Huguely lawyer: Yeardley Love's killing 'not intended'

cover-laxmurder-fran-insetLawrence begins unveiling a "not intended" defense for his client, right inset. Such strategy helped Chambers, left inset, in 1986.

The attorney for George Wesley Huguely V, the UVA lacrosse player who stands accused of killing a female lacrosse player, seems to be taking a cue from the the so-called 1986 Preppie murder. "Ms. [Yeardley] Love's death," said lawyer Fran Lawrence, "was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome."

Lawrence's prepared statement came after a Tuesday morning, May 4 appearance in Charlottesville General District Court, where Lawrence declined to seek a bonded release for his high-profile client.

Twenty-four years ago, a similar tragic-accident line of reasoning may have been enough to sow doubt in the minds of New York jurors, who deadlocked for a reported nine days, before Preppie Killer Robert Chambers struck a deal to plea to an old burglary charge and a manslaughter rap for the strangling death of 18-year-old Jennifer Levin.

In court Tuesday, Huguely appeared on video feed from the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, where he has been held since Monday. He appeared in black and white prison garb and was asked no questions by judge Robert Downer or his lawyer. The judge set a June 10 date for setting a preliminary hearing.

A Hook reporter has seen a court document which alleges that Huguely admits swinging the victim's neck and shaking it violently and pounding her head against a wall. Also in the court document was confirmation that Huguely and Love had a relationship which had ended.

Huguely's parents sat in the back of the courtroom and left without comment to reporters. Lawrence was not immediately available for comment.

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jane smith...what is important is that anyone with information, anything at all, report talk of situations and this is what needs to be told, play lacrosse in her memory, have vigils, pray for peace but most importantly don't be silent, speak up for her if you know something...she can't


Hmmmm. I accidentally knock a glass of water over and it spills on my friends rug. If I knock it over repeatedly it is not an accident. When a 208 pounds 62 lacrosse player knocks a young woman's head against the wall, it is not an accident. He knocked the bedroom door down and assaulted and murdered her. One would hope that this murder is not turned into a "domestic violence" case. He need to take full responsibility for what he has done.
Universities need to add anger management classes for their gifted athletes.

It's not just gifted athletes, I think 90% of the population needs anger management classes at one time or another.

johnsmith, the attorney is a good attorney. And he is doing what good attorneys are suppose to do. While the intentional beating was no accident, I think a jury can easily believe the death was.

....ah, another twisted turn in the lives of the privileged and wealthy of Montgomery County, Maryland. My, oh my, how quickly the elite fall to the bottom of the gutter. There is not enough money in the land to get that boy out of being the guest of the Commonwealth for at least 3 decades.

UVA is a multi-billion dollar institution upon which thousands of people depend for their livelihoods. If, if a pattern a pattern of failure to respond appropriately to student complaints of threats, harassment, assault, etc. can be established, UVA could be liable for tens of millions of dollars in damages. This is more than enough incentive for files and papers to "disappear." I think a court order enjoining UVA from destroying any documents pertaining to student complaints against other students or university personnel would be appropriate. I also think any university employee found to have destroyed such documents should be in jeopardy of obstruction of justice charges.

I am sorry to say that I am not confident that UVA will be fully and freely forthcoming. I am also not confident that justice will run it's natural course without undue influence. Apparently the Lexington police officer who arrested Huguley for drunken disorderly and resisting arrest was not satisfied that justice had been done in that instance. She was hardly reticent in her interview with the Washington Post and other media sources on Tuesday.

"While the intentional beating was no accident, I think a jury can easily believe the death was."

@Gasbag: Death that occurs during a violent beating following a criminal break-in is NOT an accident. Doesn't matter whether he actually intended to kill her or just beat the crap out of her. It's still a felony.

rhonda-go study for your finals or something. you're just quoting from articles you've read online. you're not a lawyer and this isn't a court room so just stop.

george has admitted what he did to yeardley-how he killed her, how he disposed of the computer. the defense council definitely has their work cut out for them.

instead of sitting here and throwing stones at the accused, speculating about how he got to this point, everything coming to light that, in retrospect, could have prevented this horrible tragedy, etc. etc. what's done is done and now it's time to let the legal system and the police force do their jobs. do you really think discussing every detail of this case that's been released to the public on this site is going to influence anything? do you honestly believe it is going to do any good?

out of respect for BOTH the family of the deceased and the family of the accused, all of this needless slander and speculation needs to end.

