Tiki's alleged honor violation


"Tiki Barber dumps pregnant wife for hot blonde" screams the New York Post headline about former UVA football/New York Giants superstar and NBC Today Show correspondent. Barber met his wife, Ginny, who is eight months pregnant with their third child, at UVA. The alleged other woman, Traci Lynn Johnson, is an NBC intern, according to the Post. FILE PHOTO BY JAY KUHLMANN

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The UVA student drank too much alcohol and his friends ignored him. Super nice guy; and sad. Hope this might save another person from doing the same. Just don't understand what they're thinking.

What a sick conversation.

Someday, I hope the public's obsession with the private peccadillos of famous personages will end, and their interest in international affairs take it's place. Living in Europe I found, that the public was far less interested in these matters, and more involved in intelligent discussions of world events.

Yes, I think most people know of the guy missing from VCU. But in his case it seems ALL the relevant details and sightings and so on are out and about and have been as soon as they were known. That did NOT happen here with the Morgan Harrington case. The Hook article that finally gave some details that had her interacting with UVA students and later sighted on the lawn was a month after she vanished. C-Ville I don't think EVER covered some of those either. Think about who controls the media in this town. Take a look at the advertisement on top of this page..

Speaking of media coverage and Morgan Harrington.... did anyone know that a VCU student was missing? The young man has been missing for quite some time now, and we never hear anything about him. He was an exchange student from London. I guess his parents don't have the same influence as the Harringtons. http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-417948

Tki, you look and act more like O.J. Simpson every day. Just sayin'.

When will your book titled "If I did it" go on sale?

at least I am off the front pages....

Spot on 'Nancy Drew'. I echo your claim.

Can't wait for the next kids book. "HOW ARE BASTARD BABYS MADE"
Stay classy

Go Tiki!!!
A true Alpha male.

"The Hook will cover this, but not a word about the UVA student who died this past weekend.. Apparently he was found unconscious in a fraternity house."

Interesting if this is true. Anyone confirm?

woah.... OJ Simpson? Didn't he allegedly slice a guy's head off?

Really now. Shame on you.

Oh Nancy really...do you include the UK in Europe? (Yeah OK they are 3rd world)

The Brits are the most celebrity-obsessed tabloid feeders on the planet. And the French obsess about Carla.

A newsplex blurb is not exactly coverage that I would call "all over it." Who wants to bet the medical examiner will treat this case unlike any other in the state and the cause of death will somehow squeak out on a weekend amidst a bigger story sometime after graduation?? Remember when Morgan Harrington info showed up months later - or not at all - in local papers?

The Hook will cover this, but not a word about the UVA student who died this past weekend.. Apparently he was found unconscious in a fraternity house.

Listen to the crickets from one end of town to the other in local media. Wow, this place is creepy weird..

It was all over the newsplex, I believe.

Hook is becoming our own little local TMZ


As a faithful reader of this publication- I have never seen one example, of the content of the Hook stories, being influenced by who the advertisers are. Not all events are covered, but advertising revenue has dropped, and news media have cut their staffs.

How do you expect media to exist at all without advertising, even public media has had to resort to this.

I agree with Nancy. Why is this a story? People get divorced all the time. Some are famous, most not.

The VCU kid was found in the James River.

No, O.J. did do it, but wasn't convicted..........

Neither could keep it in the family for long.