop campus assaults. Protect yourself and be a hero..the protect the next victim

His lacrose coach surely knew this punk, unless the coach lived in a vacumm or had no concern.

Everyone talks about ââ?¬Å?warning signs””Š”Š”Š.an athletic coach is a life coach. The best ones know their charges and can get the point across, and still have ââ?¬Å?winning” teams. Maybe the punk was ââ?¬Å?too good a player to fail”. Maybe the team and coach wanted the win so badly that it didn’t matter how they did it. The other players knew this punk too- they never had the balls to say a thing or keep him in line. Now they all say ââ?¬Å?we knew something would happen”Š..” a little late to speak up.

None of these people who never had the balls to say a thing, or intervene will ever make it in the real world, with help from daddy”Š.