Yeah, the 9/11 attackes were an accident too. This lawyer, Francis Lawrence, has got alot of nerve. Somebody should do the same to his family and call it an accident. The suspect, spoiled little Huguely, should be put to death. But I bet he does less than 5 years in prison.

@ Justice: Well said

I am waiting with bated breath to see what the outcome of this case is. Hope we don't have another instance of "justice" such as the case a few years ago where a UVA student stabbed a local fireman to death (27 times) and got 2 years. Perhaps this time the girl's parents are prominent enough to offset the prominence and wealth of Hughely's family.

Seriously, has this what our community has come too? Let's place the blame where it belongs: on the murderer. The University isn't responsible for his actions. Unless someone has a letter or some sort of documentation showing that this kid has a history of violence that warranted discharge from the university, people need to shut up.

I agree totally with justice. UVA needs to open it's eyes; first Morgan Harrington, now this. My son is a UVA grad, but it's not the pristeen little place that the administration would have you believe. There are some real problems there that need to be addressed.

Hey lawyers.....Not intended? Then what the hell was it? Oh I see, when someone bashes a head against something hard, then it is Not Intended.....hey lawyer, look at this - THIS IS INTENDED (nnhnn)catch my drift?

the defense will most likely say that he thought she was passed out from alchol and kicked the door in to save her.
he shook her trying to wake her.

What is wrong with the male brain?? 95% of these horrible acts are committed by men. Kudos to the few that treat women with respect. Have a nice day.

deleted by moderator

The truth is that no one would live in this local five-county area if UVA did not exist.

If the university had ten-thousand sports teams and only two students who knew how to read and write, there would be a lot of pressure to portray the university as a great piller of "Education".

From the search warrant information, it appears that Huguely is guilty of aggravated assault and battery. We know nothing more of his history regarding any violence at all. Perhaps he has never been violent before, perhaps he has always been violent. We should not leap to any conclusions. (yes, I know about the Duke scandal).

He may deserve to be found guilty by a jury and be sent to prison for life--if not gassed to death. However, this is the same court system each of us must face if we are ever accused of anything. So let's not lynch this guy yet. It may lead to ourselves being lynched next (when we are innocent).

Rhonda, you need a hobby.

lostinacrowd - excelled post.

Got this from a poster on the Morgan Harrington story:
Who killed Morgan UVA?

Spring in Cville
Flowers, the lawn
Rugby Road
The corner
Hey remember those bones? That girl?
Well she wasnt from the University anyway
And we need to take care of our own
So, too bad for her
Let’s get on with our lives
That was some night wasnt it?
Kind of a rush
She shouldnt have been out
She was probably drinking
So, she deserved it
She wasnt from the University anyway
And we need to take very good care of our own
Those guys are usually decent
And she probably deserved it
Too bad for her
We take care of our own
Go Wahoo

I hope they get the logs and results of all his drug testing he had to do for lacrosse, if anything pops up, then the University needs to explain why he was still around.

Alcohol and drinking is going to happen, and the university and coaches are naive, to think they can prevent their athletes from doing it, but if drugs are found to be in his system, than Dom, Craig, and John got some explaining to do.

You wouldn't as a parent? Clearly his parents are putting up some kind of barrier as protection from all the slander you people will throw against them. It was a disgusting act but focusing on wealth, beauty, etc. is taking the easy route out. I am by no means defending this kid but people need to wait until all the facts come out before villyfiying him as the next 'preppie killer.'

@Jane -- I was being sarcastic ..... you got that, right? None of it actually sounds accidental to me. This guy needs to be put away for a good long time; he's a danger to society in general and to women specifically.

Given what we've heard so far, I'm predicting a conviction for Murder One -- or possibly Murder Two, since his family can afford a great team of lawyers. It's possible they'll get it down to manslaughter, but I'd be amazed. Waiting to see what Yeardley's computer holds.

Family and friends told Fox News on Wednesday that Huguely once tried to physically attack Love in a public place. That statement, in conjunction with the interview with the police officer at the W&L frat party is now making me sicker by the minute.

I don't think any reasonable person can rally to the defense of the school and Lacrosse team. Are we to believe he was at that frat party alone? Without any of his teammates? Come on, plenty of people knew about this guy. But the scarier reality is that his belligerent behavior is simply the norm among this crowd.

Like so many others, I am glad Casteen is leaving. His good ole boy way of conducting university business has left us with a malignant culture at an otherwise distinguished school.

I am a college lacrosse player that is very close to both of these teams. I am also friends with non athletes alike, as are the players at uva. The mens team is devestated and had to convince Coach Starsia to continue in Yeardley's memory because they all loved her. Many did go to her when there were situations and she said everything was fine. The same goes for the girls. Athletes as well as non athletes have solid friendships at uva. I was not a so called "child of privelage" and I take offense with those who bring up that statement. This is a tragedy that could have struck any walk of lifestyle, poor, rich, famous, etc. This was a relationship between two people that went horribly bad. You can not blame the school, administrators, friends, teammates, parents,or siblings: Mr. Huguely had serious issues exacerbated by alcohol. End of story. Again this is a tragedy that only could have been prevented by no one except the two involved.

"A Hook reporter has seen a court document which alleges that Huguely admits..."

Have YOU seen the document? No? So you're telling me a reporter has never been wrong or even intentionally misled readers in order to get a story?

I'll get you a nice jump to conclusions mat.

If this kid has any history that Uva knew of, they are in dire straights. I would never send my kid to school there, if so.

It doesn't sound to me like 1st. degree murder; more like voluntary manslaughter or 2nd. degree murder. Based on what we've been told so far, it sounds like assault with an unanticipated outcome, a lesson to all who contemplate physical aggression.


He had one arrest for Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest, so not much


Johnny hows the crow?

Johnny, the law and the courts say he's innocent til proven guilty.

The first amendment protects our right to express our opinions about his obvious guilt.

Why are you reading these comments when you seem to want to simply dismiss the opinions you disagree with?

You don't hit girls ! You don't hit girls !
I would think this kid heard this from his parents , coaches and other role models during his life . He could have taken his rage out on a boxing bag in the gym. But no, big , machco man had to go prove himself and beat the crap out of a girl that supposedly meant something to him. YOU DON'T HIT GIRLS ! And, you should not settle your problems by hitting anyone. Look where it gets you. Look how your thoughtless actions hurt all who care about you. What a way to bring shame to your entire family.
What a way to throw away 2 promising futures.
Sympathy to the Love family.

Paul F - the UVA community and all of Charlottesville was very concerned and engaged in the search for Morgan Harrington. That too was national news. I don't see the point of your poem, both losses are tragic and it is in horribly poor taste. Shame on you.

johnsmith, what would you propose the defense attorney do, stand up in court and say absolutely, my client is guilty as sin? No matter our personal opinion, George Huguley is entitled to a competent defense attorney. I believe an appeal can be made on the basis of incompetent representation. I can assure you, Francis Lawerence is not incompetent. As for suggesting that his family should suffer the same fate because he's doing his job, I think that puts you in a category of people who are pretty low on the totem pole of decency.

Boy...given the facts that have come out thus far, I don't see how anyone could say this was unintentional. I think Mr. H has had serious problems in the past that seem to have been swept under the carpet. Now I wonder how his parents will handle this. Will they encourage him to be a man and take the due punishment or will they throw all the resources they have to ensure his attorney moves forward with some seedy defense. I am curious why this guy was apprehended and just spilled his guts? Did his attorney suggest once home, invite a friend in, drink as much alcohol as possible, tell the police everything you can and then we'll have a defense. You didn't know what you were saying because you were too intoxicated. Could that happen?


Sorry I do not have finals, as I work a 9-5 in an office in Charlottesville. Thankfully, I matriculated through the University many number of years ago before that animal arrived.

Not slander and speculation when he freely admits to the police officers his violent actions.

Hopefully, UVA has their ducks in a row and does not try and cover up any past actions by the guilty party.

johnsmith, your post is a prime example of trying a legal case by public opinion. The astute Lawrence has specifically asked that no conclusions or judgments be drawn because all the facts are not known at this time. Your knee-jerk reaction is reminiscent of the tragedy portrayed in the novel The Ox-Bow Incident.

Just like the rest of Boy George's encounters with the law- Dad will take care of it. Everyone is talking about "warning signs". There were no warning signs, this is down and out bad parenting- PERIOD!

The attorneys have already worked up the deal- the punk gave up everything and confessed to the murder. He'll get 15-20 yrs, out in 7 and possibly after 5- "good" behavior. Funny how you can get out on "good" behavior, when you get put away for bad behavior.

Recall Robert Chambers- the preppy murdurer- same deal.

Chambers got 15 years and served every day of it because he couldn't pull himself together in jail- no regrets, no remorse.

Oh well, at least Boy George will have a job when he gets out at his fathers company.

jane smith i think you should definitely come forward with your story if you are able to. There is a lot of misinformation and a lot of people are injecting their agendas or bias on what is a true tragedy and one of the worst events in UVa's history.

I think the accused is very very troubling - they certainly do have a history of violence and it's important to know what others knew.

Anne- Todays male brain is undisciplined, untrained and unemotional- generally it is also not where the typical brain is supposed to be. When was the last time a male held a door for you? I know, that is very simplistic, but it is considered respectful- and you guys, when was the last time you respecetd a girl or woman without thinking about it??

Of course he didn't "intend" to murder her with his bare hands in cold blood. But the important fact is he didn't intend NOT to murder her with his bare hands in cold blood.

Lock him up and throw away the key. Forever.

No one is responsible for their acts, how convenient.

Of course he didn't "intend" to do it...the only witness that could say he did, CAN'T! transparent.

Why didn't he call the police when the 'accident' happened?

Too bad its not Capital Murder he is charged with.

And I like how they claim he is voluntarily withdrawing from UVA, he would have been booted like the scum he is.

Deleted by moderator.

Rhonda: "You dont have swinging pounding parties either? And I thought I was the only one."

I hear the Albemarle County Police have had some of those parties...

Rhonda, that's a potentially libelous accusation at this point.


You dont have swinging pounding parties either?

And I thought I was the only one

how could such a talented poised athlete slip and fall and strangle his ex-girlfriend to death with bare hands? accident? let's accidentally leave his pretty boy self in jail to think about this for 150 years. good thing daddy's got a lawyer, bro; Since clearly you are not capable of having a normal humane response to anything. accident . ha.

Seems like his parents bought an excellent lawyer to explain that its a misunderstanding

Ultimately, everyone should be held accountable for his/her own actions. That said, if these allegations that team members and the Uva athletic administration ignored a history of violence/substance abuse are proven, then that would add another layer to this already complex situation. Our country seems to be facing an alarming social crisis, one in which class, status, race, who you know, and yes, apparently still gender, determine an individual's path more than those factors should. Look at the culture of professional athletes: as a female sports fan, I'm dismayed beyond belief by how money and proper connections can exonerate individuals from appalling, illegal, violent behavior. I think the comparison is especially apt in the Love killing. Case in point: last night's news featured far more about the accused killer's contributions to his team's stellar lacrosse season than details about the case itself, or, sadly, about the deceased. I watched in openmouthed shock at the replaying clips of Huguely scoring goals and hugging his teammates. Innocent until proven guilty, sure--I mean, we don't lock the guy up and throw away the key until he's had a proper trial--but now we glorify gruesome crimes against women. Whether or not he "intended" to kill her remains moot if you're the video editor who approved last night's segment. And yet, what the media are obsessed with in this particular case echoes the very societal problem to which I'm referring: sweeping everything under the rug for the right people who have the right connections and come from the right places.

I would certainly imagine this guy has some questionable tendencies in his past. Would love to hear from former teammates and classmates. Also, these lawyers make you question the entire judicial system - from the judges on down.

Once again, lacrosse will be the kicker. Because it's a game only played by the wealthy, yada yada yada. All of you will watch Nancy Grace and come on here to talk about what should've been done, because you think lacrosse is all about money and race. Its now Your duty to decide what the administration should do. This is going to turn into the Duke lacrosse scandal all over again.

Lostinacrowd...wonderful post! Thank you!


her door was kicked in thats not rough sex thats something else

For the attorney to fold this early, there must have been a confession or some very clear evidence--otherwise he would have stonewalled and just waited for plea bargain time.
So sad that Ms. Love has died; worse still if her reputation gets smeared--is he really going to try to argue the preppie defense, rough sex? Or just seek manslaughter? Very strange development, so very soon.

Great points from "lostinacrowd"

This is a very sad case for everyone.

Everyone needs to know the dangers of rough sex and strangulation.

I wonder how often each were involved in this type of sexual behavior?

Also, I wonder if Yeardly liked to be smacked around??

Such a terrible case....

The Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution is an admirable text and its guarantee of "Assistance of Counsel" is one of the bulwarks of our liberties. But there's nothing in the Sixth Amendment to say that the media has to report, and the public put up with, such a torturing of the English language as Fran Lawrence commits by calling this killing "an accident with a tragic outcome". Getting stung by a bee while driving and running over a pedestrian as a result is an accident with a tragic outcome. Unintentionally killing a young woman while merely trying to hurt her a lot (if that is indeed what happened) is not "an accident with a tragic outcome"; it is the predictable result of purposeful violence.

Just a point taken from NBC29 news yesterday....

"The college senior is charged with first degree murder and is being held in the Charlottesville/Albemarle Regional Jail. This is not Huguely's first brush with the law; court documents show he was arrested in Lexington, Virginia in November of 2008, and was charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest. Huguely pleaded guilty in Rockbridge county court on both misdemeanor charges"

Yeah, J is a troll who needs to be deleted. Or a defense attorney who is trying to plant the seeds of a defense.

Creosote, your post is excellent.

Mommy's lil monster is all grown up.

None of you know what happened, so please chill out.


Actually the Affidavit

Says her door was kicked in

and he has a prior arrest involving intoxication and resisting arrest, and he admitted to officers that he was violent with her,

That is more than enough to draw a conclusion.

Hopefully, there is not more that UVA already knew


Read the affidavit and what he admitted, unlike Duke, he admitted it

Wow, so much for innocent "until proven guilty" around these parts.

You must all be the same people that advocated kicking the entire Duke lacrosse team out of school. And the accused turned out to be--*gasp*--innocent in the case.

I'm not saying I think he didn't do it, I'm saying we have no right to pass judgement until the facts come out and a jury comes to a verdict.

Keep up the good work people.


I have read it, enjoy

Rhonda???? Are you this girl's mother or better yet "relative"
lmaoooooooo get a life

We have just hit "publish" on a new story with details from the affidavit. (Attorney Fran Lawrence certainly has an uphill battle now.)--hook editor hawes spencer

@ Johnny: innocent until proven guilty means our justice system won't punish him without a proper trial. In no way does this stipulate that we, the public, can't draw reasonable inferences from the facts as they're dispensed to us. He may not have intended that she end up dead, but the police possessed enough evidence to furnish a warrant against this guy hours after finding the victim's body. Huguely doesn't need anyone else defending him; fortunately for him, he's got all the legal defense money can buy. All this concern about his welfare, about unfair speculations against him, further supports my belief that our society is fundamentally skewed in the ways I mentioned above.

The presumption of innocence is a legal presumption for juries. It's an expression for who holds the burden of proof. We, the general public, can presume whatever we want.

It would be wonderful if this "paper" would just report the facts. Why is it necessary to bring up Morgan Harrington and Robert Chambers? Ms. Stuart says Sandridge was "perhaps thinking of Morgan Harrington". I would imagine he was thinking of Yeardley Love. Also, this paper often points out it's rights to free press and free speech, yet following this "article" and many others you leave ridiculous comments up (ie: "it’s time we replaced alcohol with the Ganjââ??¢" and "Mommy's lil monster all grown up") while deleting many others. Your disclaimer states "unverified and/or potentially libelous allegations, and even off-topic digression" will be removed. Half of the above comments are potentially libelous, your mention of Harrington and Chambers are off-topic digression and how is it possible that almost two thirds of the Louis Schultz (admittedly off-topic) posts meet your deletion criteria? I would love a response. Preferably one other than Deleted by Moderator.

hook editor hawes spencer:

Would you please get a statement from Fran Lawrence outlining exactly how a person would 'accidentally' kick in a door and go on to 'accidentally' beat a person to death? I'm sure he would be delighted to give an interview to lay out this amazing defense of his client.

Most affluent kids grow up in totally dysfunctional, emotionally toxic households that provide all of the elements needed to develop a sociopath. When these things happen the adults think the kid is just immature or lacked the ability to understand the consequences thanks to being impaired by drugs or alcohol; sweeping it under the rug of denial. Slamming another human's head into a wall until they stop fighting is the behavior of an enraged emotionally-abusive sociopath.... and like abuse victims know, the abuser is then soooo sorry, such a nice guy/gal, doesn't know what got into them, OMG it won't happen again, I was drinking and don't know what came over me...

These kids need serious help.

Lawrence has to get out there to shuck and jive to at least look like he's earning what the parents are paying him for this lost cause.

I'm not going to judge whether this guy is guilty or not, that will be up to a jury of his peers, IF he doesn't cop a plea. While I'm not willing to judge, I would suggest that any student/friend/ex-friend who know knows this guy contact police and tell them what you know, especially if you have witnessed odd or hostile behaviors from this guy. Since he has a prior record, I feel safe in saying that other people have been witness to his anger or tendencies toward anger before this incident.

We're already being shown where the defense is going to go with this, and more than likely, in the process of trying to make this guy out to be the "good guy" of the year, but for "this accident", they will likely in the process begin to try and place blame on this victim. Just remember, another young woman has lost their life. She was someone's daughter/sister/friend/etc. She did not commit suicide, her life was taken from her. Whether by accident or not, she did NOT deserve to die in this manner!

The only way justice will have a chance to be served is for the truth to come out, whatever that truth is. School will be over in a couple of weeks, and students will be heading home for the summer. Make the call to LE before you go home, so they have the facts that they need to prosecute this case. IF this guy is guilty, it's high time that money & power stop being the factors that determine the outcome of cases like these...And if he is innocent, let him be innocent by proving with facts that he is innocent, and not because his family has the means to buy him out of this with only a slap on the wrist.

As to UVA, it's way past time that you open your eyes to what is going on with your students. Violence is everywhere including your campus and or students. Instead of turning a blind eye, it's time you started addressing it. Sooner or later, you're going to meet your match with a civil suit that you won't be able to sweep under the rug. I wonder how that would affect your status and ratings to potential donors/parents/students?

Rhonda is probably pulling down $120K a year working for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Blogs a little in her spare time.

Justice, agree with Susan, well said! I hope someone is listening.

Oh for crying out loud Mattman UVA has nothing to do with any of this.

Some here would seem to give UVA far too much credit for any alleged ability to ââ?¬Å?interfere” with a murder investigation or the criminal justice system. Some of the conspiracy nuts on these threads are byond amusing, veering straight down the rabbit hole into crazy town.

This is plenty straightforward: hotshot jock with an alleged temper and drinking problem admits to police that he assaulted and battered a former girlfriend who is later found beaten to death. He steals her computer, then tells the cops where to find it. Investigators allegedly have in their possession hairs from the hole in the girl’s apartment door where this guy says he kicked it in (and now has scratches on his leg) to get at the girl whose computer he stole and who he admitted attacking...yes, and who is now dead.

If there is a miscarriage of justice in this case, it will be the judicial system screwing it up, not because some ââ?¬Å?Star Chamber” of well-heeled UVA alums are pulling strings behind the scenes.

A few ding-dongs on these boards have been reading too much Dan Brown.


Still glad to see you here:) Give the Hook a chance woman . I would explain further but I am traveling and no time . Even the trolls here are smart lol .

Justice ....excellent post and input !

Jake....... I agree , the murder is 100% to blame on the murderer , the blood is on their hands . UVA as many institutions of higher learning are only guilty of turning a blind eye of the many problems at hand and keeping it quiet . We cant learn from that . Lets be know as Gil Harrington said so well in so many words .. Lets be know as the community that addresses the issues and not be known as the ones who bury our heads in the sand . Jake , UVA would love your style with your comment of " just shut up " they are the masters of it .

We as a community as well as UVA are better than this .


She's Roman Catholic, they're both from papist Maryland. Is he a macho/molested Roman Catholic, too?

Mr. Jefferson was correct. With a gay, Hitler Youth pope and gay prostitutes' being procured in the Vatican, can any doubt The Founder's prophetic wisdom?

Bottom line is Huguely hurt someone badly and did not bother to call for help. Big guy with no backbone beat up a girl. Maybe she could have survived if he had one ounce of remorse and called 911. One, he caused the problem and two, he simply just walked away from it. What a coward he is. So sorry for both families.

Penalty on the field. Throw this guy out.

I have a son (in another state) who has a room mate who slashed the tires on a car that belonged to a boy who he thought was getting too close to his girlfriend. The school suspended him for a few weeks and now he is back in my son's room. I have cautioned my son against antagonizing this boy and live with the fear that something might set him off.

There should be a no tolerance policy to any kind of violent behavior. And shame on parents, high schools and friends who give a pass to these individuals.

GSOE...argreed on the 90% needing anger management....How many of you out there have never "lost it" during something pretty heated? I know I have. I consider myself to have a long fuse but I tend to let it "build" if it continues. Not good....NOR is it an excuse for violence of any kind (verbal or physical).

I am worried that this high-priced lawyer hired by the parents of the accused will get him off. I am a parent of two children (one in college) and can tell you that if my kid did something this horrific, I’d expect they pay for it. How can his rich parents even think of helping their son after he confessed to killing an innocent young lady. Shame on all of them; the killer, his parents, their lawyer, all of them.

Jane Smith

If you are a college lacrosse player you are less than 22 years old. You may not have either seen domestic abuse nor understood that it can affect college students. This is a terrible tragedy but someone should have been able to see these warning signs and stop this man. These signs were classic ones. He evidently was arrested for violence, and has issued death threats in the past. She was involved in a sorority, he was frequently around a number of teammembers, and in at least one case publically --as in front of other people --threatened Love. This was not just between these two of them. One or more of you should have reported this. This isnt an issue of wealth or entitlement. This is an issue of blowing off aberrent behavior until something goes seriously wrong. His teammates may have been devesteated now. Where were they when he was threatening Love?? Where were they when he was arrested for threatening to kill a police officr?? That isnt normal knee- walking drunken undergraduate behavior. Now you know. When someone threatens to kill someone, believe them. Even if they were drunk, or are an athlete. He should have been stopped before he killed her. Again if you know of someone who assulted his girlfriend or assults a stranger you report it. There were a lot of college people around these two, it is a shame that noone took this guy seriously. Where were his devestated teammates when she was physically attacked by him two months ago?? I woudl certainly assume that if her mother had known what was going on, she would have done something about it. Now you know. Never again.

His lacrose coach surely knew this punk, unless the coach lived in a vacumm or had no concern.

Everyone talks about ââ?¬Å?warning signs””Š”Š”Š.an athletic coach is a life coach. The best ones know their charges and can get the point across, and still have ââ?¬Å?winning” teams. Maybe the punk was ââ?¬Å?too good a player to fail”. Maybe the team and coach wanted the win so badly that it didn’t matter how they did it. The other players knew this punk too- they never had the balls to say a thing or keep him in line. Now they all say ââ?¬Å?we knew something would happen”Š..” a little late to speak up.

None of these people who never had the balls to say a thing, or intervene will ever make it in the real world, with help from daddy”Š.

Unfortunately for Boy George and his defense team (and it will surely be a team to rival OJ), his past history will loom close by and his confession will seal it up pretty well.

Perhaps, his defense team will earn their money by convincing the parents that he should be put away for a long time, get the trial over with quickly and spare the Love family the gory details.

"the defense will most likely say that he thought she was passed out from alchol and kicked the door in to save her.
he shook her trying to wake her."

When do you shake someone against a wall to wake them, steal their computer and not call 911? Bubba!

Don't see how you "accidentally" happen to swing somebody around by the neck and pound her head against the wall.

This "j" is a silly person. Thanks for the ridiculous post.

Cant believe he stole the girls laptop too, like the cops wouldnt notice a college girl without a laptop

wow. that's quite an affidavit. we should stop to consider what the final moments of this young woman's life was like. no doubt she was in sheer terror.

The documents are on the right hand side. Now stop arguing about what they say. He kicked in the door and beat the hell out of her.

Doesnt sound like an accident to me. Should be interesting when both of their backgrounds are uncovered.....

hot content, hopefully you or your spouse are certified to teach homeschool college, as anywhere they go will expose them to out of control kids. welcome to the world.

wouldnt stop me from sending my kids to uva in the least

follow Rhonda's link for George's SS#. moderator better get busy.


Same link DP, USA Today and more are using

CYA Hook

So he accidentally kicked in her door, accidentally beat & strangled her, then accidentally stole her computer.

Also he accidentally failed to call 911.

Sounds like Murder One to me.

good post, justice. People must speak up for this victim before it's too late--because, yes, by summer, this will all be a dim memory, made dimmer by concerted efforts on the part of the university and this guy's lawyer.

Philosophically, I'm against the death penalty, and I also think many aspects of our penal system are problematic.

Yet I remain flabbergasted by the number of posters who are unabashedly more concerned with Huguely's rights--who's saying what to whom, what he is or isn't being wrongly accused of--than with the victim's. She no longer has a voice. She can't buy a lawyer. At best, this guy is a violent maniac; at worst, a sociopathic murderer. The truth probably lies somewhere in between, but let's remember that--drunk or not--he admitted to horrible acts of abuse, at which point he forfeited his rights to be treated like an upstanding member of society for whom we'd extend common courtesies like "not spreading rumors" and "not judging him too harshly."

I would be very interested to know what this young man's academic qualifications were to enter the university. Did he get in on his ability to attack on the lacrosse field and the fact that he could easily pay out of state tuition?

It has already been released Huguely was arrested for public intoxication, and resisting arrest in November '08. Also, the arresting officer's record of him saying, 'he would kill them, he would kill all of them'. It is difficult to comprehend why he was not booted out of UVA at that time. A lot might have been avoided here in this case or all of it. However, he has an unchecked temper, and apparently gets violent when angered.

The person stating "it was an accident he kicked the door in", it was an accident he repeatedly beat her, strangling her, and bashing her head as to produce an eye swollen shut', and accident he took her laptop', and 'an accident he did not call 911'. And any comment to the fact he was scared or drunk just does not fly. I simply cannot imagine the sheer horror the young lady went through before she was unconscious or dead....AND SHE HAS NO DEFENSE IN THIS WHOLE THING NOW. If she is made out to be 'deserving' of this, then our justice system is worse than no justice at all...regardless of what their backgrounds boils down to- he beat her to death, left her, after breaking into the apt...and returned to his WITH HER he sure as heck know what he was doing!! My sympathies go to the Love family and friends.....and I cannot understand why the Huguely family had not removed him from UVA after the '08 incident IF THE UNIVERSITY WAS NOT GOING TO BOOT the very least, he should have been expelled from the lacrosse team...and then he likely would have left the school as that was his claim to fame other than family money. Sick situation!!

Sorry, the part in my previous post, about the poster who said all of the "accident" scenarios, should have read, I support 100%....Accident??? Surely no one actually believes that....not even the murderer himself....this is lawyer talk and an effort to ease the rap! My son is a Landon school graduate of years gone by, and I can assure you, not all those students are from wealthy, prominent families. In this case, I do think 'status' contributed to the behavior of Mr. Huguely. I so hope any plea is rejected...and that he will spend years thinking of what he has done in taking another's life.

I certainly hope that there will be blood tests and urinalysis done on this young man. This sounds like "roid rage" to me!